Lord Of The Rings and Zelda Similarities

by Luke Wholey

If you've seen the lord of the rings movies, they are a bit similar to the zelda games, you could almost imagine it being a ZELDA movie, here is a run down list of how you can imagine the lord of the rings movies as Legend of Zelda movies...


lord of the rings=lord of the triforce

fellowship of the ring=fellowship of the triforce

the two towers=the same. well, what would you call it?

return of the king=return of the sage.


Frodo= Link from the oracle games
Bilbo= An elderly Link from ocarina of time.
Sauron= Ganondorf.
Gandalf= Rauru ( with a beard)
Sauman= Agahnim
Lurtz= General Onox
Wormtongue= Vire
Sam= Navi
Treebeard= Deku Tree ( on legs)
Pippin= Mido
Merry= The guy that picks up rocks outside Mido's house.
Aragorn= Sheik ( if sheik and zelda are not the same person)    
Arwen= Impa
Elrond= The Sheikah King.
Boromir= Roam ( from the "Link to the past comic series")
Gimli= Darunia
Theoden= King of Hyrule.
Galadriel= Zelda ( on drugs)
Legolas: Saria
Gollum: The capenters son from Ocarina of time, who likes to hang around Kakariko village at night!
Eowyn: Nabooru ( she's not a bad person, remember?)
Faramir: Ralph.


Shire=Kokiri Forest
Mordor=Dark World.
Mt Doom=Death Mountain
Barad-Dur=Ganon's Tower
Orthanc=Black tower (DUH)
Bree= Castle town, without the castle.
Wethertop=ruins of Temple of Time.
Rivendell=Kakariko village
Helms deep=Hyrule castle
Moria=Fire Temple or Goron City, ( excuse the dead Gorons)
Lothlorien=zelda's Sancturay
Minas Tirith=North Castle ( or south castle in this case)
Fangorn forest=lost woods.


Elves=Sheikah ( well, a mixture of elves)
Ents=treepeople( wait, that's the same)
Nazgul/ringwraiths= hooded Stalfos ( from the gameboy adventures)
Orcs=stalfos/lizardfos/wolf warriors ( any enemy you can think of)
Balrog=Ganon from ocarina of time ( on fire)
The hawk thing that rescued Gandalf=the owl from Ocarina of time.
Barleyman Butterbur ( guy that owns the Prancing Pony)=Talon.
Cave Troll=Big Moblin( the one who has a club and guards the sacred forest medow in Ocarina of time)


Gimli's Axe=Megaton hammer
Sting=Master sword.
One ring=Triforce of power / the hylians/sheikah have the triforce of wisdom and the Gorons have the Triforce of courage, otherwise it can't be Lord of the triforce.

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