Bongo in a Bottle -
The true purpose of the Claim Check Bottle and the arrow

by MaxiBoom

I have found the solution. Something that has perplexed millions has finally been revealed. I found the true purpose of the Claim Check bottle. Read on, and be enlightened.

It began while I was sitting there, watching that little arrow for at least an hour. As I stared at it, the truth suddenly came to me. "Of course!" I cried, and smacked myself on the forehead for my stupidity. When I regained consciousness, I set about my plan. To do this, you must have not beaten the Shadow Temple, and gotten the Biggoron Sword.

First, you have to change the claim check into the bottle (No Duh). Then head over to the Lakeside Laboratory. Remember how the Scientist said, "Bring me back a souvenir," when you talk to him after receiving the medicine? Well he does! Anyway, go show him the bottle. He says, "Wow, that is an enchanted bottle! You could store anything in it! Even the strongest of Poes! Is this my souvenir?" Say no. If you say yes, he runs of and puts a fish in it. Good waste of an enchanted bottle, I say.

After this, take off to the Shadow Temple. Proceed as normally until you reach Bongo Bongo. Then you must get him to the point where he is quivering on the ground. Quickly, swing the enchanted bottle. You get a really cool video sequence of Bongo Bongo get sucked into the bottle. When this is done, you proceed like you beat him. When you leave though, in the bottle is a really uncomfortable looking Bongo Bongo!

Now you can do a million things with this guy! It just depends on where you do it. Here's a list of some:


1- You can release him in the middle of nowhere and fight him whenever you want. I recommend doing this where there are people, as he will take the time to go around and eat a few before getting to you.

2- You can release him in the graveyard, and watch him raise an army of Poes. This is exactly like the chicken battles, only a lot bigger, and a lot more painful.

3- You can sell him to the Poe Salesman for an unlimited amount of rupees (like you need it).

4- You can go back in time and show him to Saria. I didn't think even a Sage could scream like that.

5- Go into the Well and release him in the room with the Gibdo's. The other Bongo Bongo will appear, and the two will battle. It is a long battle but your Bongo wins. Of course, then he eats a Gibdo and attacks you.

6- Release him in Lake Hylia and watch him soak it up like a sponge.

This doesn't let you into the Water Temple as a kid though, because his hulking mass is blocking the way.

7- This is the coolest thing to do. Wait until the very last battle with Ganon. When you can, drink the bottle. This turns Link into a giant monster that is way bigger than Ganon. Watch as monster Link grabs Ganon and shakes the Triforce of Power out of him. Then he tosses him into the lava. You turn to Zelda, who immediately gives up her Triforce. She's not stupid. Then Link reverts back to his original form, and all three Tri-Forces form together. Congratulations, you found the Tri-Force!

8- Go to the Haunted Wasteland and climb up to the guide Poe. Just after putting on the Eye of Truth, release the Beast. The two immediately fall in love, and fly of together, eliminating any passage to the Spirit Temple through the desert. If you come back, you can watch the happy couple dancing in the distance. I bet you didn't know Bongo Bongo is female.

9- Throw him into Jabu Jabu's mouth. He'll close his mouth, and Bongo Bongo decides the best way out is up. I don't know what happens to them after the plummet in the gorge behind the fence at Zora's Fountain, but its pretty odd that Hyrule Market store would start selling sushi.

There's probably a lot more you can do, but I accidentally saved after that last one so I don't know what else you can do. Link really does like that sushi, though.

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