The REAL End To Ganondorf

by Sasha

Ganondorf- A...lright..L-link.. but before you kill me, there is something you
need to know.
Link- *sword in front of Ganondorf's face* Why are you grabbing your retainer?
Ganondorf- To make my voice sound lower! Now enough with the questions and
Link- Hurry up I promised Zelda I'de meet her when you castle falls down.
Ganondorf- My castle is gonna fall down?
Link- *looks annoyed* just go on.
Ganondorf- Wait.. no, if my castle is gonna fall down I deserve to know why,
because I'm pretty sure I got rid of all the tax forms. I even got someone to
pay for the bills!
Link- Forget it...
Ganondorf- Okay.. back to what I was saying. *puts on retainer and starts
breathing in deeply* Link... *voice sounds like Darth Maul from star wars.* I
am your father
Link- Really?
Ganondorf- *takes off retainer and voice goes back to normal* No not really..
I was actually his cousin's sister's lawyer's former roommate.
Link- You were bluffing... you were bluffing!!!
Ganondorf- Rub it in why don't you!
Link- I will as a matter of fact!
Ganondorf- Be quiet you tight wearing, long eared freak!
Link- Your bluffing again.
Ganondorf- Right...
Link- I'm getting tired, lets go grab some milk. On the house, and you can
tell me all about your castle decoration plans.
Ganondorf- Of course.. I was thinking of tearing down that wall and putting
this huge toture chamber thing, to kind of give it some class
(Walk out)

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