Zelda Jokes

Dumb Goron Jokes - by Princess Ruto

  1. Q: How do you make a Goron go insane?
    A: Give one a bag of M&M's and tell him to alphabetise them!

  2. Q: What do you get when you have 50 Gorons lined up ear-to-ear?
    A: A windy tunnel.

  3. Zelda, Link, and a Goron were stranded on a desert island, and they saw the land of Hyrule 25 miles in the distance. Well, Link decided to try to swim back for help. He swam 15 miles, then drowned. Then Zelda gave it a try. She swam 20 miles, then drowned. It was up to the Goron now to get back to Hyrule, so he swam 24 3/4 miles, then said;
    "I'm sooooo tired! I guess I better go back!"

  4. Q: What do you get with 200 Gorons in the same room?
    A: An IQ of 50.

  5. Darunia walked into a pizza parlour, and ordered his fave pizza. The waiter asked if he would like it cut into 4 or 8 pieces, and Darunia answered;
    "4 please. I could never eat 8."

By Dinoguy

Hyrulian "Here's your sign" joke - by hoeffken@aristotle.net

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