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H ave you got something on your mind? Is there something about Zelda that you'd like to tell the whole world? Do you want to speculate about a particular element of the series or share your knowledge on a certain subject? Maybe you want to discuss fanfiction or share a theory about Hyrule's history. Whatever you want to do, this is the place to have YOUR say on the matter. Here, you can submit all kinds of articles and they can be as long or as short as you please. What you write about is up to you (within reason, of course!) and this is open to all submissions. Articles are sorted from date of submission, and include title, author and date. Instructions for submissions are below.

Submission Instructions

  • Send all submissions to juliet@northcastle.co.uk
  • Include your name, title (and email address if you like).
  • Your submission may be pasted into the email body or sent as plain text or HTML.
  • That's it!

Article Title


Date Posted

North Castle: 2 Years In Review
Juliet A. Singleton July, 2000
The Views of 'The Other One'
Kirsty Singleton July, 2000
Sage of Time 2002
Hyrule Timeline
Sage of Time 2002
Writing Tutorials
Megan O'Shea April, 2004
Expectations of the next Zelda games
Rauru's Return December, 2004
Fans - Ignored?
Rauru's Return December, 2004
Forums are not sites!
Rauru's Return December, 2004
The Zelda Community
Rauru's Return December, 2004
Zelda Movie - Yay or nay?
Rauru's Return December, 2004
Reflections on the many aspects of The Legend of Zelda
Linxhot January, 2005
The adventure, the memories, the Legend of Zelda
Lord-of-Shadow January, 2005
The magic, the wonder, the future of Zelda
Lord-of-Shadow January, 2005
Zelda - A Retrospective
The Link February, 2005
GDC Trailer Analysis
Lord-of-Shadow April, 2005
Twilight Princess Impressions
The Link June, 2005
North Castle Approaches It's 8th Year
Juliet A. Singleton July, 2005
The Lure of the Loot
Lord-of-Shadow October, 2005
Steps To A Better Story
Lysia October, 2005
Zelda Fanfiction Don't Let It Fall Into Decline
Juliet A. Singleton November, 2005
The Zelda Cartoon - Don't Hate It
Juliet A. Singleton November, 2005
Why Everyone Knows That The Zelda Old School Rocks
Juliet A. Singleton January, 2006
First 4 Figures - Legend of Zelda Statues
FireHawk August, 2006
My Feelings on the Legend of Zelda Cartoon and Comics
Doug Camper June, 2007
My Two Theories
Doug Camper July, 2007
Why Are We Attracted To Link?
Ianavi March, 2008
Some Things I'd like to point out about the Legend of Zelda
PieMan June, 2008
Useful Things I Bet You Didn't Know About OoT
MidnaScape October, 2008
First 4 Figures Legend of Zelda statues - Three years on
FireHawk October, 2009
The Hero of Time Movie Reviewed - Spoiler Free!
Lysia October, 2009
Zeldanime Interview
Juliet Singleton April, 2010
Zeldanime Interview 2
Juliet Singleton October, 2010
Zeldanime Interview 3
Juliet Singleton July, 2011
Zelda Times - Interview with Lady Juliet
HawkBlade124 April, 2013


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