Useful Things I Bet You Didn't Know About OoT

By MidnaScape


1.      If you wear your Hover Boots, you can walk across the quicksand in the Haunted Wasteland.Donít stand still though, you might get sucked in!

2.      Wearing your Hover Boots will also keep your feet from getting stuck in the sand!Woot!

3.      Undead creatures are stupid.They canít see you when you walk.

4.      If you hit a Gibdo with fire, his bandages will burn up.Now heís a Re-dead!

5.      If you slaughter a Re-dead and the others start coming for you, donít freak out!Just hack away, they wonít bite.As long as you keep producing corpses, theyíll keep mourning their dead friends.How sweet.Donít believe me?Try it out in Castle Town!

6.      Donít use Dinís Fire to kill Keese!Youíll just end up in deeper guano.

7.      If a Wallmaster is on your tail, switch to first-person view.The shadow will disappear.

8.      The REAL Phantom Ganon is the one with better lighting.

9.      Once you get the Lens of Truth, you can see where Dead Hand is hiding.Use a bomb to scare him out.Now you donít have to get caught by those ĎInfinite Hands.í

10.  In Gerudo Target Practice, you know those pots you see on the boxes, yeah, theyíre worth 100 points each!

11.  You can catch a Hylain Loach at the fishing pond.Heíll make you release it though.Iíve only done it once.

12.  You can bounce back Ganondorfís energy balls with an empty bottle if you time it right.

13.  If a Like Like swallows your Tunic, donít switch into the other one.Stay in green.If it swallows both youíll only get one back.

14.  When youíre a kid, the same rule applies for shields.

15.     If you donít want it to take anything, wear your Kokiriís Tunic and Mirror Shield.Why canít they take them?ĎCause thereís only one in the game!

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