My Two Theories

By Doug Camper

    Ahead of time this is just what I think not what others might think.

    How does the Legend of Zelda comic and cartoon series relate to the game? Thatís the question I could never seem to answer but I have thought about it some and this is what I have come up with two theories.

    Theory one: The comic and the cartoon take place at the exact same time the comic a little after the cartoon but not much. Link and Zelda are both really 17 not 15. Ganon at the end of the Legend of Zelda loses and is killed. After the Adventure of Link, Ganon is resurrected by his minions with the Triforce of Power which they stole back when Link was defeating the Shadow. In the cartoon the Triforce of Courage is not mentioned but I felt that where ever the other two Triforces were the last one would follow thatís why it was so important to Ganon to capture the Triforce of Wisdom. This is the one I like the most in fact itís the one I base my fan fics on.

    Theory two: At the end of the game Ganon is defeated, Zelda is saved, the Triforce of Wisdom is restored, and Link takes what he thinks to be the Triforce of Power but it isnít. Ganon retains it instead and continues to go after the Triforce of Wisdom. Then Ganon is once again defeated and this time the Triforce of Power is taken. However, later on after the Adventure of Link Ganon is once again resurrected to again pursue the Triforce of Wisdom. This goes on the idea that the cartoon took place about two years before the Adventure of Link and the comic.

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