Expectations of the next Zelda games

By Rauru's Return

The hype for Zelda GEN and The Minish Cap recently reached its peak this week. As soon as the rumours about the possible and sooner release date of Zelda GEN, and the news that The Minish Cap was going to be released in Europe before any other; a record breaking attempt by the way, it's never been done before, the hype for the new Zelda games has become overwhelming. And yet, is this hype justified?

Let's look at the details we have. Zelda GEN, it looks visually stunning, from what we've seen from the trailer it looks very wide and open. Yet, that's all we know. We don't know of Link's origins yet. We don't even know what horse Link was riding. Is the Epona? Or is it another style or horse, or is it a horse at all? We simply do not know. And yet, because of the graphics, it's received a large hype. Many people will attack someone for saying, that the game doesn't deserver the hype. But it really doesn't. How long has it been since a Zelda game? Two or three years. Not long at all. It's not like we've had to wait seven years, again, for a Zelda game to come out.

It looks like the entire community was brought to its knees by graphics. There is no other information that's been confirmed about the game. We may have small hints about things from the game. Like it's going to be more mature and about Link growing up. But there is nothing to tell us anything, of, anything. It's simply graphics. Did the entire community really hate The Wind Weaker so much? It seems that way; otherwise the hype about this game would not be as large as it is.

Personally, I expect this game to be great. It will definitely be an improvement on current Nintendo trends, like the ease of games. I can predict it will be harder than WW simply because it looks harder already. If it's about Link growing up, then it will naturally be more difficult. Furthermore, it seems like the second games for this generation of console are harder. Like Pikmin 2; a lot harder than the original.

Now, onto The Minish Cap. A daring, yet; welcomed move by Nintendo. They're releasing the game to the general public in Europe first. Before Christmas. They're also releasing a special edition GAB SP also. This tells me two things, they expect the game not to be a success, so they bundle it in with a special feature, or it's going to be fabulous and Nintendo are simply making up for the past with Europe. I'm hoping it's the latter.

However, we do actually have information about this game. We know that Vaati is the main enemy in this game, again, another new move by Nintendo. They seem to be slowly moving away from Ganon(dorf), which I hope it temporary, as I like him. But we also know that Link has to search for the Kinstones and has a magical hat that allows him to shrink to tiny sizes. These concepts are new for Zelda. The graphics are the 'chibi' or WW style graphics. That many millions of people hated. However, they suit the GAB down to the ground. They look great, and they are great. The game may actually be great as well. There is little else to be said about The Minish Cap, as simply put, we know enough information to keep us at bay, but not enough to keep us wanting more.

So, in conclusion, I believe that the hype about Zelda GEN is a little exaggerated, or out of proportion for what we know of the game. Which is very little indeed. And the Minish Cap deserves it's rights to have the hype, although, it's significantly smaller than Zelda GEN.

Now all we can do is hope for the best.

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