Twilight Princess Impressions

By The Link


Last week was one of the most exciting I remember, gaming wise. Three next generation consoles were revealed, that doesnít happen but every 4 years, but even 3 new consoles couldnít eclipse the presence of a highly anticipated game. The Legend of Zelda Ė Twilight Princess is (yes, I dare to say) the game that has caused the most hype and speculation in the series. Zelda forums have gone wild since last yearís E3 when the first teaser was shown, theorizing, discussing, wondering, analizingÖ I donít remember this happening when The Wind Waker was revealed, at least not at the same level. This was, obviously, because of the cel-shaded graphics. But thatís another story.


I intend to write my impressions here, where should I start? I think Iíll go ahead and confess that, after I saw the trailer, I went home and jumped on the bed until I vomited. I was so excited that after watching the gameplay videos available at IGN and Gamespot, I proceeded to rip the parrotís head off (much to my wifeís grandmaís sorrow. She will thank me one day. Or not.). But why am I in such a hyped (and dangerous) state? Let me list the reasons why I think this game will be my wifeís reason to leave me:



Thatís what I can think of right now.


This new Zelda feels different somehow, but thatís not necessarily a bad thing, in fact, changing is what keeps The Legend of Zelda alive and fresh (as I said in my last article). Even Miyamoto said it himself.


Yes, Twilight Princess is making me go crazy. Parrots of the world, tremble in fear.

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