Zeldanime Interview 3

By Juliet Singleton

With the launch of chapter 3 imminent, North Castle decided it was time to ask a few more choice questions, along with getting to know new artists Sylphide and Klassie a bit better...


1. First of all, it's great to see you have two brilliant new artists on board in Sylphide and Klassie. How did that come about?

OniChild: Crazyfreak and I were highly impressed with Sylphide's artwork from the start. No only that, there were numerous fan art pieces that she submitted and we could tell she definitely was enjoying the project. At first, we thought we could use another illustrator to come up with responses to the weekly polls, but obviously Sylphide's role has expanded from that. Not only does she come up with beautiful illustrations, but she is also a concept designer! A very talented artist! With Klassie, again, we were highly impressed with her artwork during the fan art contest back in September 2010--particularly by the background. I don't know about Sylphide or Crazyfreak, but I definitely have no idea how to go about fully developed environmental backgrounds. Looking at Klassie's gallery, we thought she would be a fantastic addition to the team. We asked her to join and thankfully, she said yes. What we learned later that made us even happier is that she also studies creative writing, which gives our script a big boost (hence a couple of late revisions and rewrites.) Thanks to her, our scripts are a lot stronger, particularly Episode 2's script!

Crazyfreak: Well we saw Sylphide drawing tons of Zeldanime fanart, even after the contest we held. Everytime I saw new fanart from Sylphide, I had the impression she really enjoyed the project. I wanted her on board and was extremely happy when she joined our group. She makes a great addition to the team!

As for Klassie, I remember looking for new Zelda submissions on Deviantart. Out of the sudden I saw this thumbnail of this incredible beautiful artwork and looked at it. Suddenly I realised it was our Zeldanime Princess Zelda in the blue dress. I was just stunned how someone could add so much detail in the environment and in the colors that I instant fell in love with Klassie's illustrations. When we asked her, it seems she had another amazing skill. She's very talented in creative writings and she helps us a lot with the script/story.

Sylphide: I was really motivated to flood Zeldanime with fanarts (laugh) from the very beginning, I loved so much the old cartoon when I was a child. Moreover, Ganon is a badass in the comic. I gave all my might for the contest, thanks to that, my skills improved a lot. So back then I was surprised to have a recruitment note on Deviantart. No wonder, I jumped on *bump*. I love working with CF and Onichild; they are my friends and I always have time for Zeldanime in my sketchbook. I often post them on my webblog. I'm looking forward to see more Klassie's work too.

Klassie: I was really surprised when I received the invite to join the Zeldanime team. Apparently, a little fan art can go a long way! Although my contribution thus far has been small, I've really appreciated the positive response from fans. Mostly, I'm just in awe of the work that my teammates do.

2. Production of chapter 3 seems to have been quite difficult for you both due to outside factors such as school. How do you best overcome that at the moment?

OniChild: Yeah...Crazyfreak and my schedules have just been brutal. First off, I had school projects. Finals were coming around and I hit a huge artist block for the pages--I just had no motivation for a while. I tried my best but every time I sketched something out, it just was no satisfying. I guess I just needed a short break, but I kept trying. Eventually, I pushed through and finally got those pages going. But, once I was free to work on the project full-time, Crazyfreak's schedule got chaotic and now she was the one that had no time to work on it. So basically it's just one road block after the other. But we're trying! We're trying. We tell all our followers that we definitely are still working on the project and that we *want* to work on the project. But our schedules for school and work just keep getting in the way...

Crazyfreak: SCHOOL!! I'm working on a graduation product which I'm having trouble with. Hopefully it will end soon.

3. Despite the wait your readers seem really happy - are you pleased with how the fanbase has continued to grow in recent months?

OniChild: : I gotta say, I'm surprised. Not only am I surprised at how patient our followers have been--I mean, it's been three-four months since we last posted, right? But now we're getting even more followers? How'd that happen? I'm really, really happy about that, though. Without a doubt, I am very relieved and very grateful that our fans have been so loyal and supportive of us. We owe them one helluva'n update.

Crazyfreak: : Yeah basically what Onichild said; we are really surprised we're still getting a lot of hits on the website and more fans on Facebook. I can only thank our fans for being so loyal and patient. I know how annoying it is to wait so long for an update. Hopefully the next one will be worth it.

Sylphide: A project is like a baby, I'm happy to see Zeldanime loved more and more. Then fans are really nice in their comments. We love you !

Klassie: I never get tired of seeing my inbox flooded with comments. From what I've observed, the fans have been extremely loyal and supportive. I think we could post a picture of meatloaf and people would still have something nice to say about it!

4. There's a lot of other fan projects around at the moment, are you following any?

OniChild: Honestly, I should be following more. But I've been following The Zelda Project, the Staff of Gamelon, a new one that's still in the early stages called Zelda Fantasy...I should be following more. I'm curious, though. I'm not sure if it's just a trend or something but it seems like more "rebirth" projects are sprouting. I've seen a bunch of artwork and concept designs of monster remakes from the original games for the NES. I wonder what caused all of us to want to go way back and do projects about these games.

Crazyfreak: The Zelda Project, Staff of Gamelon, Zelda fan comic Comiz-INC. That's about it, I really love Zelda fan-projects, especially fan comics. I remember back in the days when Independent Zelda had this Wing Waker and LOZ fan-comic online, I use to visit it everyday and was just stunned how far the artist got in numbers of pages. That is a lot of dedication!

Sylphide: I'm following The Zelda Project, the Staff of Gamelon, a really good artistic chara design and Comiz-INC's comic, for the story and style.

Klassie: I can't say that I've been following any particular projects, but I definitely follow a handful of talented Zelda fan-artists. I like seeing people take an existing concept and tweak it to match their style. And of course, it's not like I'm tailing Nintendo like a crazed, sleep-deprived paparazzo or anything. That's an unhealthy obsession that I won't admit to out loud.

5. One aspect of chapter 2 I really liked was seeing royal life at North Castle. Where did the inspiration for that come from?

OniChild: Uh. That's...Actually a really good question. I guess the lifestyle budded off from King Harkinian. Our idea for him was that he's supposed to be this giant, juggernaut kind of guy but at the same time he's over-the-top goofy. So, he's a king, and he likes to have fun. I wanted to make the castle seem very friendly and actually welcoming rather than strict, "oh, peasant! get out!"

Crazyfreak: Well, Zelda needs more guys around for Link to compete ;). Hyrule is a big wealthy country of course that attracts a lot of noblemen to them. Strong relationships are important for countries! Also the king loves to organise parties, hoping Zelda would FINALLY find her true love.

6. Are you having fun with Zelda's outfits?

Crazyfreak: YES! I always try to give Zelda an outfit which is different from the official Zelda's, yet screams it's Zelda. I kind of dislike it when I see fan art and I need to read the description that it's Zelda. I guess people can still say that to our 'adventurer outfit' of Zelda, but at least that one strongly resembles the classic cartoon Princess Zelda.

Sylphide: Oh yeah I have a lot of fun designing Zelda's dress and adventurer suits. It's quite hard because there is a lot of influence among the recent games, of course the new Zelda's dress from the games are nice but I like to keep in mind the previous like Zelda II or searching for new inspirations but all of that must be done with the animated series world and culture in mind. I want to create a wonderful set of outfits in several colours. Each color's got a real signification. I'm looking forward for new ideas.

7. I enjoyed this chapters scenes with Link and Zelda even more, particularly the 'test' scene and the one on the balcony. How are you going to further develop their relationship?

OniChild: As you know, our project is based off the cartoon so there has to be some bickering in there somewhere, but it won't be obnoxious. As for romance, I think the balcony scene is the closest they get and the rest of the episode revolves more around chivalry and partnership. It's going to be fun.

Crazyfreak: I think it mostly will be left open for others to speculate about it. Partnership will most likely describe their relationship. They are both very different from each other and will need to deal with that.

Klassie: Link and Zelda have something very special; I call it "infrusteration." Let that phrase be coined.

8. Ganon definitely seems to have something up his sleeve for chapter 3… Any hints?

OniChild: There's going to be a bunch of explosions and flipping cars and a giant meteor that goes WEEEYOOWW-SPPSHHHHHHKKKHH!!!! Just kidding. Real hint: Big. Monster.

Crazyfreak: Let's just say he's going to be a more interactive villain than Ganon is in the game.

Sylphide: Ha haaa! Have you fulfilled your mask quest for the Sheikah stone's hints?

Klassie: Plot twist: Ganon has nothing up his sleeve. He's going to Tahiti. Bonbons may be involved.

9. If you weren't working on Zeldanime are there any other projects you'd devote your spare time to?

OniChild: I have so many scripts (at least three) of my own that I want to develop... Along with other projects from friends that I've been asked to work on. Lots to keep up with!

Crazyfreak: MDDH, my own comic. Yeah I put that on hiatus while we're busy with Zeldanime!

Sylphide: Of course I have my Gäladrielle and young Ganondorf's story in "The Fourth" and maybe "Valdrag" a really old comic asleep for sooo many years, basically it's a dragoon's story.

Klassie: Oh man. If archaeologists ever dig up my hard drive, they're going to put it in a museum with a plaque that reads, "Work in Progress."

10. Finally what would you guys say your best achievement has been so far?

OniChild: I'll let you know once Chapter 3 is finished...Wink wink.

Crazyfreak: Reaching the balcony scene, it's my favourite of chapter two. Mainly because of that page where Link hasn't found his special someone/some thing to protect. The reactions are just the best.

Sylphide: The chocolate I didn't eat for month and the painting I made for Zeldanime's contest.

Klassie: I'm actually pretty pleased with my new-found ability to fall asleep mid-sentence. Not that I'm bragging or anything, but . . . okay, never mind. I am bragging.

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