Why Are We Attracted To Link?

By Ianavi

Let’s admit it girls, if you take the time to post drawings, stories, editorials, whatever you want to call it, on this website, you know you like that guy with the pointy green hat. I mean seriously, what is so attractive about a guy with a green hat, tunic, gauntlets, tights, belts, tights, weapons bag, and tights? (Yes, I said tights three times. If you can’t tell that’s my favorite part!) I’ve heard of women being attracted to short men, and bad boys, but never in my life have I heard women being attracted to an elf. But seriously, I think we have a problem. In this article, I will talk about why we are attracted to Link, why Ganon doesn’t like Link, and what to do to stop or keep going. I hope you enjoy. (If you do not like the introduction of this article, than please don’t feel pressured to read the rest. This is based on opinions of a mere girl who has played Zelda since she was three. You don’t have to go on, seriously.)


Here I will talk about our reasons why we like Link. Now first of all, I will probably sound a bit like a therapist, so just ignore any of that crap. Otherwise, we like Link for many reasons. One is we like a guy who saves the world, holds the triforce of COURAGE, beats an ugly and fat guy, and unfortunately gets the girl.   -forget Zelda for the time being! Or, if you’re like me, you like muscles, and tights! Or, you just like to see Link’s little tush swag from side to side as he gallops on Epona. (I know some of you do!) But those are just some typical things. Do we really like Link because we are caught-up in Hyrule’s wonderful legends? We could also like Link because Hyrule and its creatures are our dreams, and we basically live in that magical and wonderful world. Or, we could like Link because we are hopeless, widows who have nothing better to do than sit on our butts, type stories all day and night long. Whatever one fits you is fine for me! But we all adore Link because his attitude. I wrote a list of adjectives I would describe Link by. Let me show you it:




Smart                                                   Different

Funny                                                   Elvin

Cute                                                     Athletic

Strong                                                  Manly

Courageous                                        Loveable

(Uh, it’s Link! Sorry…)                        Quiet/mute

Sensitive                                             noble

Innocent                                              like a best friend/big brother

Good                                                   Loyal

Not Ganondorf                         Coordinated (I’m not!)


You can’t say I didn’t mention one reason why you like Link! In my opinion-and I’ll be serious now, I like Link because we all are looking for a knight in shining armor. But in this world, on earth, there are no knights in shining armor. Just cell-phone salesmen! But, because Link saved the world, we don’t realize he has no time on his hands. So even if he did come into earth, he would still have no time for you. Just to save the world. Hyrule and its creatures definitely mean something to it’s fans, but Link should stay in the storybook while we return the bookmark to the counter.


In this area, I will show you why Ganon doesn’t like Link.



Ganon got jealous…yada…yada…Link won! Wa…hoo…

We all know the legend, okay?







If you like the series, but don’t like Link and want to, try these tips:

1)      When you sleep, make sure you have a Zelda game under your pillow.

2)       Put up posters of Link that would surround you when you’re in the shower.

3)       Draw a mustache on Zelda’s face 24/7!

4)       Name your pet rock Linky poo.

5)       Don’t dye your hair blonde, dye it green!JJJJ

6)       Get a lot of tattoos with the triforce on it!

7)       Type a “Why are we so attracted to Link? By: Ianavi,” article. (No, don’t do that! I mean, who in the right mind would be that stupid? Hee…Hee…)

8)       Start a website called North Castle. Yep, it works!

9)       Skip school, and go to Tingle College!

10)   Waste your time wondering what else you could type to impress people that will read this once and think you’re a complete moron!JJJJ




If you think you are going too overboard, then try these tips:


1)      Don’t play the Zelda games!

2)      Don’t draw any pictures that involve Link!

3)      Remove anything that reminds you of him…

4)      Go on eHarmony.com and find your match!!!!!

5)      Disconnect the computer- if you’re a writer!

6)      Go to therapy!

7)      Don’t go to GameStop with your little brother or sister!

8)      Do not go on Northcastle.com

9)      Hate the color green…

10)  Protest against Nintendo! (okay…maybe not…)


Alright girls, I think these tips will really help you! But honestly, I don’t think there is one explanation for any of the conflicts I have listed above. Ganon hates Link for many reasons: Zelda, may be secretly gay, and the Triforce! We all have our personal issues, so if you find a groove, just go with it! Trust your instincts! And, the only reason we like Link is because…that’s for me to know, and you to imagine! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little article, and will not take any of it seriously. Please, do not go protest against Nintendo! Been there, done that….



“May Hyrule’s faith, lie in your hands…”


Thanx 4 reading!!!!!!



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