My Feelings on the Legend of Zelda Cartoon and Comics

By Doug Camper

    Friends, it is strange for me to write this concerning both the cartoon and the comics. My feelings that idea of a movie are still the same as they were when I first started submitting work to North Castle. When I was kid of 13 years of age I looked forward to coming home on Friday afternoons during 1989 to watch Legend of Zelda cartoon. Though the acting was not great, for me it was excitment in an otherwise boring day. Then in early 1990 the series was cancelled. I was upset but I lived with it. I did again spot the cartoon incarnations of Link and Zelda on Captain N the Game Master cartoon using the same voice actors but it seemed those episodes were much more serious and of course Link never said "Well, excuse me Princess".

    A year later Valiant did the comics Legend of Zelda which I have all but the first one. To me it is rather interesting that with all the games that have come since then, I would focus on the first two but the reason why is because of the cartoon and the comics. Before I had a Nintendo, I watched the cartoon and I loved the personalities they gave these characters. I try to write based on that cartoon with utmost respect to it. It is also rather interesting that I see so many positive things said by those that watch the cartoon on by people who had never seen the cartoon before they saw it on YouTube. I have to say I would push for another season of the series however my feelings to Nintendo for the most part have been ignored.

    Now talk of a movie sounds great, but for story purposes Twilight Princess would be one I would go for. First it is most recent, second in the game it has great story. That does not mean I wouldn't want to Nintendo to do a movie based on the original games or should I say cartoons. Johnatan Potts (Link) is still acting as is Cyndy Preston (Zelda), I don't know what happened to rest of that cast but I think if enough pushed perhaps by some miracle Nintendo might consider doing it. A reissue of the comics would be great following my idea of the cartoon movie. I can't honestly say there aren't those that think negatively of the original cartoon but I don't agree with that feeling. I look forward to continue writing more cartoon based fan fiction in the future. I just wished express my feelings on these things.

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