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By FireHawk

    On the 23rd of March 2006, First 4 Figures – a company that makes high quality statue-like figures – announced that it has entered a three-year licensing agreement with Nintendo, allowing them to make figures based on the Metroid and Legend of Zelda games.

    The LOZ figures will be based on Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and Twilight Princess, with at least eight characters and scenes from those games confirmed as being in development at the time of the announcement. The statues themselves will range from single characters to dioramas depicting some of the battles between Link and his enemies, and there is also talk of a possible line of busts as well.

    The eight statues confirmed so far are…

Young Link (OOT)
Sheik (OOT)
Ganondorf Vs. Link (OOT)
Dark Link (OOT)
Fierce Deity Link (MM)
Skull Kid (MM)
Zelda (TP)
Link (TP)

    Of the eight, Fierce Deity Link and Sheik were both on display along with some of F4F's other Nintendo figures at San Diego Comic-Con, while the former is now available for pre-order either directly from F4F, or at other online stores such as and Forbidden Planet (release is currently estimated as September). They will also be available at other collectable and specialty stores around the world, and are expected to price around $80 - $120 (just over £40 - £60, give or take) for the single-character statues, and $200 or more (just over £100) for dioramas.

    These figures are going to be made in limited numbers, complete with individual certificates of authenticity, and will be highly sought after by collectors. This will be updated periodically as more statues become available.

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