Zelda Times Interview with Lady Juliet

By HawkBlade124

ZT: Hi there people! This is an exciting entry I have for you guys today. I just had a recent interview from Lady Juliet of North Castle, and let me tell you this site is amazing! It has been on the web since 1997 and it is still continuing on strongly :) .

I am proud to present you the interview I had with Lady Juliet.

ZT: What made you create the website?

LJ: Me and my sis really loved a game called Ultima where you went round in a party with loads of other adventurers. We also liked Zelda and so we combined ideas from the two and wrote our first fanfic. Back then there weren’t many sites and no-one would host the story so North Castle was born!

ZT: Is the castle in the site’s name based on Hyrule Castle or a real castle in the UK?

LJ: It’s named after the castle from the Zelda cartoon – this was North Palace in the Zelda 2 game. Everyone called their websites Hyrule Castle and I was from the North of England and loved the original games better than the new ones so I picked it for those reasons.

ZT: How many staff members do you have on the website?

LJ: My first game was Zelda 2 and the cartoon was aired around the same time so me and my sister had a real love for that generation of Zelda. In regards to the staff it really is just me the majority of the time. My sister and longtime friend Brandon look after the forums and I have a few people who help me out with collectibles – Tawny and Firehawk – but 99% is me.

ZT:What kind of services do you provide on your website?

LJ: I showcase fan work – I started with art and fanfic then added other things like crafts and cosplay. There’s other fan work too like music, fan movies, articles and humour but I tend to focus on the top 4 categories. I also host a mirror of the fan comic, Zeldanime as it was partially inspired by my love of the Zelda cartoon and I’m really flattered so it has to have a section!

ZT: If you were going to tell someone about the Zelda series, which game would you introduce them to?

LJ: Ooh thats tough! Zelda 2 is too difficult even though its my fave so I’d go between the original and LttP. The later games are amazing but all my love stems from the earlier games so my heart goes with them!

ZT: Any last words to say to the fans before we end?

LJ: Totally! Without you fans I would never have had the courage to write all those fanfics and whilst doing that I found a part of the fandom I loved – showcasing and encouraging creative fans to the rest of the world! I know we have sites like dA and fanfic.net etc these days but I still think its nice to go to one place and see loads of Zelda goodness! Thank you for all the stories and art and of course, the support of all my viewers – long may the Zelda series carry on!

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