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Name: Wizera
Location: USA
Category: Writer
Website: Silver Fantasy and Secrets


Wizera first appeared on the NC scene with her Link's Awakening based story 'Secrets'. Essentially a novelisation of the game with lots of creative twists, this soon expanded into a massive, 12 part series that had a lot of NCers hooked from start to finish. I'm sure I was one of many who were disappointed when it came to an end! Luckily though, Wizera's inspiration keeps on going and she's treated us to further stories based on all of the different games including her 'Guardians' trilogy and 'Sheikah' series. If you're after a long read with vibrant characters, Wizera's stories are for you! Interestingly, NC artist Trance Gemini pays tribute with lots of gorgeous pictures based on the 'Secrets' series so you can check out what all the characters look like.

Current Works

The 'Secrets' Series

  • Secrets
  • Secrets 2: The Coming of Ganondorf
  • Secrets 3: Angels and Nightmares
  • Secrets 4: The Hero of Destiny
  • Secrets 5: A Silver Tear
  • Secrets 6: The Princess of Koholint
  • Secrets 7: Ancient Notes
  • Secrets 8: Siren's Song
  • Secrets 9: Room of Facades
  • Secrets 10: A Moment of Relection
  • Secrets 11: Madness of the Heart
  • Secrets 12: Winds of Change
  • Stand-Alone Works

  • Absolute Power
  • Bargaining
  • Bedeviling the Bedrock
  • The Maple Tree
  • Midnight
  • The 'Guardians' Series

  • The Guardians of Tomorrow
  • The Guardians of Yesterday
  • The Guardians of Today
  • The 'Sheikah Way' Series

  • The Sheikah Way Part I
  • The Sheikah Way Part I
  • The Sheikah Way Part I
  • The 'Gerudo Topaz' Series

  • Orca Pride
  • Saber Tooth Pride
  • Jaguar Pride
  • Dragon Pride
  • Kodiak Pride
  • Gerudo Pride

  • Quick Interview

    1. So most importantly, how did you get into the Legend of Zelda?

    For my tenth birthday, my grandmother took me to the toy store and asked me what I wanted. My response was immediately for a Gameboy. There were three sets available, the Gameboy, the Gameboy with Tetris, and the Gameboy with Link's Awakening. I, of course, wanted Tetris, but my dad insisted we get the one with Link's Awakening because it was cheaper. I was actually very upset about it, but he kept insisting so I finally gave in. About a year later, I decided I'd try playing Link's Awakening. I had never actually heard of Zelda before, so I had no idea what I was getting into. I have to say, I was genuinely awful, but I eventually got the hang of it.

    2. And what's your favourite game in the series?

    Link's Awakening will always be very dear to my heart. I absolutely fell in love with Marin and the people of Koholint, so much so that when someone accidentally leaked the ending to me, I absolutely refused to beat the game. I didn't want to see my favorite characters fade away.

    3. Why did you choose The Legend of Zelda to devote so much of your creative energy to?

    Well, it all started on the playground. Back when my friends and I were still playing make believe games, we decided to start a new game, in which every character had a "secret." For some reason that I will never figure out, I decided I wanted to play Marin. Not the Marin of the games, but rather, the Marin that you find in my fanfictions today. Nearly four years later, I decided to start writing down some of our adventures. I was just really bored one day and I love writing, so it seemed like a good idea. These stories turned into "Secrets," my twelve part Link's Awakening fic.

    4. What are the main influences for your work?

    Aside from Zelda and my childhood make believe games, I'd say my work is mostly influenced by television. I love one hour science fiction or fantasty series. Some of my favorites include Star Trek, Hercules, Xena, Buffy, and Andromeda. Another strong influence is the online RPG I participate in, called the Phoenix Fighters.

    5. What is your favourite piece of work you've done, and why?

    Oh, that's a really, really tough question. I'm not entirely sure I can answer it, without cheating a little bit. As far as "Secrets" is concerned, by favorite chapters are eight and eleven. Outside of "Secrets," I'm really quite proud of "Absolute Power."

    6. Who is your favourite character to write/draw, and why?

    Richard. I cannot explain it, I just love writing this guy. He's such a creep, but you've got to know he's got a heart of gold, somewhere inside of him. I will admit, when I first started writing "Secrets" I had no idea his character arc was going to take off in the direction it did. He really took on a life of his own.

    7. Are there any fan writers/artists that you admire?

    Well, of course, I have a lot of admiration for the Singletons. I don't know of anyone else who's as dedicated and as successful at writing Zelda fanfiction. As for artists, I'll admit, I have a few favorites. I've always loved Silvestris and Artist4786. Generally speaking, however, anyone who draws Marin quickly becomes one of my favorites. I really miss Min because I admired her work a lot.

    8. How did you find North Castle?

    Actually, my father found it for me. It was around the time that OOT came out and I got very excited when I saw a picture of Link in the newspaper. I casually mentioned to my father that I wished I could find a picture that size of Marin. The next thing I knew, he was on the computer and North Castle came up on the screen. It's been my favorite Zelda website ever since and will remain that way.

    9. Why did you decide to post your work at North Castle?

    For me, there was no site other than North Castle for a very long time. It didn't even occur to me to send my stuff elsewhere for years. North Castle was the only Zelda site I visited back then. After I sent in my first story, I also learned how nice Juliet was and I was determined to keep in touch with her. I've encountered some truly nasty webmasters over the years who make me feel like I'm wasting their time by sending in my stuff. It's never been that way with Juliet.

    10. Finally, any plans for the future regarding your work?

    Well, I'm in the middle of a Sheikah trilogy right now. The next parts will be coming in a few months. I've been toying around with the idea of a Gerudo saga, but that's still very much on the drawing board.

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