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Name: Green Hat
Location: Canada, eh?
Category: Writer/Artist/Musican
Website: deviantArt Gallery


What I love about Green Hat is that she's just so diversely talented! Not only can she write and draw but she plays the piano beautifully and has created some brilliant music for North Castle. Her art is varied with lots of different styles and covering all kinds of characters from not only the games but the cartoon too. My favourite piece of Green Hat's work is her picture 'Saria Aged 15 coloured'.

Current Works

Stand-Alone Works

  • Saving Termina Once More
  • Other Contributions

  • Various Zelda midis
  • Zelda Music with Pictures movie
  • Art Gallery


    Quick Q&A

    1. So most importantly, how did you get into the Legend of Zelda?

    My brother bought a Nintendo 64 from a garage sale with a bunch of games. One of them was Ocarina of Time. All his friends came over to play OoT because they were fans of it. I wasn’t interested at the time…I thought it was lame! *gasp*

    So maybe a year later my cousin came over. He wanted to play Ocarina of Time so badly, but I said my brother would get mad. (I was young and scared, okay.) But then he persuaded me that it would be okay. After a while of watching him play, I wanted to as well. Then I became such an addict to it. (I played it so much I knew most of what the characters would say…)

    Finally, I got a GameCube along with the Wind Waker, and then Majora’s Mask for the N64. It’s unfortunate though that I’m a newbe. It would be awesome to play the games that started it all.

    2. And what's your favourite game in the series?

    All of the LoZ games are amazing but, I like the Wind Waker. For some reason the puzzles were very easy to figure out. The music was different from all the other games as well. It was tragic and emotional. Also Linky has some family! The ending credits were a rip off, but at least the music composers made it up for having lovely music.

    3. Why did you choose The Legend of Zelda to devote so much of your creative energy to?

    It’s a fantasy/adventure game, which involves puzzles, and quick thinking along with hand-eye coordination. I love games like that because it gives you an excuse to keep playing when your parents say to stop. Just kidding! But seriously, testing your brain a little in a fun way is good.

    4. What are the main influences for your work?

    The Zelda music, other people’s artwork and writing. Especially God, because he gave me the talent to remix music, draw and write. Not amazingly…but I’m getting much better.

    5. What is your favourite piece of work you've done, and why?

    For writing, I love “Saving Termina Once More.” I’m writing it completely on my own and it shows how much I’ve improved since the first chapter.

    6. Who is your favourite character to write/draw, and why?

    Whoa…I don’t know…Tatl from Majora’s Mask. I made up what she looks like to me and writing about her is so much fun! She actually had personality that people could notice quickly. Unlike Navi and most of the other characters in the older games.

    7. Are there any fan writers/artists that you admire?

    Juliet Singleton! She has awesome art and wonderful writing skills. I love her dedication to the old Zelda games. Also, Shannon The Twisted Link Worshipper wrote the most amazing Zelda Romance story ever, “Angels.” Even though it has sexual scenes in it…it’s still amazing! Oh my gosh, and Dark Link, she is SO amazing for writing such a LONG Zelda fanfic! She will defiantly make you a Dark Link fan!

    8. How did you find North Castle?

    I searched for Zelda art on google and found CrazyFreak’s “Link and Zelda” picture. From there I found Zelda fanfiction;‘twas glorious! Haha!

    9. Why did you decide to post your work at North Castle?

    To see if I was any good at writing. People could give me critiques on my work to help me improve. :)

    10. Finally, any plans for the future regarding your work?

    Of course, just to FINISH “Saving Termina Once More” and finish this other fanfic, which is a crossover. I won’t say anything else!

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