Zelda Music

Zelda has always had a main theme tune, which was normally used as the Overworld music in all of the games, although it differs slightly from game to game. This particular theme was also used in the cartoon. Other tunes varied from game to game, Zelda II and III have the best ones in my opinion, but you can decide for yourself. I have several sound samples from each of the games and they're in the good old MIDI format, and fairly small. To listen to them simply click on the url of your choice, or to same them right click and 'save target as' to your hard drive. There is also a downloadable zip file containing all the midis and many more.


Zelda I Midis

Zelda II Midis

Overworld (main) theme - 5kb

Overworld (main) theme - 4kb

Dungeon tune - 3kb

Dungeon tune - 13kb

Intro theme - 9kb

Intro theme - 6kb

Gameover theme - 1kb

Great Palace tune - 15kb

Death Mountain theme - 2kb

Palace Boss Theme - 1.5kb

End Theme - 6kb



Zelda III Midis

Zelda IV Midis

Overworld (main) theme - 12kb

Overworld (main) theme - 16kb

Hyrule Castle tune - 25kb

Moblins tune - 4kb

Dark World tune - 30kb

Mabe Village tune - 4kb

Dungeon tune - 17kb

Woods tune - 16kb

Intro theme - 7kb

'Ballard of the Windfish' tune - 1kb

Credits tune - 13kb

Windfish's Egg tune - 10kb

Game Completion tune - 19kb

Key Cavern tune - 4kb

Woods tune - 5kb

Tail Cave tune - 5kb

Triforce Room tune - 6kb

Animal Village tune - 4kb

Crystal tune - 69kb

Player Select tune - 4kb

Geoff Hellstrand was kind enough to give me the idea of putting all these tunes into one large zipfile. He even compiled the file for me (I dunno why, but it was very kind!), so you can download the entire collection of music plus many more by clicking on the link (except the fan stuff) below.

Zelda Music Midi Collection - 67kb

Fan-made Zelda Music

Plenty of talented people have created their own versions and remixes of the famous Zelda tunes. Many sites offer these fan-creations for download so be sure to have a look around to see what's on offer. I've had a few submitted to the site, which you can download at the locations below. Some are in midi format which will play on all computers and some are in MP3 so you will need a compatible player installed such as Winamp, Windows Media Player etc in order to listen to them.

The Underwater Serenade - 3kb
Zelda's Courtyard Remix - 3kb
Temple of Time Choir - 2kb
The Chinese Bolero - 4kb
The Echoing Forest - 3kb

These midi remixes were created by Belgarath the Sorceror.

Saria's Song/Sacred Grove Remix - 11kb (MIDI)
Midna's Theme - 6kb (MIDI)
Song of Storms Remix - 20kb (MIDI)
Ocarina of Time Title Remix - 5kb (MIDI)
Song of Storms SFX - 2MB (mp3)
Horse Race - 6kb (MIDI)
Majora's Mask Stone Tower Temple - 4kb (MIDI)
Twilight Princess Trailer - 11kb (MIDI)

These great renditions and remixes were created by Green Hat.

Legend of Zelda Themes in Wind - 230kb (MIDI)

This musical timeline of Zelda themes covers the original LoZ through to OoT composed using wind instruments (in midi format) is composed by Nimbus Cloud. It was composed for a concert band who will be playing it very soon!

Zelda: A Fate Preordained - 3.4MB (MP3)
Fortitude - 8MB (MP3)
Zelda's Lament - 11MB (MP3)

LindsayAnne has created some beautiful original music - the first piece is a take on the original Zelda theme and the next two pieces are inspired by Ingie's fanfiction 'Fortitude'. Composed by LindsayAnne Pepper.

Zelda II Palace Theme - 2MB (MP3)

My favourite Zelda tune of all time, the Final Palace theme from Zelda II composed by Paul Nolan.

Link's Awakening Sword Search Theme (Hindu Pez Remix) - 11MB (MP3)
The Legend of Zelda - Link's Awake (Hindu Pez Remix) - 10MB (MP3)
A Link to the Past Sanctuary Theme (Hindu Pez Remix) - 16MB (MP3)

Something a little different but brilliant, Hindu Pez is an industrial music project and contains several great pieces
from Link's Awakening and Link to the Past. Composed by Hindu Pez. Don't forget to visit his website at http://www.myspace.com/hindupez.

Zelda I Intro Theme - 2MB (MP3)

A serene, gorgeous rendition of the original theme composed by Jon B.

Hidden Village - 4kb (MIDI)
Lost Woods - 4kb (MIDI)
Song of Healing - 2kb (MIDI)
Twilight Princess Overworld - 5kb (MIDI)
Zelda's Lullaby - 2kb (MIDI)
Great Fairy Theme - 4kb (MIDI)
Song of Storms - 5kb (MIDI)
Ocarina of Time Prelude - 1kb (MIDI)

These lovely midis are simple piano tunes played MegaZeldaMan on his keyboard.

The Zelda Soundtrack CDs

There are main Zelda-themed CDs available containing music from the games. Zelda V, Majora's Mask and the Windwaker all have official albums and there are also lots of remix and orchestrated versions too. Most of the albums are Japanese and available through import only although some have been free gifts, for example given away through publications such as Nintendo Magazine System. Some of the CDs can be purchased from Nintendo and most can also be got hold of on import from Amazon, various anime websites and of course, EBay.

Thanks to Emuparadise Org they have several mp3 soundtracks for Zelda available for free download! This information was kindly provided by Shark (aka RuneManExp). North Castle's affilate site Zelda Universe also has several soundtracks also available for free download.

Sound and Drama

Publisher: Sony

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: This Japanese CD was a two-disk release, disc 1 contained synth-symphony versions of Zelda music and disc two contained OSV tracks, with tunes taken from Zelda I and Zelda III. At the end of the first CD there is story track, with well-acted vocals, music and sound effects.

Download It: Emuparadise Org

Ocarina of Time Soundtrack

Publisher: Toha

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: This Japanese CD contains 35 beautifully composed music tracks from Ocarina of Time.

Download It: Emuparadise Org

Buy It: Amazon (JAPAN import)

LoZ: Ocarina of Time - Rearranged

Publisher: Tokum

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo/Emiko Shiratori/Moka

Synopsis: This CD basically contains remixes of 11 OoT tracks with added music and occasionally vocals to make them into proper songs (the vocals are in Japanese).

Download It: Zelda Universe

Buy It: Amazon (JAPAN-US import)

Hyrule Symphony

Publisher: Player's Planet, Media Factory

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo/Ryuichi Katsumata

Synopsis: This CD contains 13 epic and sweeping tracks from OoT performed with a classical orchestrated feel by a string ensemble and other instruments such as the piano, harp and ocarina.

Download It: Zelda Universe

Buy It: Amazon (Marketplace)

Mask of Majora

Publisher: Pione

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: Another Japanese import album, this one is particularly good value in that it contains 2 CDs with an incredible 112 tracks all together, taken directly from Mask of Majora.

Download It: Emuparadise Org

Buy It: Amazon (JAPAN Import)

Majora's Mask Orchestrations

Publisher: Scitron Digital

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo/Toru Minegishi Majora Philharmonic Orchestra

Synopsis: This Zelda contains 11 tracks from the game (although there are more than 11 songs as there are more than one in some of the tracks). They are all faithful replications although it is not a true orchestra song - the tracks are played on what sounds like high-quality synthesizers.

Download It: Zelda Universe

Buy It: Amazon (Marketplace)

The Wind Waker

Publisher: Sony

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: This is a brilliant Japanese album that contains over 100 tracks over 2 CDs all taken from The Wind Waker.

Download It: Emuparadise Org

Buy It: Amazon (marketplace)

Zelda: The Music (Nintendo Sound History Series)

Publisher: Scitron Discs

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo/Akito Nakatsuka/Toru Minegishi/Kenta Nagata/Hajime Wakai/Asuka Ota

Synopsis: This Japanese CD contains tracks taken straight from the games themselves including Legend of Zelda I, II, and III, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask and Wind Waker. There are 70 tracks altogether.

Download It: Zelda Universe

Buy It: Amazon (Marketplace)

Melodies of Time

Publisher: Nintendo

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: This special album was given away as a free gift with issue 130 (July 2003) of European publication, Nintendo Magazine System. It contains 12 tracks taken from Zelda 1-3, OoT, MoM and Windwaker. It was never made available commercially.

Information kindly provided by FireHawk

Download It: Zelda Universe

Official Twilight Princess Soundtrack

Publisher: Nintendo

Artist/Composer: Koji Kondo

Synopsis: This CD features six tunes from Twilight Princess, including the fantastic 'The Legend of Zelda Orchestra Piece 2', which I don't think was used in the game itself (I've yet to confirm that for myself), but was used for one of the trailers.

I also know that a TP soundtrack CD was given away with subscriptions of Nintendo Power magazine, but I'm not sure if it's the same as this one (I'm willing to bet it is, though).

Information kindly provided by FireHawk

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