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Welcome, friends, to North Castle's extensive archives. Here, you can find many, many tomes of information, to do with The Legend of Zelda. The History Book covers most aspects to do with people, places and things in Hyrule, complete with many maps, guides and important timelines. Every chapter is dealt with in Tolkien-esque detail and fully illustrated. It is the ultimate guide on the 'net for all aspects of The Legend.

North Castle has forever been the home of vintage Zelda, and we cover the old games to the fullest. Before the N64 console revolution, several fine titles were released on older Nintendo platforms, and each game is lovingly covered, with walkthroughs, manuals, FAQs, screenshots and in depth reviews. There is also information on spin off, cameo and the CDi games.

Not only that, but we've got information on some older Zelda things, such as the cartoon, comics and the books. The collectibles section has tonnes of pictures of great Zelda objects and you can even buy some of them direct from North Castle's very own online store! Not to mention a whole section dedicated to 'shippers of romance between our hero and princess :) There's a desktop media section where you can get Zelda fonts, wallpapers and screensavers. And of course don't forget to check out the great music section with information on the Zelda music albums and mp3 and midi downloads.

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    Books and Comics
    Book reviews, information & pictures of published Zelda literature.

    The Cartoon
    Pictures, scripts and cast information on the infamous TV cartoon.

    Collectibles and Merchandise
    An in-depth guide to Zelda merchandise, including pictures and how you can get hold of it.

    Desktop Media Collection
    Customise your computer with NC's exclusive desktop wallpapers, cursor packs, fonts, iGoogle themes and more.

    Vintage Games
    Guides to the Pre-N64 game Zelda Era; walkthroughs, manuals, screenshots and reviews.

    History Book
    Guides, Maps and Timelines to the world of Hyrule.

    Zelda Music
    Download midis and mp3s of Zelda tunes, listen to fan music and learn about the various CD soundtracks.

    Zelda Romance
    An in-depth look at the relationship of Link and Princess Zelda.

    North Castle Store
    An online store where you can buy Zelda apparel, dvds, books and more direct from Amazon.




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