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Welcome to North Castle's General Fan-Fiction Archive. This section contains the largest selection of stories with a broad range of adventures to choose from. Most of the stories range from moderate to a fairly long length so it's a good place to begin if you have plenty of time to spare.

All of the stories are all rated and classified in alphabetical order by title for easy listing. The review system is currently down until further notice. If you want to get in touch with me about any problems such as missing stories/parts, or any other feeedback you want to pass along please drop me an email.

You can return to the main libary by using the quick links at the bottom of the page if you want to read stories from the other sections available - you will also return there at the end of each story.

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Ratings Explanation

Here at North Castle stories are classified by a ratings system so you can determine what you are reading. This system is here to protect both the reader and author - please take heed of the rating. There are stories here for all ages and while I try to ensure that nothing grossly objectional is posted here, some material maybe considered unsuitable for some readers.

U - Universal. Suitable for all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. Implied violence or sexual situations possible.
12 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 12. Some violence, implied sexual situations and mildly strong language.
15 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Violence, sexual situations, mildly strong language.
18 - No one under 18 admitted. Graphic Violence, sexual situations and very strong language.

Story Title





Absolute Power Wizera LttP 15
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL 15
Agahnim's Revenge Updated 24/08/08
Stephen Stephano LttP/OoT 15
Agents of Chaos Updated 24/01/09
Shadsie LoZ PG
A Life Changed Stephy OoT PG
The Allies of Hyrule
Abby OoT U
The Animals Aged Updated 23/05/09
Shadsie OoT U
An Artist in Ordon Updated 21/03/10
Shadsie TP U
Balance Updated 25/10/08
Shadsie ALL 15
Bedeviling the Bedrock Wizera OoS U
Before the Legends...
Princess Ruto OoT U
Before the War
Ted Anderson OoT PG
Before The Wedding
Randi OoT U
Bellum Hyrulianae
Jack O'Reily LoZ-AoL U
Beyond Grey The Moff OoT U
The Biggest of Lies Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
The Binding Force of Link Christian Warrior OoT PG
The Black Star Updated 25/06/10
Zelda_girl TP U
Blaze of Shadow Updated 23/01/07!
Sam Trevisani OoT 15
Blood, Tainted The Missing Link OoT U
The Bride of Ganon
Kristy Borer OoT U
Charmed Updated 21/12/08
Doug Loz-AoL U
The Child of Hyrule Stephy OoT PG
Children of the Triforce
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL PG
Children of the Triforce: The Return Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL PG
Christmas in Hyrule Updated 23/12/07
Doug LoZ-AoL U
Civility for Humanity Updated 23/08/09
Tenial OoT PG
The Coming of War Dustin Bell OoT PG
Conversation Between Two Links Updated 21/10/07
Doug LoZ/TP U
Dark Illusion Jessica Jones OoT U
The Dark Lament Nicholas Sparling OoT PG
The Darkness Within Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
The Dawn of Darkness Paul Nolan OoT PG
Destiny's Return David Mahn LoZ+ U
The Diary of Princess Aurora Updated 25/09/07!
Zelda_girl OoT U
Double Trouble
Ben Berntsen LttP U
The Dream Sequence Alan Fleming LoZ-AoL U
The Early Times Nubis LoZ-OoT U
ELOZE Updated 24/08/08
Dark Link LoZ+ U
Eternal Darkness Anonymous OoT U
Eternal Legacy Updated 26/02/11
Sir Calibur TP U
The Eternal Legend Updated 22/11/09
Zephros OoT 15
Eternity Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
LoZ: The Ether Blade Updated 06/07/14
Link-Reborn ALL 15
The Final Battle Updated 20/11/07
Zelda_girl TP U
Finding Your Soul Pata Hikari OoT-MM 15
First Christmas Updated 21/12/08
Doug Loz-AoL U
Forest of Memories Updated 20/12/09
Hyruler OoT/MM U
Forever Can End in Seconds Kasuto of Kataan OoT 15
Forever Can End in Seconds - Part Two Kasuto of Kataan OoT 15
Four Races Stirring Under One Night Sky Lady Draco OoT U
A Friend's Fatal Death
Kayrion OoT U
Frozen Tears
Ice Sage OoT U
Full Circle
Alexandra Spears LoZ-OoT U
A Future Past Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
Ganon's Return
Action the Great LoZ-AoL? PG
Jack O'Reily OoT U
Generations Lady Aurian LoZ-AoL U
The Girl in Shining Armor Victoria OoT PG
The Goddess's Secret Desi S. All PG
The Great Desert REVISED 21/02/10
Shadsie & Sailor Lilith-chan ALL PG
The Guardians of Today
Wizera OoT 15
The Guardians of Tomorrow
Wizera OoT PG
The Guardians of Yesterday
Wizera OoT PG
A Handful of Dust Updated 28/08/10
Shadsie TP/OoT PG
Hardships of the Seventh Sage Sheik Sheikah OoT PG
Hero's Blood Updated 25/10/08
Shadsie AoL 15
A Hero's Fate Caroline Armstrong OoT U
The Hero of Light Trilogy
Part 1: Twilight at the Spring Updated 25/06/10
Part 2: Shards of Friendship Updated 26/09/10
Part 3: Darkness of Light Updated 26/06/12
Serenity Searcher TP 12
LOZ: Hidden Power Carl Moller OoT U
The Highwayman Teengeezer LoZ-OoT PG
Hostile Takeover Doug Loz-AoL PG
How it Began Updated 25/07/09
Crazyninja94 OoT 15
Hylians of the Future Lysia OoT U
The Hyrulian Civil War Updated 21/06/08
Stephen Stephano OoT PG
The Hyrule Hero Updated 23/01/11
Jake ALL U
Impa's Story Ted Anderson OoT PG
In The Grip of Evil
Kirsty Singleton OoT PG
In Too Deep Updated 23/01/07
Olly OoT U
Island of the Ancients Updated 22/02/07
Dinoguy OoT U
Journey Home Christi Sanders LttP-LA U
The Knighting of Link Updated 25/08/07
Doug Loz-AoL U
Legacy of Darkness StarfoxZL OoT U
Legacy of Heroes Wizardess Karin OoT U
The Legend Begins Janus Kamaren LoZ 12
Legend of the Flaming Force Updated 21/07/07
Mysterious Hylian Warrior OoT PG
Legend of Ganon: Tyrant's Ascent Updated 26/12/12
Shadsie OoT PG
Legends Live Forever Updated 26/09/10 MegaZeldaMan LoZ/LttP U
A Lesson In Betrayal The Moff OoT U
The Light of Darkness Zucatt the Sage King OoT U
Light, Shadow and Darkness Updated 25/08/07
Amy Rose TP PG
Link's Dream
Erin OoT U
Link's Encounter
Sizzle Oakes WW U
Link's Journal: After The AoL Doug Loz-AoL U
Link's Journal: The Return Home Updated 23/01/07
Doug Loz-AoL U
Link, Malon, Zelda and Link Olly OoT 12
Link's Reawakening MiKe LttP-LA U
Love And Hatred (ZC) Shadow OoT-MM U
Love Will Leave You Crying Kasuto of Kataan OoT 15
The Maiden of Subconscious Updated 26/02/12
Stephen Stephano LA 12
The Maiden of Subconscious 2 - Revenge of the Nightmares Updated 06/07/14
Stephen Stephano LttP/LA 15
Majora's Curse Updated 26/12/12
Jonathan MM U
The Maple Tree Wizera OoS-OoA 15
Married Life
Randi OoT PG
Medallion of Evil Jessica Rosa OoT U
Mirrors Sailor Lilith-chan OoT PG
The Moon Falls on Termina Stephen Stephano MM U
Nayru's Child Starseeker OoT U
The New Enemy Updated 20/12/09
Patrick Dewey OoT U
The New Hyrule Updated 26/09/09
RosieA WW PG
The Next Generation Updated 21/09/08
Doug Loz-AoL PG
A Nightmare In Hyrule
Alexandra Spears OoT PG
Zelda V: Ocarina of Time Novelisation Kirsty Singleton OoT U
The Odyssey of Trent
Sir Michael Eggers LoZ-AoL 15
Of Time Updated 25/09/07
The Crusader OoT U
Once Upon A Time In New Hyrule Updated 06/07/14!
Joran ST 15
One Life's Power
Mack Costello LoZ-AoL 12
Oracle of Earth Pata Hikari OoS-OoA 18
The Orb of Light Updated 23/01/07!
Doug Loz-AoL PG
Origins Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
Origins of the Legend of Zelda Updated 26/09/09
Leo Damascus LoZ-AoL U
Out to Sea Updated 28/08/10
Joran WW/PH PG
The Politics of War
Ted Anderson OoT U
The Power of Corruption Dustin Bell OoT U
The Power of the Weak Ted Anderson LoZ-AoL U
Preamble NoMan LoZ 15
Prelude to the Legend Lynn OoT U
The Prophecy of the Chosen One
Sven The Evil Monkey OoT PG
The Quadforce Angelia D. Newman OoT U
The Quest Megan LttP U
The Return of Elvira C.T. and Daramen OoT 12
Return of the White Knight Updated 20/04/08
Doug LoZ-AoL U
Revenge of the Fallen Updated 14/04/07
Nathan McGeechan OoT 12
The Right of Passage Updated 06/07/14
PinkPrincessZelda OoT/MM 18
LoZ: The Rise of a Hero Updated 20/11/07
Jen OoT U
The Ruby of Death Gregory Irgang LttP U
The Rules of Succession Kasuto of Kataan OoT PG
Sacred Flesh Updated 21/12/08
Shadsie OoT-MM 15
The Sages' Swords Dinoguy OoT U
Saving Termina Once More Updated 25/07/09
Green Hat OoT-MM U
Secrets Wizera LA PG
Secrets 2: The Coming of Ganondorf Wizera LA PG
Secrets 3: Angels and Nightmares Wizera LA PG
Secrets 4: The Hero of Destiny Wizera LA PG
Secrets 5: A Silver Tear Wizera LA PG
Secrets 6: The Princess of Koholint Wizera LA PG
Secrets 7: Ancient Notes Wizera LA PG
Secrets 8: Siren's Song Wizera LA PG
Secrets 9: Room of Facades Wizera LA PG
Secrets 10: A Moment of Reflection Wizera LA PG
Secrets 11: Madness of the Heart Wizera LA PG
Secrets 12: Winds of Change Wizera LA PG
Secret of the Shadow The Missing Link OoT U
The Sequal to the Ocarina of Time
Lady Elizabeth OoT U
Shadowed Fate Updated 24/08/08
Farore769 OoT-MM 12
The Shadowmaster DLF OoT PG
The Sheikah Girl C.T. and Daramen OoT U
The Siege Alan Fleming LoZ-AoL U
Silent Hero Updated 21/11/10
Christine E. Schulze OoT/MM/TP PG
The Silver Rose DTaige LttP U
Slaughtering the Goat Updated 22/11/08
Shadsie TP U
LoZ: Song of Storms
The Master OoT-MM 12
LoZ: Spirits of Chaos
Kota Magic OoT U
A Storm is Brewing... Updated 21/09/08
Robyn Greenbow OoT U
The Sword of Hegemony Alan Fleming LoZ-AoL U
The Sword's Resurrection Dragoon30 OoT U
The Sword of Tears Updated 26/02/11
Rick Morgan LoZ U
Tales of a Lost Kokiri Pata Hikari OoT-MM 12
A Tale of Two Bloodlines Updated 20/05/07!
Twilight_Princess TP U
The Tempest
Megan LttP U
That's What Courage Is Updated 22/03/09
Shadsie TP PG
Time's Castway Updated 29/01/12
Shadsie OoT/WW PG
Titanic Fury
Ben Berntsen LttP U
Traitors Christi Sanders LttP-LA U
Trusting A Traitor Lysia OoT U
The Truth is Both Good and Evil Mack Costello LoZ-AoL PG
Twilight Descent Updated 25/08/07
Stephen Stephano TP PG
Twilight Descent 2: The Return of King Bulblin Updated 22/12/10
Stephen Stephano TP PG
Twilight Descent 3: The Hyrulian Revolution Updated 30/09/11
Stephen Stephano TP 15
The Twilight Princess Updated 30/09/12
Callum Stewart TP U
Two Worlds Ceinwen Langley OoT PG
Uniting The Heavens And The Earth Updated 06/07/14
Shadsie SS PG
The Unknown Hero Error of Ruto OoT U
Vengeful Souls DTaige LttP U
Vintage Zelda: The ORIGINAL Third Triforce Juliet A. Singleton and
Kirsty Singleton
Walk A Mile
Sailor Lilith-chan OoT 12
The War Against Darkmar Doug Loz-AoL PG
The War On Terror In Hyrule
Randi OoT PG
The Ways of the Sheikah
Princess Ruto OoT U
Westward! Updated 29/03/11
Shadsie TP U
What's Next Updated 25/09/07
Doug LttP U
Wolfhide Updated 25/04/09
Shadsie TP 12
A World Cloaked in Shadow Updated 28/08/10
Lyxie OoT PG
OoT: Young Link's Saga Updated 30/10/11
Jonathan OoT U
Zelda Has A Breath Post OoT-MM PG
Zelda V Screenplay Daniel Alfaro OoT U
Zeldanime - A Fanfiction Updated 26/12/12
Alpha LoZ U

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