Legends Live Forever

By MegaZeldaMan



     Princess Zelda stood alone in the torrential rain. She stood there for so long that water began to seep through her heavy rain cloak. About two feet in front of her was a gray marble stone about half her height. Engraved on the stone, written in Ancient Hylian letters, was the following:




Hero of Hyrule


769 H. R. – 786 H. R.


Requiescat In Pace



     Yes. Link was dead. He died in his final battle with the evil Ganon. While he did indeed defeat the evil king, he received mortal wounds and expired shortly afterwards. When he failed to return to the castle, the King ordered a search which he himself also took part in. The party found his body in the remains of Ganon’s Castle on Death Mountain.

     Zelda fell to her knees and buried her face in her hands. Then she spoke in a low sobbing voice, “Why? Why did he have to go so soon? We barely knew each other and yet...” she paused for a moment and choked back a sob. “And yet we were good friends already.” She placed her head on the tombstone and continued sobbing, “He is gone. Gone forever.” Then something in her mind, like an inner-self, began to speak to her.

     “Foolish princess,” it said, “Link is not gone. If he were truly gone you wouldn’t be here paying respect to his grave. His soul lives on in the Temple of Heroes and you’ll always remember him.”

     “Yes, I know,” Zelda spoke, “I shouldn’t have said that. Heroes die but legends live forever.”

     “Correct, Princess,” said her inner-self. “Don’t let this grave stop you. You still have your own life. Live it.”

     “I will. And I will also never forget you, Link, my hero.”

     She stood up and walked away from the graveyard. As she did the rain slowed down.




Chapter I


     One evening, four Kakariko Village boys were playing marbles on the stone path. One of them took a shot and knocked a green marble out of the ring. He picked it up and stared at it.

     “Something wrong?” asked one of the other boys.

     “This green marble reminds me of that swordsman with the green tunic who visited me when I was sick,” he replied.

     “Oh yeah! I remember you telling me that once. You gave him your bug-catching net.”

     “That’s right. It seems to me that we should not use this green marble. It should be a reminder of the Hero.”

     A shadow passed over the boys. They quickly looked to see a beautiful girl walking along. They didn’t know it but she was in fact Princess Zelda. The boys went back to playing and ignored her. She had been eavesdropping on them and several other villagers for quite some time now.

     “So these villagers still remember and honor Link,” she thought. “That’s good. The voice said that Link would never be gone because of his memory.” From the village she went to the Lost Woods. She planned to make a visit to that grove where the Master Sword sleeps. Oddly, when she entered the forest, a thick mist enveloped it.

     “This can’t be,” she thought. “When Link pulled the sword the mist dissolved. Even though the sword has been returned there should be no mist because evil has been destroyed.” Or was it? She didn’t feel any evil presence in the forest so what was happening? Maybe the Master Sword would tell her.

     When she arrived at the Sacred Grove, a ring of animals surrounded the Master Sword. In the center of the ring, right next to the Sword, was a badger. When the animals saw Zelda, they scampered away leaving her alone with the Sword. She looked at the Master Sword with much disgust, as it was overgrown with vines. She reached with the intention to pull the vines but the instant she touched them they burned away in a blue flame and the mist around her dissolved.

     “So that’s why,” she said jovially. “The light of the Master Sword was covered and the mist took over.” She crouched down and looked at the shining blade. “Such a beautiful blade and...huh?” She couldn’t believe her eyes. Instead of seeing her own reflection she saw Link. He smiled, waved his hand and disappeared.

     “Link!” screamed Zelda as she grabbed the Master Sword out of excitement. The magic of the sword repulsed her hands away and she was still. “What does it mean?” she thought. “Was this vision merely a vision?” She was too frightened to think straight. She ran out of the woods and back to the castle immediately. In the center square of the castle, Impa saw her pass by.

     “Zelda, what...?” she couldn’t finish because Zelda was already gone and into her personal refuge, the garden. When Impa finally found her, Zelda was sitting next to the small pond. She was taking several deep breaths and her eyes were wide open in amazement.

     “Zelda, what has happened?” asked Impa. Zelda turned her face away from Impa and didn’t answer. “You’ve come to me every time you have troubles. Why do you...?”

     “I didn’t come to you,” shouted Zelda quickly. “You came to me. Leave me in peace, nurse.” Impa didn’t say anything else and left.

     Zelda look down into the pond. This time she saw her own reflection. Thousands of thoughts were raging through her mind so fast that she felt she was in another world. She closed her eyes and took another deep breath. When she opened her eyes and looked into the small pond she saw Link.

     “What has frightened you Zelda?” he said.

     “Link?” she cried. “Is it really you?”

     “I am merely a supernatural vision but in essence I am Link.”

     “Why are you here?”

     “I simply wanted to thank you for having faith. It is good to know that everyone remembers me.”

     “As I once said to myself, legends live forever. However, I can’t help but think of what to do if another great evil were to ravage our land.”

     “That is an excellent question. Know this: keep my legend alive and evil will not prevail. That is all I can say now. Farewell, Princess Zelda.” He waved his hand and the ripples in the pond distorted his image and Zelda saw only herself.

     “Good-bye,” she finally said. “I won’t forget you.” With that she fell to the ground.

     When the sun had fully set, Impa returned to the to check on Zelda. She found her fast asleep and a smile was on her face.

     “She definitely saw a vision,” thought Impa. “Ever since Link’s death she has never had such a face.” She carried her to her room and slipped her into bed. “Sleep well child. You need it.”


     That night, Zelda experienced dreams that made her forget her sorrow. It didn’t matter if Link was dead in body. His soul would live forever and she wouldn’t forget that.




Chapter II


     Zelda woke up bright and fresh. She didn’t even realize that she had awoken in her bed while she had fallen asleep in the garden. Impa was quite surprised to see Zelda so happy after the terrible shock that had befallen her. There were many times where Zelda would confide such secrets to her nurse but it was not so this time. But it wouldn’t be a secret for long. That afternoon Zelda was once again in her garden when her father, King Harkinian, came along.

     “How are you, my child?” he asked.

     “Oh, I’m wonderful! It’s so happy being alive!” Zelda replied.

     “You’ve seen a vision of Link, haven’t you?”

     “How did you know?” she said with a start. “I told no one of that. Not even Impa.”

     “Because I have seen him too. He appeared to me last night in a dream. Besides, it seems all too odd that you are so happy after the shock of Link’s death.”

     “But Link isn’t dead, father. As long as we remember him he will never die.”

     The King chuckled. “That’s what Link told me. He revealed his gratitude that you still love him.”

     Zelda blushed and said, “I’m so happy.”

     “But daughter,” the King continued, “I’m here for another reason. Do you remember a few months ago when we almost had an alliance with the country of Rovia?”

     “Yes,” replied Zelda, “but it was cut short due to Ganon’s doings.”

     “Correct Zelda. But now I have received a letter requesting to renew the alliance now that Ganon has been defeated. The king, prince, and their highest-ranking knights will be here tomorrow. I believe the rest doesn’t need to be explained.” Zelda gasped after he finished. “I’m sorry daughter,” said the King finally. With that he left the garden.

     Zelda was now more shocked than ever. She knew that with this alliance she could potentially become the wife of the Rovian prince. She shunned the mere thought of it and she was already beginning to cry in fear. Zelda would have loved no one but Link had he survived his final battle. As a hero he could very well take the hand of the Princess. She had made a personal vow never to marry anyone after Link’s death. But as she knew all too well, the crown would come before her personal wishes. Disregard for the laws of the kingdom could result not only in the fall of the alliance, but also in the outbreak of war between the two countries.

     “If this is the way it must be,” thought Zelda, “then so be it. But I will never forget you, Link. Never.”

     She spoke to no one for the rest of that day.

     And that night she didn’t sleep well. She couldn’t help but think that the potential marriage meant betrayal toward Link. She got up and opened her window. She looked at the stars and moon hoping that their beauty would comfort her. To her vast surprise, she heard the voice of Link.

     “Once again, you lack faith,” he said. “Remember that I am no longer of the world in which you live. To the world I am nothing but a memory and you must treat me as such.”

     “I...I can’t,” replied Zelda with a sob. “I love no one but you. I can’t let you go.”

     “You must. You know what might happen if you refuse the potential marriage. War will break out. If you don’t let go, I will be a burden to you.”

     “You mean that I will not betray you?”

     “A spirit in this heavenly Temple of Heroes knows no envy. However, you will only betray me if you betray yourself.”

     Zelda wiped away her tears and said, “I’m sorry, Link. I had faith before and I almost lost it now.”

     “You are forgiven,” replied Link. “Always remember, you will only betray me if you betray yourself. Farewell.”

     Zelda went back to sleep with restored faith. She resolved that if anything didn’t go exactly her way she would let it pass and not complain. She recalled the words of the voice that spoke to her when she visited Link’s grave.


     “Don’t let this grave stop you. You still have your own life. Live it.”


     The next morning, Zelda was awakened by the blast of a royal horn and a shouting voice.

     “In the name of Simeon, King of Rovia, lower the drawbridge.” Zelda hurried to the window to see five men all riding steeds. Two were dressed in royal attire and were obviously the King and the Prince. The other three were royal guards, one of which held the banner of Rovia.

     “Lower the drawbridge,” shouted Captain Krin from one of the turrets. It came down with a crash and the five men rode across. With that, Zelda quickly dressed herself and went to greet the royal visitors.




Chapter III


     As Zelda walked down the hallway, she came by Impa.

     “What? Up already?” said Impa a little surprised. “I was just ordered to send for you.”

     Zelda chuckled. “Between the horn’s blasting and the man’s shouting it is no wondered that I knew they arrived.”

     “Well anyway, your father is in the Council Chamber waiting for you.”

     “Thank you, Impa,” and Zelda went her way. As Impa watched her, she noticed that Zelda was walking with a rather joyful gait.

     “Sorrowful one day, happy the next,” thought Impa. “Link is always with her in her heart.”

     When Zelda entered the Council Chamber, the King and Prince of Rovia had not yet arrived. For now it was just Zelda and her father.

     “Good morning, Zelda,” said Harkinian. “How did you sleep?”

     “Very well father,” she replied joyfully as she sat down at the round table.

     “Another vision undoubtedly,” the King hinted.

     “Yes, father,” Zelda replied. “Through my entire young life I have constantly acted first before thinking. I should obey the law of the land, not my personal wishes.”

     “And what did Link say that set it in stone for you?”

     “I told him that if I married the Rovian Prince I thought I would betray Link. But he responded that I only will betray him if I betray myself. Love has nothing to do with words. It has to do with actions.”

     “You have become very wise, Zelda. Perhaps the Triforce of Wisdom is finally taking full effect on you.”


     At that moment, Captain Krin entered the room with the Rovian King and Prince and their royal guards behind him.

     “May I present their majesties, King Simeon and Prince Simon of Rovia.” Harkinian and Zelda stood up.

     “Thank you, Captain Krin,” said King Harkinian. “You are dismissed.” Krin bowed and left the room. “Welcome to Hyrule, Simeon, my old friend.”

     “It has been too long, Harkinian,” said Simeon shaking Harkinian’s hand.

     “Indeed. May I present my daughter, the Princess Zelda.” The King and Prince bowed and Zelda did the same.

     “The friends of Hyrule are always welcome to North Castle,” said Zelda.

     “And now,” continued Harkinian, “perhaps we should begin our business. The document is on the table.” The four sat down and Simeon and Simon read the document.

     “The terms are acceptable,” said Simeon. He took the feather pen from the inkbottle which was also on the table and signed his name. Prince Simon did the same. The document was then passed to Zelda and Harkinian who signed their names as well. With that, Harkinian took the paper and put it into a chest in the back of the room.

     “Now that’s done,” said King Simeon.

     “The alliance is formed,” followed Prince Simon.

     “Guard!” shouted King Harkinian ringing a bell. A knight entered the room. “Show the King and Prince to the Guest Quarters.”

     “Yes, Milord.”

     “Once you’ve settled yourselves,” continued Harkinian to Simeon and Simon, “you may...indulge yourself with what this castle has to offer.”

     “That we will do,” said Simon giving Zelda a queer look.


     The rest of that morning Zelda was in the castle library reading. All of a sudden, a shadow passed over her. She quickly looked up to find to her relief Prince Simon.

     “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

     “You didn’t Prince,” she replied offering her hand which Simon kissed. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

     “Indeed there is. I wish to know about the history of Hyrule and the legendary heroes.”

     “You’ve come to the right place. In fact the book I was just reading is about the heroes.” The two sat down on the couch and Zelda opened the book to the last pages where, freshly written, was the biography of Link.

     “Is that the hero that defeated Ganon?” queried Simon.

     “Yes,” replied Zelda, “and look at the date.” Simon did and noticed: 769-786.

     “Only 17 years old when he died?”

     “Yes. It is sad. He was a good friend of mine.”

     “I’m sorry Princess. If it pains you to talk...”

     “No. It’s fine. Though he’s dead his history will live forever. But this is off the subject.”

     “Quite the contrary, I find it enlightening. What else can you tell me about the heroes?”

     “According to historical facts, whenever evil pervades the land a hero is destined to appear. He will take up the Master Sword and with it strike down the evil. Only the Hero can wield the Master Sword.”

     “This is very interesting,” said Simon, “but I do not wish to tire you by having you tell me everything. Is there a book which can satisfy my interests?”

     Zelda smiled and said, “In fact there is. Come.” She led Prince Simon to a highly decorated cabinet which was locked. Through the glass pane Simon could see an old, but intact, book. “That is the Book of Mudora. It contains the core history of Hyrule and it also contains the truths concerning the Legendary Hero.”

     “Are you sure you are allowed to give this to me?” asked Simon when he noticed the lock. “It seems to be very sensitive information.”

     “This book is not for just anyone,” said Zelda. “That is why it is locked here. But you, being our dignified guest, may have it.” She took a key out of her dress pocket and unlocked the cabinet. “You may have it as long as you like and when you are done return it to me.”

     “Thank you, Princess Zelda,” said Simon taking her hand and kissing it again.


     And Simon read through that book with much interest and determination. What Zelda had told him concerning the Legendary Hero was confirmed in the book. He hurried back to his quarters where his father was waiting.

     “Father, I...” he began as he came through the door. But he stopped when he noticed a raven perched on the windowsill. “What? Has Xogan’s [Zo-gan] message come already? What does he say?”

     “His message reads,” began Simeon,


     “‘Once you have settled, bring me word immediately.’”


     “Father, I’ll write the reply,” said Simon. “I have found information that will make him very pleased.” And Simon sat down and quickly wrote:


     “Hero is dead. He was killed in final battle with Ganon. The alliance is complete. Nothing stands in your way.”


     He rolled up and tied the paper and the raven took it and flew away.

     “But son, what about our plight?” asked Simeon.

     “It goes well,” replied Simon. “Zelda gave me this book of Hylian history. She told me herself that once evil pervades this land, the Legendary Hero would appear.”

     “Then it seems it has worked all too well and all too easily.”

     “Yes, but we shouldn’t get too hasty. If Xogan finds out about our plight, it’s over.”

     “And once it is complete, Zelda will be yours.”

     And that night the raven returned with the following message.


     “Very good. Await my signal they come to the agreed rendezvous.”




Chapter IV


     Zelda awoke the next morning on the verge of another strange dream. All that remained in her head were the words: “Beware. Betrayal.” She tried not to dwell upon it too much because she wanted to keep a straight attitude toward the King and Prince. She dressed herself in her most formal attire for that morning there was to be a royal breakfast in honor of the newly formed alliance. Just as she was getting ready to leave her room Impa entered.

     “Zelda, how do you feel this morning?” she asked.

     “Oh, very well,” replied Zelda happily.

     “Tell the truth Zelda,” continued Impa in a serious tone.

     “What? Did you have a dream too?”

     “Yes. I suggest you keep a sharp eye on things.”

     “I’ll try.” With that, Impa left.

     Zelda was now slightly frightened. She wasn’t very good at spying without being suspicious. She almost half-wanted the betrayal, whatever it was, to happen as quickly as possible. Oh, if Link were still alive she would have no trouble at all. She knew that Link’s spirit was always at her side but it wasn’t quite the same.

     Most of that morning passed without incident. Zelda, who was seated on King Harkinian’s right, had a good view of everything that was happening. The attitudes of King Simeon and Prince Simon were not suspicious so far. Convinced that the betrayer was not here, Zelda relaxed and enjoyed herself. But the very next moment a horrific explosion was heard and the ground quaked for a split second. Cries of “FIRE!” from the castle watchmen echoed throughout the halls. Harkinian and Zelda wasted no time rushing to the lookouts to find out what was happening. The orange glow of flames could be seen emanating from Kakariko Village.

     “Send a regiment to stop the attack!” ordered the King. When he and Zelda returned to the courtyard area they received another unpleasant surprise. “Where are King Simeon and Prince Simon?” said the King. Everyone looked but they were gone. Zelda didn’t wait. She quickly slipped away and went to the King and Prince’s quarters. Outside the door she saw their three knights on the ground out cold. She entered and searched the room. No one was there.

     “Search the castle,” said the King, “find them.”

     “That won’t be necessary,” came the voice of Zelda. She re-entered the room carrying in her hands several pieces of cloth tied together to make a rope. “Simeon and Simon have escaped and I found these notes too.” She presented Xogan’s notes to her father. He said nothing. “Father,” Zelda continued, “there is something I must tell you. Last night I had another dream. In it I heard Link’s voice saying, ‘Beware. Betrayal.’”

     “To tell you the truth, Zelda, I had that same dream too. I thought it was nothing and now I find it is extremely serious.”

     Wasting no time, the King organized a pursuit team to search for Simon and Simeon. In the entire bustle, Zelda had escaped the castle and went to Link’s grave. She was losing hope again and she thought the only way to restore it was to visit her hero. But when she arrived, Link’s gravestone was destroyed. The grave was dug up and the body was gone as well. Nothing but the pile of rubble from the gravestone was left.

     “No!” cried Zelda. “Whoever did this desecration will pay.”

     “It’s too late for that,” came an evil voice. Zelda whirled behind and to see a cloaked figure and that was the last thing she remembered.


     Meantime, Simon and Simeon made their way to the Lost Woods where Xogan was waiting.

     “Well done, King Simeon; you too Prince Simon,” he began. “The fact that Link the Hero is dead, and that I have my master’s Triforce of Power, will make things much easier. My master, Ganon, knew he might fail so he ordered me to finish his work. Once that is finished, I shall divide the spoils of Hyrule between us.”

     “Thank you, Xogan,” said Simeon.

     “But there are still some things to be done. First of all, my master told me that the Princess of Hyrule, Zelda, possesses knowledge concerning the greatest powers of the Triforce. She must be captured. Secondly, the King of Hyrule must die. And Thirdly...” Xogan stopped for he noticed that Simon had disappeared. “Where is your son, Simeon?”

     “What?” said Simeon trying to act as if he didn’t know. “I don’t know.”

     “That’s a lie,” shouted Xogan as he grabbed Simeon by the neck and lifted him up. “Where is he?” But Simeon was silent. “It matters not.” And with that Xogan raised his hand and from the ground came a large black castle. The next moment Simeon found himself in a prison cell. “If you tell me the truth I’ll spare you and your son as I did in Rovia. If not...” He didn’t finish. He didn’t have to.

     Simon had gone deep into the Lost Woods in search for the Master Sword. Thanks to the writings in the Book of Mudora, that didn’t take long. He went through the log tunnel and saw the large marble pedestal. He rushed toward with anticipation and thoughts of fame rushed through his mind. But when he came to the pedestal the Master Sword was gone. No. How? According to the book, when a Hero dies the Master Sword returns itself to the pedestal. Then Simon saw the inscription written in the Ancient Hylian language. He checked the book and read:


     “On Cataclysm’s Eve, the Hero, bearing three symbols of virtue, will take the Master Sword keeping the knight’s line true.”


     “What knight’s line?” said Simon in confusion.

     “The line of the Knight’s of Hyrule,” came a voice from behind. Simon dropped the book and whirled around to see a handsome man in a green tunic holding the Master Sword.

     “That face...THAT FACE?! Are you Link?”

     “I am, Simon,” he replied, “and you are in some big trouble. Your country has been taken over by Xogan, highest servant of Ganon, and you are trying to be the hero without knowing the true meaning of that word.”

     “But you’re supposed to be dead,” cried Simon.

     “What does the Book of Mudora say concerning heroes?”

     “Whenever evil pervades the land, the Legendary Hero will appear.”

     “And he has.”

     “But I...”

     “You’re nothing but a weakling prince. In fact, your no prince at all considering what has happened to your country. And your father is being tortured by Xogan because of your rather obvious escape.”

     “Alright, alright,” cried Simon now about to go into hysteria. “I’ll take you to where we met Xogan.”

     “Thank you,” said Link.




Chapter V


     Back at Xogan’s castle, one of his servants entered with a wrapped up bundle in his arms.

    “Lord Xogan,” he said, “I have something that should please you.” He unwrapped the bundle to reveal Princess Zelda.

     “Well, done,” laughed Xogan. “ Put her in the tower prison. Now it is only a matter of time before the forces of darkness once again cover this land of Hyrule. And after that, I will move on to take over the entire world. My master, Ganon, may have failed, but I will not.”


     “Through that log and then head east,” said Simon. “That is where we met Xogan.”

     “Why are you just telling me?” asked Link with a sneer.

     “What do you mean?”

     “You’re coming with me!” Link grabbed Simon by the arm and shoved him forward. “You got yourself into this affair and you’re going to finish it.”

     And so the two continued through the forest. Link kept a steady hand ready to catch Simon if he tried to escape. It came in handy because when the two entered the glade and saw the castle Simon wasted no time in trying to run away only to find himself face down on the ground.

     “Heh! Not so fast, Simon,” taunted Link.

     “Please Link! Let me go!” cried Simon as he got up.

     “What? I thought you wanted to be the Legendary Hero.”

     “Quit insulting me! My plan would have worked if you had not interfered.”

     “You know nothing, Simon.” Then Link threw the Master Sword on the ground. “Try to pick it up.” Simon did. His hand never touched the hilt. He couldn’t. Something was repulsing him. “You see,” continued Link, “no man selects the Master Sword. The Master Sword selects the man to be the Legendary Hero. Even if I hadn’t interfered, you could never be the hero. That’s why I was resurrected.”

     Simon became so angry with himself that he slammed his fist on the ground and said, “Why did we ever trust Xogan in the first place?”

     “Because you were weak,” replied Link. “Xogan offered you something you and your father couldn’t resist and you took it.”

     “How do you know so much about our plight? You were dead when it happened.”

     “I was in the Temple of Heroes or more simply, heaven. I saw all things.”

     That was the last thing that was said and Simon and Link began to walk in the direction of Xogan’s castle. Just as they reached the door, a loud and sinister laugh was heard from Xogan.

     “So you’ve come,” he said. “I cannot believe you still live Link. Was I misinformed about your death?”

     “Quite the contrary,” laughed Link, “what you heard was true. Does the word resurrection mean anything to you?”

     “Huh! Resurrection indeed! It matters not. But I’ve got a surprise for you in this castle. Besides Simon’s father, the Precious One is here too.”

     “Precious One?” whispered Simon.

     “Princess Zelda, Simon,” said Link, “and I’m not surprised. Xogan open your gate. Ganon used her as bait for me and so here I am.”

     “Very well.” Then the gate opened.

     “Xogan!” shouted Simon, “what have you done to my father?” But no answer came.

     “Simon,” said Link, “your work here is finished. Return to the castle.”

     “But if I do, King Harkinian will surely arrest me.”

     “Then I’m afraid you must forgive me.” And he struck Simon on the back of the head knocking him senseless. “I don’t trust you so I’m not going to let you run away.”

     Link entered the black castle and went through it like a hot knife through butter. Any monster that dared face him was done for in no time. To Link, the castle seemed too easy. Maybe that was the point because, after all, Ganon’s castle was no different.

     “And it just shows,” thought Link, “that the Evil One’s are always eager to have the glory of the kill, too eager in fact.”

     “Ha! I read those thoughts,” came the voice of Xogan. “In that case, let’s not delay the showdown.” Then Link found himself in the final chamber with none other than Xogan in front of him sitting on an enormous throne. “And now you’re here already thanks to me.”

     “Heh! Would have been just as easy for me to go through it all,” Link retorted.

     “I was getting bored.”

     “Bored!? HA! Ganon enjoyed watching me toil through his castle on my last adventure.”

     “Well I have my order’s from Ganon, ‘Waste no time.’”

     “Then let’s get started.”

     “Prepare yourself,” Xogan said as he raised himself into the air, “for I am more powerful than Ganon.”

     Xogan was the first to attack with a sphere of energy but Link, all too familiar with that attack, reflected it with the Master Sword. Xogan attacked again this time with a bigger sphere but Link kept his cool and once again reflected it.

     “Come on, Xogan,” taunted Link. “If you really think you are stronger than your master, you’ve got another thing coming.”

     “I’m not taking that from you,” sneered Xogan. “I’ll show you what true power is. Take this!” Xogan now attacked with a series of small, but fast, energy spheres. Link ran, rolled, and jumped as fast as he could and dodged every one of them. He laughed aloud which only made Xogan angrier.

     “If you really thought you were stronger than your master,” Link continued, “I would be breaking a sweat by now.”

     “If you want to see my true power that much,” Xogan snapped, “so be it.” He raised his hands and began to charge up a giant sphere of energy. “By what method you were resurrected, I do not know,” Xogan continued. “But now I shall send you back to your eternal sleep.” Then he threw the sphere at Link. “DIE, HERO.”

     Link stood there stock-still with a grin on his face. The sphere sped toward him and Xogan waited eagerly. He couldn’t wait too see it mow down Link into nothing but bones. Then, quick as a wink, Link put the Master Sword in front of him and in a flash the sphere disappeared. The Master Sword glowed with power. Xogan’s rage fizzled into disbelief.

     “No!” he shouted. “It can’t be. The Master Sword shouldn’t have been able to absorb that strong of an energy blast. How?”

     “You may have the Triforce of Power,” replied Link, “but you don’t know how to use it properly. Of course that is why you needed Zelda. But seeing that you didn’t expect me to interfere, you had to try and fight me only with your raw skills. Now this is true power.” Link swung the Master Sword and immediately the absorbed energy was released into several small orbs. They struck Xogan and he fell. As he hit the ground, the Triforce of Power came out of his body and Link grabbed it.




Chapter VI


     When Xogan came to, he saw the face of Link over him.

     “Why am I still alive?” he grunted. “Why didn’t you kill me?”

     “Because you’re not evil, Xavier,” replied Link. “You were just misguided.”

     “Xavier? You called me Xavier. How do you know my real name?”

     “Because the Triforce of Power told me. But now’s not the time for that talk. Where is Princess Zelda?”

     “She’s in the tower. King Simeon is in the dungeon. I’ll release him.” Then he left.

     Link climbed up the long flight of stairs. As he neared the door, he could here Zelda saying prayers in a Hylian tongue. He stopped and listened and the last words he heard were:


     “And though the great heroes die, legends live forever.”


     “Zelda!” called Link.

     “That voice,” cried Zelda. “I can’t...no. I do believe it! Link!” He destroyed the lock and opened the door and Zelda ran right into his arms.

     “I’m here, Princess,” consoled Link.

     “Though I believe, I don’t understand. How is it that you were resurrected?”

     “‘When evil pervades the land, a hero is destined to appear.’ You know that legend. But there was another legend tied to this. ‘If no man alive is suitable to be the Legendary Hero, the last one will be resurrected.’”

     “Of all the ancient legends I ever knew, that was not one of them. Link, I am glad you’re back.”

     “Don’t thank me, thank yourself. Your faith in me was another reason for my resurrection. But now, Zelda, we have some business to take care of.”

     When they left the castle Xavier, Simon and Simeon were waiting for them. After destroying the castle with his power, Link quickly explained to Simeon what had happened but said he wanted to wait until they got to North Castle to explain everything. To make sure that no one recognized him, Link cloaked himself. Only to the King, and to the King alone, would he reveal himself for now.

     When they arrived, the entire castle was closed up and the battlements were full of knights ready for battle and the King was there too.

     “Lower the drawbridge,” shouted Princess Zelda.

     “Zelda!” shouted the King, “what happened?”

     “I will explain that,” said Link deepening his voice so as not to be recognized.

     “Before the drawbridge is lowered, I must first know who you are, stranger.” Link didn’t answer but pointed a finger at the drawbridge. It came down with a bang and the entire castle looked on in amazement.

     “I will explain everything. I am no enemy. If I was I wouldn’t be returning your Princess.

     “Very well. If the Princess trusts you, I will as well. Go to the Council Chamber immediately.”


*          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *          *            *          *          *          *          *


     “Will you please dismiss your guards from the Council Chamber, Sire?” asked Link.

     “Why?” said the King

     “Father, please,” broke in Zelda. “This is important.”

     “Very well,” and they left. With that, Link removed his cloak. “What? It can’t be!” exclaimed the King.

     “It is I, Link. It was necessary to hide myself until I had explained the situation. Save the greetings for later.” Then they all sat down and Link began.

     “Ganon had known about the attempted alliance between Hyrule and Rovia and thought that it would be a good alternative way to take over Hyrule in the event of his death. To carry out that task, Ganon used Xogan whose real name in Xavier. He was just a boy at the time therefore Ganon’s promises were too much for him to resist. Xogan acted peacefully at first but his true mission was to cause just enough trouble so that when the time came, Rovia would fall to his command very quickly. With Ganon’s defeat the Triforce of Power went to Xogan and he used it immediately and took over Rovia. However, he spared King Simeon and Prince Simon because he needed them to fulfill the alliance. He promised them a share of his kingdom which was a lie used to gain their confidence. Everything went as planned and with me deceased it only made things easier.

     “However in all this scheming, the King and Prince were truly against Xogan but didn’t dare resist him at least not immediately. From Zelda, Simon was able to learn about the legend of the Hero. He thought that he could be the one and strike down Xogan saving not only Hyrule but also his own country. But no writing of the Ancient Hylian Sages ever revealed the ultimate secret of the Hero’s Resurrection.”

     Link was finished and a lengthy silence filled the room. Then King Harkinian spoke.

     “What of the alliance? Has it fallen or can it live?”

     “It depends on how much destruction Xogan, or rather Xavier, caused to Rovia,” replied Link.

     “I killed not a soul. The people are alive but they are suffering at the hands of my minions there. Many of the towns and villages have become slave camps. But I’m all too willing to amend the destruction I caused. The alliance can live.”

     “But what of our treason?” asked Simon.

     “You were not evil,” said Link. “You were simply misguided just as Ganon misguided Xavier.”

     “No,” began Simeon. “I would rather that we dissolve the alliance until our country has been restored to light.”

     “But with the alliance, Hyrule can help you,” said Zelda.

     “No, Princess,” broke in Simon. “We believe we should deal with our own problems. If it were not for us, you would not have been under Xogan’s grasp.”

     “You mean that the capture of my daughter was part of your plan?” asked Harkinian.

     “Yes. It is what made us secretly turn against him. Please, tear the alliance document to pieces. We have a country to repair. Farewell.”

     The King, the Prince, and Xavier all started for the door. But before exiting, Simon stopped.

     “Oh! I nearly forgot.” He walked over to Zelda and handed her the Book of Mudora. “Thank you for the book. I assure you I’ll never need it again.” Zelda offered her hand and Simon kissed it. Then the men left and all was silent.


     That evening Zelda was in her garden looking at the sky’s reflection in her pond when the reflection of Link came into view.

     “You know,” she began, “when I saw a vision of you right at this pond I reacted with excitement. Now that you’re back and alive, I don’t know how to react.”

     “You don’t need to,” Link replied. “As I told you before, it was your faith that helped bring me back. What was my warning that I gave to you?”

     “I will only betray you if I betrayed myself.”

     “And if you had, I would not be here. The words I heard you pray in Xogan’s castle were very true.”


     ‘And though the great heroes die, legends live forever.’

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