Uniting the Heavens and the Earth

By Shadsie

Disclaimer:The Legend of Zelda belongs to Nintendo. This it not for profit.

Notes: Something of an experiment, as all my long-chaptered fics are. ZeLink and other pairings mostly canon, but the story is principally gen in flavor. My own "epic" take on the kingdom-building post-Skyward Sword / pre-everything else in the series. An epilogue to Skyward Sword, of sorts. It's a concept so "original" I could just roll my eyes... Hopefully, it will be a decent fic despite the commonality of the concept.

Hylia's children have returned to the Surface. Link and Zelda face the challenge of building a kingdom. Through tragedy and triumph, the people of the sky will become the people of the land. A new nation is created through the work and lives of many individuals - these are their stories, making up the tale of a frontier.


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