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It's a secret to everybody

   Welcome to North Castle! You've just arrived at one of the oldest Zelda fansites on the internet and the number one priority here is fanwork and focusing on the older aspects of one of Nintendo's best videogames. We don't cover any games after Zelda IV but you will find lots of extensive information on the early games and even better, there's plenty of information about some neglected Zelda treasures such as the cartoon and the Valiant comic books. We have a massive fan section of quality art and fanfiction and there's also detailed explorations into the world of Hyrule with history, guides, maps and much more. If you're looking for something a little different, you've come to the right site!

   It's easy to find your way about. Simply move your cursor onto the buttons opposite and click on a topic to navigate the site, or you can use the links at the bottom of the page. Even better, why not explore Hyrule using the graphic tour? You can look around the site this way, instead of using the buttons. It's much more fun! If you'd like to get to to know the NC community, be sure to stop by our friendly forums before you leave. There's lots to see and read about and we hope you enjoy your visit!


The site was last updated on the 6th of July, 2014 by Lady Juliet

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