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Robbie Gilchrist says;

Yes a movie would be great but please make another board game those two in the Collectibles Section look SOO good especially the Japanese one. I would love a multiplayer Zelda board game I am so going to try and find one.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes that old Japanese board game does look very interesting. Why not try making your own board game? I helped my little sis make a board game at school years ago themed on James Bond and it was lots of fun. You couldeasily make little clay figures and cards by printing out Zelda pictures onto them!

Brett Stricker says;

I think it was be awesome to have a movie of your story you wrote and also a movie of Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, and other Zelda games into movies. It would be great if they or you could make it a movie since I think a lot of people would like that. I would love to see all the character talk including Link and Navi.

JULIET REPLIES: I always wished mine and Kirsty's stories could be made into a TV series actually! Although I suppose with a film it could just take all the best bits and condense it down (since we did write a lot!).

Indigo says;

I think a Legend of Zelda cartoon mixed of Ocarina of Time and Majoras Mask would be great, for example you could have Ruto talking to Lulu and stuff. A Legend of Zelda theme park is also a good thing like Anthony suggested.

JULIET REPLIES: Yeah poor Ruto always seemed a bit lonely, I'm sure she and Lulu would get on well :)

Scott Grohs says;

It would be awesome to see an anime-style adventure involving the Legend of Zelda, Metroid, and Star Fox.

Either that, or a straight Legend of Zelda movie starring Elijah Wood as Link, Thora Birch as Zelda, and Bollywood's Akshay Kumar as Ganondorf and placed in either Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess setting (with John Rhys Davies involved somehow).

And lastly, I know Nintendo executives have commented that Twilight Princess was to be the last non-cartoon Zelda game, but would it kill them to give us just one more? Since the Mario games are three dimensional action games, and the Metroid games are going FPS, why not convert the Zelda series into a true RPG series - a la Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest?

JULIET REPLIES: John Rhys Davies is awesome! :) Both the anime adventure series or the film would be great - I'm sure for the anime there'd be willing artists and loads of people would want to watch a show like that. I also agree there should be a mix of cartoon and non-cartoon Zelda games - both are great but we need a mix and Nintendo doesn't really have true RPG so it wouldn't hurt to throw a 'realistic' Zelda in that direction and maybe keep the cartoon style to the current puzzle/action format?

Colbynater says;

If there's one thing this world needs, it's a Legend of Zelda cartoon. Why couldn’t Nintendo realize that people actually liked it? It was a pretty good cartoon while it lasted. Another thing this world could use is a Legend of Zelda soundtrack, a track that has ALL the music from ALL of the games. so that way people can enjoy their favorite Zelda music. Hopefully these messages will convince Nintendo to put the cartoon back on, and create a Legend of Zelda soundtrack. :)

JULIET REPLIES: I'm so glad you liked the cartoon too! So many people diss it but I think it was great! A CD with all the Zelda music on would be amazing, you could just always download all the CD soundtracks onto your computer though and then put them into the same folder on either your PC or Mp3 player - voila - all the Zelda music together! It would take a while though!

Adam Sjoberg says;

I would wish for one thing. To meet Princess Zelda in the flesh.

But since I can't have that....
One of these 3.

1. Virtual Reality Zelda.
2. A Zelda movie that was great! (done right)
3. No more games like Spirit Tracks. The only reason I didn't take a hammer to that game is because it's a Zelda title. Even if it's the worst one ever.

JULIET REPLIES: I'd love to meet Zelda too, I'm sure we could all learn a lot from Hyrule's wisest princess :) Virtual reality is defintely the next best thing, it would so much fun to feel like you really were in Hyrule! I haven't played Spirit Tracks yet so I can't comment, but it IS a Zelda game, although you do wonder what Nintendo were thinking when they came up with the idea!

Kaepora Gaybora says;

I personally think that there are three main things LOZ deserves. 1. A new cartoon series. I agree that the first one didn't get what it deserved. I watched (and re-watched) every episode on and thought the series was great. But should somebody decide to do that (which probably never will) the last thing they should do is put it in anime style. I mean, seriously, the thought of Link running around a some big-eyed, big-headed mutant disturbs me. 2. Legend of Zelda should get more novels. I downloaded the comics and books and thought they were good. I personally think that the comic was trying to be more serious than it's cartoon predecessor, but it was still good. And 3. A Legend of Zelda MMORPG. This is probably the one I want most of all. An online RPG where you lived life as a resident of Hyrule. That would be awesome. Kaepora Gaybora=

JULIET REPLIES: A Zelda MMORPG would be amazing!! It could be so much fun :) I'm glad you enjoyed the cartoon and Valiant comics as much as I did, a new series and more books would be brilliant.

Marty Fabian says;

I have been reading the posts on this site and I can say being a Video Game Guru and huge Zelda fan that...
1.) No Movie. The creators are so stingy with their product (LOZ) and it's Nintendo. Finally with the bombing of Super Mario Bros. there is no way they will take another chance.
2.) No Remakes. The creators are very adamant about no remakes.
3.) No Multiplayer. With the trouble the Wii has with FPS and how cheap the servers are, (if you have a Wii you would understand), unless it was a system link with 2 TV's.
I'm sorry for the letdown but with with the bonus and promise of "LOZ: Skyward Sword" I can say it should be the best of the best like OoT and TP.

JULIET REPLIES: Thanks very much for your comments. Although your thoughts are undoubtably corrrect do remember the Dreambook is a bit of fun for the fans and good way to share ideas about the series, no matter how unrealistic the wish!


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