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KPGirl says;

I wish that there could be a Zelda Ocarina of Time movie!

JULIET REPLIES: Everyone always wants a film based on OoT! I suppose that's because it's most popular. I'd really like to see one based on the original LoZ or LttP though!

Zelda Veteran says;

First off I'd like a zelda game with the heart that used to go into the games. LOZ, AOL, LTTP, LA were the cream of the crop. These are the games that made the series. OoT, MM and the Oracles just added the icing on the cake. WW and FS almost seemed too rushed for my taste. I hope the wait for TP is worth it.

Now for my wish. Having Link in Soul Calibur II was a golden opportunity for Nintendo to see the size of pull fighting games have. So my wish is a fighting game in the likes of the soul calibur series but with Legend of Zelda characters. The cast of characters would be huge. Link both adult and youth. Zelda with a longsword. Ganondorf with his sword. Goron with a megaton hammer. Zora with two short blades. Richard from LA with a sword. Iron knuckle with a huge axe. Vatii with a broad sword. A shiek warrior with a whip. Gerudo with a curved blade. Raph with a sword. The list can go on for a while. I like ssb:m but I like the more real look of Soul Calibur.

JULIET REPLIES: Your idea is a really good one; I once thought up Super Smash Sisters, which had all of Nintendo's female heroines in it but I never thought of a Zelda beat-em-up. You're right, there's really good potential because they have so many great characters to choose from :)

Alex says;

I would love to see a new zelda cartoon! But it would have to be for ages 13 and up. I dont think it should be a little kid cartoon. It should be kind of like Inuyasha.

JULIET REPLIES: I think a lot of Zelda fans are mostly teenagers or like me, in their 20s so it would definitely make sense to make a cartoon for those age groups. But then, I'd hate to leave anyone out :)

Dinoguy says;

I want Link to help other videogame characters like Fox, Mario, Sonic, etc. in a cartoon series.

JULIET REPLIES: Yep it certainly would be a nice idea to see all the Nintendo characters (and maybe others) in one big show!

Viviana Nasia says;

Well if they had a good long novel with romance and adventure, I would ACTUALLY read. I've heard of fanfictions, but you can't take a computer wherever you go. A movie would be cool, the show was stupid, and didn't show enough of what LOZ is really about, a movie would probably be better.

JULIET REPLIES: You can print out fanfictions though, that's what a lot of fans do! A proper Zelda novel would be great though. There is an OoT novelisation, if you check out the books and comics page you can find out the details. The cartoon show did show what Zelda was about because that WAS what it was about back then, if you look at the games it was based on, they weren't half as detailed as they are now. In my opinion a lot of that show was correct locationwise and regarding items and monsters.

Jamie Barnett says;

I think Nintendo should make a Hyrule/Zelda themed park as there is a lot of commotion for it. If you really want a Zelda theme park my opinion would be to email Nintendo and ask them directly because if they hear enough about it they will consider it. I have.

JULIET REPLIES: I think a Nintendo theme park is a great idea too - me and my sister once drew up plans for one when we were very young! I should find them and scan them - but they might be too big because they were on A3! Good luck with trying to persuade Nintendo!

Doug says;

I always liked the cartoon, though I did believe it wasn't done as seriously as it should have been. The Captain N episodes were done the way I would have liked except I hated the way they made North Castle. I think a finale would be an appropriate idea for the cartoon. Same voice actors, different plot line. Perhaps draw from some of these stories that we send North Castle. Ganon, Link, and Zelda fight a winner take all battle royal; Ironknuckles, Carrock, The Shadow, and Thunderbird facing Link and Zelda. In the end Link and Zelda win reunite the Triforces, Link becomes a full scale like in ALTTP the comic, Zelda and Link are married at the end. This is just a thought. Thanks again.

JULIET REPLIES: That sounds like a great idea! It'd be cool to see Link face some of the old school bosses in a really epic battle; and of course, I'd LOVE to see Link and Zelda married :)

KPGirl says;

I wish that Zelda cosplay would come to Sweden.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes its a shame those sortof things only happen in places like Japan or America, or so it seems!

Dinoguy says;

Link is the best example of video game heroes. How a boy can defeat a great evil and innocence defeating darkness. Zelda is a good character, showing wisdom beyond her age, forgiveness for the slightest things, and even a small bit of courage and the heart of a warrior. However, I also think that these two would get along well with other videogame characters like Mario, Fox, and Sonic the hedgehog. It would be great if they were to interact.

JULIET REPLIES: A Nintendo 'allstars' cartoon might be fun but at least some of the Nintendo characters can interact via Super Smash Brothers!

Link111 says;

I think they should make more cartoons etc but in keeping with the game so it doesn’t ruin it like I have seen done with so many franchises.

JULIET REPLIES: I think a new cartoon would be very difficult to make because people's expectations of the series are now so high!

Owen says;

I wish they would make a zelda game that never has to end - you can still do lots of stuff like get married, buy a house, get pets and other cool things!

JULIET REPLIES: Sounds like a cross between Zelda, The Sims and Harvest Moon! I'm sure that would be a lot of fun!

WH6668 says;

I think it would be awesome to have a Zelda movie!! Why not? Its such a great game and has such an awesome storyline it will no doubt be a popular movie!! I really hope Nintendo makes a Zelda movie one day!

JULIET REPLIES: Perhaps if Nintendo ever saw this dreambook, they'd see how keen people are to see a film made about our favourite game!

KPGirl says;

I wish that the new Zelda game Twilight Princess would come out soon. I know that patience is needed but I wish that the waiting would be over soon.

JULIET REPLIES: It's said good things come to people who wait. Mind, I'm not the patientest of people, it has to be said!

Emily McKinnie says;

I was wondering why couldn't we just have a movie with the Ocarina of Time characters? They are my favorites. I loved the fact that it was full of those characters. The blond Link just is the only Link I know (really well). I would like to see the Cartoon series for I never have. I love the classic characters but the ocarina characters I just feel like I know them better. The Ocarina of Time was a much loved video game and i think Nintendo might actually try this as a movie. I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep after have my mind swarming with the phrase "I LOVE ZELDA" because I sit there and stare at Ocarina of Time. Do you think I'm losing it? I would love to see a movie and the Cartoon I just hope they don't clash as my idea would be have the movie in Ocarina of Time.

JULIET REPLIES: Well Emily a lot of people love Ocarina of Time so I suppose it would be a popular choice for a film version of Zelda! You sound like a really big fan of that game! You should try some of the other games in the series too though as they have equally great storylines and characters :) As for the cartoon, well you can now buy the full series on DVD!

Link_Zelda says;

First of all, I am a HUGE Zelda fan. I dream of Zelda. I play Zelda games with my little sister. I have collected almost all of the Zelda video games, so do you think I have an opinion?
First of all, I REALLY BADLY want a Zelda movie where Link is SERIOUS and Zelda actually looks like a PRINCESS. Okay, part one done! Part two: I think there should be a computer game called "Zelda Life". It would be kind of like sims, but with all of the Zelda characters and it would be in Hyrule. Part Three: I think there should be a Zelda video game where Link and Zelda FINALLY get together. I mean, Zelda and Link are in all of the games, and if you read the interviews, the game creators say that there could be romance. The games also hint it too! I mean, I'm not just saying this because I support Link and Zelda being a couple, but come on, all of the other people that you guys think Link should be together with are only in ONE GAME. Like Malon for example. Anyway, just wanted to say that! Whew, glad I got that over with.

JULIET REPLIES: I once made a Zelda themed world in the Sims! It was really quite easy, I made all my own skins and downloaded as much medieval themed items as possible. I even made a forest set for the faeries to live in, it was really fun! It would be really nice to see Link and Zelda finally get together too (although they kindof do in Zelda II).

Pat says;

I want Zelda and the Ocarina of Time to be a animated movie. I also want Zelda to be a movie with the graphics of Twilight Princess for Wii.

JULIET REPLIES: A lot of people really want and Ocarina of Time film don't they? I'd much prefer A Link to the Past or the original game myself though!

E. White says;

I want Link to talk and to get a Zelda story book, Zelda recipe book and I want Link to do better attacks and to run more quickly. I also want Zelda to be much more popular in Europe.

JULIET REPLIES: I think Zelda already is quite popular in Europe! So many amazing artists for Zelda reside in Europe and quite a lot of webmasters, including myself! It would be great to hear Link talk though.

Carol says;

I always have dreams about Zelda and its my life, I'd jump in front of a bullet for it! Is there a land like anywhere called Hyrule, if there is I'm going to live there! I live Zelda, eat Zelda (not literally!) and sleep Zelda. I've beaten every game except from Minish Cap which I'm just on Vaatti now.

JULIET REPLIES: Good luck with beating Minish Cap. You sound quite the Zelda fan!!! Unfortunately there's nowhere quite like Hyrule because our Earth is much too modern! You'd need to go to a place out in the wilds I'd imagine where there's nothing manmade to imagine what Hyrule might be like.

Aianarie says;

I agree with many other fans in here, Zelda needs a real motion picture with real actors in it. Not cartoon, actors. The Legend of Zelda is one, if not the most cherished video game series in the history of video games, and it more than deserves a real big screen film. Wouldn't it make a fascinating epic? Move aside, Lord of the Rings. Here comes Link.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes if it was done in the style of Lord of the Rings I'm sure the film could look and be amazing!

Zeldaholic says;

To Zelda Veteran: Scuse me! WW is SO totally cool! ( But then, that's just my opinion.)

To Alex (regarding having a 13-and-older comic strip): I'm 10 going on 11, and grin as I daydream of things that would chill your blood.

To Doug: So could you be Zelda? Cool!

To Link 111: Juliet has a point.

To Owen: What pet do you think Zelda & Link would agree on? Honest.

To WH6668: As long as it's not too dopey. The movies have committed such crimes before. They have since they first could.

To Link_Zelda: I may have only played WW, but Zelda does look like a princess, and Link can say " come on" if you make him.

Now, for the website (along with my own wishes). Dang, you mean it when you say everyone wants OOT to be a movie, eh? Trust me, the OOT only kept GDF (Ganondorf) at bay. If you've played WW, you'll know that it was for nothing, as all of Hyrule ends up sinking to the bottom of the ocean fill-in-the-blank years later anyway. Sad, huh? I know. If you don't believe me, I'll have you know that I know the prologue by heart, word for word. Here's a motto I made up that is like "when pigs can fly." Here it is: "When Zelda saves Link." Trust me, dude. It'd be cool to be Zelda and have her save Link for a change. I think that her royalty should have a side dish of talents. Of course you'll want Gannondorf destroyed - he's after you anyway. Yep. All finished.

JULIET REPLIES: Thanks for all your comments!!! Wow!! Hehe I'm still wishing that if they DO make a film its based on the earlier Zeldas! I'd also love to see Zelda more in the limelight too :)

Zach Bond says;

I think a zelda movie would be cool. Although it would be hard cause there would have to either be voices (which would be wierd) or there would be a bunch of text boxes. And that would suck in a movie. Now for a game it's cool, but movie, eeeh not so much. But I have had dreams (like, when you are asleep dreams) of a Legend of Zelda movie. It was really cool. Althought, it was really short, and it didnt' have any voices or text boxes. So I still wouldn't knw what to do with the voices part, lol.

JULIET REPLIES: I'm sure that they could do a really good job with the voices. Although it may sound weird at first, you'd get used to them.

An Innocent Fan says;

I wish that nothing huge be done with the Zelda story besides more incredibly enticing games that add more mystery to the story and have fans spilling rumors and concocting theories about the story’s foggy details. I think that Zelda games and stories period are so entertaining because you can make up your own details as you wish and keep a good balance between the given story and the details not given to fantasize the details to your whim. I, honestly, would not appreciate a Zelda movie or novel, or anything like that because I like the idea of the strong silent hero and would prefer that the mystery stays because it is half the fun.

I am also glad I was not alive to see the Zelda cartoon because that would have ruined the whole thing for me. My first encounter with Zelda was the game Majora’s Mask that I played at my best friend’s house when I was in fourth grade, and I had no idea what I was doing but was a lot of fun and got into everything from there. Now I own Majora’s Mask, Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and use to own Oracle of Seasons. I have gotten as absorbed into the game as to have fallen in and out of a crush with Link, thought in great detail on how he was orphaned and such, and to have learned to play some of the songs on the piano and my very own replica of Links ocarina.

So I have a fascination with the mysteries of the story and really hope it to stay that way.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes the great thing about Zelda is how it inspires so much creativity with fans! However you really should try playing the older games in the series if you get the chance, they're just as good, if not better, than the newer games!

Princess Sara says;

I wish Zelda and Link were real. I also wish I was Princess Zelda.

JULIET REPLIES: It would definitely be interesting to meet them! I think being Zelda would be quite difficult (although I wouldn't mind knowing Link, hehe) because she has so much responsibility and seems to get kidnapped a lot!

Tabiaus Taylor says;

I hope to see a wedding picture of Link and Marin.

JULIET REPLIES: I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet - or maybe it has! I can imagine them having a gorgeous tropical wedding on the beach and there'd be plenty of interesting guests!

Doug says;

This is an idea of mine as I was reading through the Legend of Zelda comics, I was thinking how cool it would be if they adapted those eight stories into the cartoon. Of course they would use the same voice actors and animators. I think that would be awesome, what about you?

JULIET REPLIES: Some of the Valiant comic stories were great! I really liked The Price, for example, when Link tried to use the Triforce of Power. They'd definitely be good bases for new cartoon episodes. c

Blaen Parc says;

When Link and Zelda are together in one scene, I would like them to kiss. He and Zelda are a very good couple. It would be nice to have a romance scene in one of the games or comics.

I am 12 years old now, and I have been playing Zelda games for a very long time now. The series is great and everything, but I'm getting tired of that stupid green tunic, and the blonde hair. He looks a bit gay in that thing. He looks like he's wearing tights and a skirt. It will be brilliant if he got rid of that green tunic and went into something fresh and new. The hair should change to black, he'll look more mature than he is at the moment. Is that a better idea than any other? (I know it's not!) But its still a good idea.

JULIET REPLIES: I think they make a great couple too! I'd love to see a nice romantic scene in the games, although I guess he at least got kisses in AoL and the Oracle games! There HAS been some romance scenes in the comics though be sure to check them out here!

I don't mind Link's outfit - it's just part of him but I certainly agree he looks far better with dark hair!

David Shuttleworth says;

I had a dream one night where Link fought with more than just 1 person. Bring back legends like Ralph, Jack, the Rito tribe etc and you get to fight alongside with them just like on Kingdom Hearts. I love Zelda so much, I'd kill myself if it went to waste, which might actually happen because the next zelda game will take twice as much as Twilight Princess and since they don't have enough adverts on Zelda, they wont make enough money to hang on to Zelda. But either way I think that a Zelda game that imitates Oot and has more than just one person in it would be FANTASTIC! Thats my wish! If only it would come true :D

JULIET REPLIES: Nintendo don't NEED to advertise Zelda, it's a world famous series with one of the biggest communities of fans. The series is over 20 years old and it can run and run so long as Nintendo keep coming up with great ideas so don't lose hope! I thin they should bring back the Ritos too... and the Koroks :)

Michael says;

Hi, my name is Michael and I am 10 years old and I have started a Zelda Club and am a big fan. I grew up playing Zelda and met a friend in class that was humming a tune of "Song of Healing". We were instantly friends. So we started a Zelda Club.

One of my wishes is for a book to be written based on the Nintendo game starting from "Ocarina of Time" through "Majora's Mask". Another wish is to come out with a video game about Zelda, where Link, Zelda and other characters are able to communicate verbally instead of written lines at the bottom of the screen.

JULIET REPLIES: Good luck with your club! I wish I'd known more people at school who liked Zelda but they all prefered Sonic! More Zelda novels would be great, I agree, and the characters speaking in real voices, even if it wa just in cutscenes, would be a great idea.

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