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Welcome to North Castle's interactive section! We're very proud of the NC forums, which is a great place to meet some of our longtime fans, friends and contributors. We are small and friendly community and we love meeting new people so be sure to stop by sometime. Whether you want to discuss Zelda (naturally!), get help or opinions on a story you might be writing or simply want to hang out with people from all over the world, we'd love to meet you!

There's also the Dreambook which I've been compiling for quite a few years now that has fans thoughts and wishes on Zelda. I'd love Miyamoto to see it sometime! There's some great ideas in there, you can submit your own or simply read through what other people have to say. There's the links section that points you in the direction of other great Zelda sites out there on the 'net and if you have your own site and want us to affiliate you're more than welcome to get in touch. If you have a Facebook page add yourself as a fan via our Facebook Fan Portal to get the latest site news via your facebook feed. And if you'd like to meet some of the fans of NC, check out the collages I made for the site's 8th birthday!

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