The North Castle Community Collage


To celebrate North Castle having seven years online and going into it's 8th year I decided to make a photo tribute of everyone involved in the community. These collages contain the people who I'm friends with and who continue to contribute to North Castle and the Zelda community in general. I'd just like to say thank you to you all for your friendship and support and I hope you continue to form part of our amazing online community!

The North Castle Staff

We're the people who bring you the site, including BotU and the forums. From top left to right bottom; Kirsty, Raul (Darth Link), me, Janus, Raul (again!) and Justin (CTK)

NC Staff


These guys are some of my best friends and help me out a lot. From top left to right bottom; Joćo (Zelda-Temple), Lysia (The Legend), Khuffie (Zeldalegends and also the person who hosts me and pays for my domain), Shin Zeruda Hime and Crazyfreak (ZeldaLove)

NC Staff

The Lasses

All the lovely ladies from the forums! From top left to right bottom; Sailor Lilith-chan, Eun-Young, Pzelda, Megan O'Shea, FireHawk, Mysterious, Linkmaste and Reaper's Ritual.

NC Staff

The Lads

All the great guys from the forums! From top left to right bottom; Link Harkinian, Dark Haired Boy, WVUer21, Dark Hero, I Am Error, Cieron and Juste Belmont.

NC Staff

You people are the best and I couldn't keep North Castle going without you, I'd just like to say thank you for your friendship and contributions! There's a few people I didn't get photos for and I'd love to add you so be sure to send them in if you want to be part of this!


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