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There's a vast array of great Zelda sites to visit and I do my best to keep on top of the ever-changing community. There really is something for everyone - from sites with extensive game guides, large collections of media, the latest news, humour, discussion and even specialist sites focusing on things like Hyrule's languages. Sites are listed below under category then alphabetical order for easy browsing.

Whether it's a small fledgling site or a long-standing giant, I welcome links to all Zelda sites to be added to this page. Simply drop me an email to along with your site banner/button. If you don't have one I'll be happy to create one for you. All I ask is that you link back to North Castle somewhere on your website. Through linking to my site it helps us to get more visitors and therefore more fan submissions.


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Recommended Sites

From BotuSupply, one of the most detailed Hyrulian bestiaries and amazing fanart,
NC's sister site is for those who prefer the darker side of Zelda.

Desert Colossus
Now under new management, The Desert Colossus is home of an excellent
encycopaedia and compedium, plus great fan content.

History of Hyrule
Extensive official image archives along with lots of doujinshi and manga.

Zelda Dungeon
Huge site that puts its main focus on the game and affiliates and posts
updates of many specialist Zelda sites.

Zelda Legends
Now merged with Legends of Zelda, this site has everything you could ask for,
with lots of information on the games and huge messageboard community.
They're also North Castle's host :)

Zelda Universe
The biggest Zelda site, looks amazing and has vast content on the games,
lots of media, huge forums and extensive news coverage.

Specialist Sites

Focused mainly on the Captain N cartoon, with a small Zelda cartoon section.

An easy, legal way to enjoy all the classic games of the past - including Zelda!

Exploding Deku Nut
Great looking site with all the Zelda humour you could ask for and.
much more!

Gerudo Dictionary
Contains a massive lexicon of Gerudo words, grammar, names and even
telling the time!

Absolutely hilarious. You have to see it to believe it. Bloody brilliant!

Tal'Kipach Risthan
A place to read and post your own and others Zelda fanfictions.

Listen to fab Zelda music and features through your computer on the best online
Zelda radio station!

Zelda Comic
It's complete genius. Comics based on the old Zelda sprites with plenty
of surprise 8-bit guests!

Zelda Informer
Lovely looking site that puts a huge focus on the LoZ story and
mythos thanks to The Bombers - be sure to visit!

Home of an amazing animated series about Zelda created by SpikerMan.

Zelda Party Channel
Check out this original site for some great Zelda-related activities as well
Zelda themed crafts, recipes and more!

A must visit site for all of you who adore the Zelda soundtrack;
ZREO has all the best fan tracks and more.

ZRPG is a Role-playing forum community where you can create your
own character and adventure in the wolrd of Hyrule.

Zelda Wiki
An encyclopedia about Zelda which is constantly being added
to, masterminded and run by many sites in the Zelda community.

General Zelda Sites

Hyrule Realm
A friendly fansite with lots of focus on the Hylian language plus loads of
great downloads and fanwork. Excent font downloads too.

Now mainly a forum but the HTLOZ old archives are here so worth a look.

Hylian Fire
Friendly forums who are hoping to expand into a site also.

Hylian Helpdesk
Committed to providing great in-depth guides to all the games and
great stuff like sheet music, guitar tabs and papercraft.

Zelda Capital
Large site with lots of content on the history within the games, theories
and articles plus a big media section.

Zelda Eternity
A new site with great content on all of the games, quizzes and articles.

Zelda Infinite
Well designed site with great game content and plenty for the fans along with
busy forums.

Zelda Planet
Longstanding, massive site with loads of fanwork and features.

Other Sites of Interest

Cutesy Videogames Suck
This hilarious site is home to the crazy Zelda parody; 'The Legend of Zelda:
The Ocarina of a Link to the Awakening of Time' amonst other crazy things!

Halloween Costumes
Sells a Link style costume for adults and kids alike, plus official props, wigs and
even eartips! Plus a massive collection of all kinds of costumes from TV, history etc.

The best directory to head to if you're in need of an experienced beta reader
to ensure your writing is up to scratch.

Silvestris' Studio
Home of the amazing Zelda fan artist plus her beautiful original work.

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