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Has there ever been a time when you really wished that Zelda was simply more than just a game? We were treated to a few cartoons, some comic books and even CDs. There's been a few books too, and now there's even collectable figures and plushies. But, considering Zelda came out way back in 1987, we haven't been treated to much, even though it's arguably as popular as the Super Mario Bros and even Pokemon who have everything done from crackers to cartoons, soft toys to a big budget movie, and more. Why can't Zelda get this treatment?

Anyway, the whole point of this section is for you fans to share your hopes and dreams about Zelda. What would you really love to see? A new book perhaps, a good, long novel full of adventure, excitement and romance? Or perhaps another cartoon series, maybe done in anime style? A feature length animated/live action film? Or perhaps you want the game to be completely different to how it's eventually turned out?

Now, here at North Castle, you can have your own say in the matter. This is the section where I archive short dreams, and then add my own comments to them. Perhaps if we got enough, they could even be sent to Nintendo one day! So, send them in, you can wish whatever you want (so long as it's suitable for everyone to read). So go on, touch the Triforce, and make a wish!!


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Michael Eggers says;

TLOZ needs three things...a live action movie (which unlike Mario stays almost exactly like the toons and games), another cartoon series to continue where the other left off, and a CD full of music from all 5 games AND the toon series. After all, Zelda is a better game series than ole' Spaghetti Head. More adult, more real.


JULIET REPLIES: Yes. A movie would be great. I've already planned my own out! That's another good idea, about the cartoons. 13 episodes was only one series, and I always thought Zelda was far better than the Mario cartoon, and it had potential for many storylines, it's just a pity Nintendo didn't realise this.

There was a CD released in Japan, with music from the first three games. With the release of Zelda V, perhaps they'll do another. After all, if stuff like South Park can have a album released, why not Zelda? I have an intense dislike for Mario, prefering Luigi by miles and miles. But once again, like you, Zelda still rules supreme in my book.

Jayme Higdon says;

 I think that it would be awesome if Nintendo started the Zelda series over again with some new episodes and stuff. I would like it if they updated Link and Zelda's clothes to match Zelda64 though.


JULIET REPLIES: I think a lot of people would like that, especially since interest in Zelda has grown again, ever since the release of Zelda V. It depends on Nintendo though, and also if they find a company suitable enough to produce the cartoons. DiC did it last time, but Zelda has changed its style over the years, so they may perhaps hire a Japanense compnay to do the animation, for example.

A Zelda V fan, I see :-) It would help newer players associate with them more, I suppose, but being an original Zelda veteran, I just love the orignals a little bit too much! I'd prefer them to stay the way they were, but that's just my opinion!

LINK says;



JULIET REPLIES: Hmmmm.... that's an interesting concept, certainly. I never even thought that Nintendo could do it that way. It's hard to imagine, I suppose it would look like Zelda V but more detailed. What does everyone else think?


Virgil Geyer says;

It would be cool at least I think if Link was a hero in different parts of the world. Link would be a vagabond, a wanderer, facing different evils instead of just Ganon all the time. I don't know but what if the kingdom of Hyrule was destroyed and Link and Zelda set of on a journey into the world to pursue Ganondorf and retrieve his triforce of power and combine it with triforces courage and wisdom which they already have and use the triforce's power to restore Hyrule. This journey would take the two to the far reaches of the world. I think that would make a great story.


JULIET REPLIES: Yes, that certainly would make the legend more interesting, with Link visiting different places all of the time, and meeting a different nemesis, other than Ganon. It's a great concept for not only a story, but also a game, especially if it would involve teamwork between Link and Zelda, a fact that I've always wished Nintendo would do myself.

Why don't you write a story on that ? It's an excellent idea, and I think fans would enjoy reading it. Or, if you're not so keen, perhaps there's other readers who might... :-)

Andreas Hochsteiner says;

How about an online-zelda in a big, big, enormously big Hyrule? Just like Ultima Online? Yes, I think, that is a great idea! How to realize? Perhaps with the DD64? Do everything to make the dream of all ZELDA-players come true, plz!


JULIET REPLIES: I myself happen to be a HUGE Ultima fan, especially Ultima 7. I think a Zelda game like that would be wonderful, the detail in that game was just incredible....

Now, I live in England, where we are charged by the minute for the phonelines, so playing on-line games is much of a nightmare; if you go on at a peak time in England, no-one is there, if you on during a peak American time, it's so slow, it's unbelievable. On this basis, I was not allowed to sign up for Ultima Online, I wish I lived in America.... But it would be wonderful... A big, huge, interactive world... The only snag is, how would we get on-line? Could a modem be somehow attached to the N64?

Rad Schneider says;

I wish that they would make a computer animation film on the legend of zelda, or a movie with regular actors. They should also make a new cartoon series about zelda.


JULIET REPLIES: I think a Zelda feature length movie would be great! I don't care how they make it, though I'd probably like it best with real actors, just so long as they make one! It's such a great story, that surely it would be worth it. And of course, another cartoon series. The first one didn't really get the glory it deserved.

Ganon says;



JULIET REPLIES: I think they should just have stuck with like one Link and Zelda, like they kept one Ganon. It's all very confusing, but believe me, I seriously doubt that Nintendo can go any further back than they already did. But yeah, perhaps they will make another game, but I think it'll take them quite a time! We can't much expect anything until after the millenium, I don't think, unless the 64DD does become a reality :-)

Sarah Anton says;

 I think Nintendo should make another cartoon because I remembered waking up on saturday morning and waiting through a Mario episode to see if they had a Zelda episode at the end (the show ran for a hour). The original was the best, but it might be interesting to see what a new Zelda series would be like (Zelda: Ocarina of Time). I wish the show was still on. . . .


JULIET REPLIES: A lot of people still want to see the old cartoon re-run. It really was quite good, well I always thought it was better than Mario anyway :-) And they had about 4 seasons of that!

There is a possiblity that Nintendo will sell the rights to have a company do a Zelda V cartoon (DiC did the first one), though like you, I'd prefer a new series of the original. There's a spotlight on the game, so they'd probably make a lot of money by doing so. By the way, congrats! I think you're the first girl to submit a wish! :-)

00ICU812 says;

I wish that Z64 had a multiplayer where you could play as anyone or anything from the game, for example Volvagia VS. Talon or Queen Gohma VS. that Kokiri girl siting above the Kokiri Shop who looks at you really funny.


JULIET REPLIES: Do you mean like a kind of fighting game, a death match perhaps, like those in Quake or Goldeneye? That might be quite fun actually, I'd sure like to kick Malon for acting so dumb around Link, or do something to Mido for being so mean! Nintendo are bringing out a fighting game starring their own characters, Mario, Link, Fox McCloud, etc, called 'Smash Brothers', it's too bad that they're not putting any girl characters in though, or the cool characters like Luigi and Falco Lombardi! *sigh*


Sagewinter says;

I think it'd be pretty cool to continue with the zelda series. As long as the same characters are used for the most part... it would be awesome! I'd tune in everyday!


JULIET REPLIES: Yes, that would be great, wouldn't it? Did you know, that this is the most popular wish in the entire dreambook? Once I get some more submissions, I'm thinking of sending the whole thing to Nintendo, because I know someone there who might bother to take a little look :-) I'd watch it too, even though I'm 17! I think a new series with the same characters would be just great!

Bradley says;

I read through the novelization of the Zelda Cartoon "The Missing Link" that is found on this site and really enjoyed it. However, I wish that there could be more novelizations of the other cartoons from the series. I'd like to see how those come out.


JULIET REPLIES: Yes, that is one little treasure that you can find here. Someone did it for the Zelda section at the Unofficial Captain N page, but the webmaster was kind enough to let me post it at North Castle. I also happen to think that more novelisations like that would be a good idea, and I think a lot of people would enjoy reading them. If I happened to have a copy of the cartoons, I'd do some myself! Perhaps I could post a message on the site somewhere, asking people lucky enough with copies to do some novelisations? I also know that there's a novelisation project going at the Unofficial Captain N page, so watch and see if they're completed anytime soon.

 Rocky27608 says;

I think if Nintendo did to a new series it should be just like the old ones. That way they could air them along with new ones, ya know, get the same voices and animators and everything but add the new characters in slowly, like Navi would come in and make friends with Spryte at mid-season and the Zoras would have a role. Although, if they would just start airing the old ones, it would be fine with me.


JULIET REPLIES: Yes, I totally agree. I loved the old series and characters, and I'm not sure if I'd want to watch it with characters from Zelda V, since the originals have always been my favourites :-) But, adding other characters from the game, like Navi, could be fun, and make it more interesting, and having the gorons and Zoras would be really good.

Dubble Zed says;

One thing that I would love would be if they released the 64dd and now and then released a update on the internet. And I just wonder, why couldn't they do a CD with the songs from z64 (song of time, gerudo valley, hyrule field theme, all songs) and why can´t they release t-shirts and bags and that kind of stuff?


JULIET REPLIES: Actually, they DID make a Zelda V CD, which has nearly all the music from the game on it. I think you can buy it at, just go to the merchandise section. I think other limited edition Zelda themed goodies have been available too, such as T-shirts, even a pocket watch, so check out that part of the site to see if the stuff is still on sale.

George Dyke says;

If Nintendo is planning to bring back Zelda to television but as a new series and not the original, I would like to see it as a continuation of the series with it being some years later. Or make it as a prequel to the original. Where we see the kingdom of hyrule starting off as a peaceful place and then out of the nowhere, ganondorf and his evil minions attack and steals the triforce of power and turns into one ugly fat pig. Zelda meets Link and ask him to protect her and the triforce of wisdom and go from there. P.S. You know what would be great? A full length animated movie, or maybe even computer animated.


JULIET REPLIES: That sounds like quite a good idea. A prequel would be interesting, but I think it being set later might work better. But sadly, no-one really knows yet what Nintendo plan to do, but many of us hope that this revival in Zelda will mean a revival in the cartoon. And yes... an animated movie would certainly be great. It's definately better than using real actors, etc :)

Rob says;

I watched every episode of Zelda when I a kid and I loved the show. I just wanted to put my vote in that if there was another cartoon I'd prefer the old characters to new ones.


JULIET REPLIES: I'm glad that there's people out there like you, Rob! I saw almost every episode, and I'd love to rewatch them all again. Even if they were just aired once, I'd be happy! We should send this page to DiC or something, don't you think? :)

Reaper9230 says;

I think the cartoon should stay the way it was, it was funny and I want to get DiC and Nintendo to bring back The Legend that has been buried in DiC's stupidity!


JULIET REPLIES: Yes!!! Shouldn't it totally stay that way? It was really funny, and Link and Zelda had great chemistry! Zelda should be feisty, not solemn and sensible as she's portrayed in Zelda V, and Link looks much better with dark hair, too :) Hmmmm... perhaps we could send these off to DiC and Nintendo! Pokemon has a cartoon - the Zelda fans want a Zelda cartoon!

Princess Ruto says;

I personally would love for a Zelda5 Cartoon to be made. The game is the best of them all. The blonde Link is much sexier than the other one, and I prefer the Zelda5 Princess Zelda too. Zelda being mean to Link? OK, I would not like that. I've always imagined them falling in love and marrying, at least Zelda1 and Link1 (Both from Z5, just their names, 1,2,3,etc. in chronological order.)

JULIET REPLIES: . Hmmm... I have to disagree that Zelda V is the best game, I like Zelda II, but that's just my opinion. I think most people, who are newer to the Zelda scene, would prefer it to be about the Link and Zelda they know best. Us older ones would prefer the old generation. Ah... No, I like Link with dark hair. He so suits dark hair! And hey, I think they should fall in love too! They were in love in the cartoon actually, but Zelda kept denying it :) Argh... if there can be a pokemon cartoon, why can't there be a Zelda one?!

Topaz989 says;

First off, It's cool that Link, Zelda, and Ganondorf got there own action figures and there are more on the way for Zelda Gaiden. However, they're cheap!!! No, not in price, what I mean is that Zelda is nothing more then a hunk of plastic so all you can do is use her as a paperweight and you can't even move Link's legs and hardly anything else. Plus, Zelda doesn't even look pretty. Ganon was okay and I liked his the best but I vote that first off, the figures should be slightly larger so you CAN put more articulation (without it being noticeable like on Metal Gear Solid toys) and then, like the game, they should come with a bunch of crap, like an ocarina, bow and arrows etc. etc.. Zelda should have a few variants, they should have one with the beautiful dress and blue ocarina, another with the Shiek (w/ harp of course) and a special limited edition classic Zelda that looks like the one off the cartoon with Triforce of Wisdom and her bow. Ganon is fine the way he is, he just needs more stuff, like that cape he wore at the end of Zelda 64, and he needs that black stallion. Which reminds me, WHERE'S EPONA!?! I LOVED THAT HORSE!! Link should at least be able to ride. I think we should write to a toy company (like McFarlane Toys, famous for their super detailed Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Spawn to the point of pure awe) and DEMAND for toys like these. Why? you ask? Because only the best for 'The Legend'.

JULIET REPLIES: I do recall reading that these figurines were actually named 'action figures', and since they don't actually do anything, that's misleading and a little unfair. However, on the otherhand, consider yourself somewhat lucky, because you can't even get them in England.

Since I've not really seen them, I can't judge. But, they are simply figurines, and that's all. I doubt Nintendo would want to risk losing money by making the more expensive "action figures", that could prove unpopular. It sucks, but that's the way it is. It's why you've never been able to get Mario figures, Starfox figures, and what have you. Me and my sister made do with little paper cut outs, heh :)

I've seen the Buffy toy in the only proper sci-fi cult shop in the whole of England almost, Forbidden Planet, and it looked pretty cool. It's just, half the time, they do these figures and they never get them right. Especially those Star Wars ones, hehe. The X-Files ones weren't too bad, actually. So, it could work. But, we don't want Zelda ending up like a Barbie doll for one thing. The variations you suggested sounded excellent, and if they were good, they'd be brilliant collectors items someday, just like the Star Wars stuff.

Perhaps the rest of you fans could all get together, and we'll write a proper letter, to both Nintendo, and some cult figurine makers?

Mrho says;

Or should I say the old ones? This is an e-mail regarding the rumors of a new cartoon show. And if they DID make a new show, it should be done in an anime style. But definitely not the crap that passes for anime at Pokemon.

JULIET REPLIES: If that's true, then it's great news for all Zelda fans! I only hope they keep the old characters... but they'll no doubt use the ones from Zelda V. Oh well... I guess you can't always have everything you wish for.

Pokemon is the only anime that's been shown here in England, so I can't tell the difference. I actually like Pokemon, well, Misty is cool (only cos I look like her) at any rate. I think everyone would prefer it as anime, well, I liked it how it was, I'm not really into anime myself. But, Zelda IS Japanese, so it should be anime, I guess.

KEYTRONIC2970059 says;

I don't care if they make another series of ZELDA...... JUST AS LONG AS ITS ZELDA.

JULIET REPLIES: Uhh... yeah... good point :)

Happy Mask says;

I'm new to Zelda, and so I like Zelda64. Never been much into the old games, primarily because I love the 1st person/3rd person advantage with TOOT and have never been able to get into scroll-type games. Love the 3D graphics, it's so interactive and stimulates the imagination.

I would like to see a Toy Story-style movie made with would be so rich in detail.

I know that older fans of Zelda like Link with dark hair. I would have to say that the blond Link is pretty dashing, and the blue eyes...if I lived in Hyrule I would go after Link in a minute. HA HA

Would like to see the characters look a little more mature in a movie setting though. I would like to see Link and Zelda marry and have a next generation of heroes with a completely different storyline of their enemies...I have to admit Ganondorf gets old. There's only so many ways he can kidnap Zelda and Link rescue her. (Yawn...) I like using other characters form the games against Link..try to embellish on them more..brings new life to everything...

JULIET REPLIES: A lot of people like that aspect of Zelda V, though it was too much like Tombraider for me ever to be a really big fan. Nontheless, it proved to be a great milestone in gaming, and secondly, it made Zelda a lot more popular than it ever was in the previous times. Still, personally, Zelda II remains the best in my eyes :) If you think Zelda V is interactive, you should try Ultima. It has thousands of usuable items, hundreds of properly interactive NPCs, and a very, very large play area. That's what makes it the best RPG in the world. I always wished Zelda was more like Ultima.

Toy story style.. That would be interesting. I think some other fans have suggested this already. I still think a lot would be keen for anime style, and although I originally thought this wouldn't reach the whole market, Pokemon has shown that anime IS popular!! In England, atleast. It's the only anime we have!

Yep... *sigh*... I love guys with dark hair. Blonde guys are always... too pretty, really. Leo DiCaprio and Nick Carter are good examples of this, and I think they're both, er... I dunno. Not to my tastes. But I admit, the Zelda V Link is sorta cute! And I'm SURE a lot of girls would agree! A lot more girls are into Zelda now, and I'm sure you can guess why.

Your ideas are great, but people usually want to read stories about Link and Zelda, rather than other characters. But it's original and good to use other enemies, because it makes the story different and probably a little more interesting. Good luckwith your stories, we all look forward to reading them!

Colin Holmes says;

I think they should bring back the original cartoons on air not with ZeldaV characters.

I also think they should do sorta someting like Super-Mario All Stars like a The Legend of Zelda ALLSTARS, because I recently got the originals but my NES was broken so I couldn't play them which really stinks.

I also think they should stop making prequels and make a sequel to ZeldaII (The best Zelda game ever if you ask me).I also think they should do a movie with the originals like sorta like your stories. That would be a great story line. And I wish they would make a game that you have to go to Calatia. And those are all my dreams for Zelda!!!

JULIET REPLIES: Thank you very much! It's too bad, if it ever happened, Nintendo would use their crappy Zelda V characters though, which is really annoying for fans of the old show, and games. Unfortunately, we're few and far between.

Zelda Allstars would be a really good idea, I think someone has suggested it before. But a lot of people missed out on the earlier games, and can't get them (like I can't get Zelda I), so it would be a good idea. I reckon heaps of people would buy it! Even if the sound and graphics were the same as the originals, I wouldn't mind, so long as I could have the game!

Yes! Finally, another Zelda II fan!! That game is just the best!! I'd love it if a film was based upon my ideas, or kinda like Lord of the Rings. It'd be far better than that rubbish they passed as Zelda V (sorry to all you Zelda V fans, but you know my feelings about thatt game!). Going to Calatia would be interesting... perhaps Link could be tracing his roots or something?

Ian Johnson says;

Zelda falls under the fantasy category, right enough. What it absolutely needs is a big, hefty adaptation of one of the games into novel form. I'd place my money on A link to the Past: I think it's easily the best one.

I never liked the notion of Hyrule presented in earlier games as an island: I prefer the notion of that isolated, other-worldly place surrounded by strange encircling mists, forests >and hills. That's just my own little notion, though.

JULIET REPLIES: I think a novel for Zelda V has been written, but unfortunately, it was aimed at the younger market. Nintendo don't really make books, because as they told me, they aren't a publishing company, they only make comic books. I don't see what they'd have to loose, and I'm sure making some Zelda books would be highly profitable. One for each game would be good. Maybe the best writers could all club together, and write a book on each game (I could do Zelda II, for example), and try offering the idea to Nintendo?

I myself think of Hyrule as being more of a continent... well, no, let me rephrase that. A country like England. I never think of England as being an Island, after all :) But I should think there would be lots of other countries, not just Hyrule itself. I actually hated the other games, because of the limited playing area; rpgs should always have lots of towns :) It makes an interesting polling question though - which Hyrule portrayal is better?

Sir Peters says;

I think TLOZ needs a Newberry Award Winning Novel. And maybe in that novel there could be a town named Town of Time were all the sages meet or maybe a dark, vast island known as The Island of Ganon or Ganondorf Island. Zelda also needs a new cartoon series badly. All I know is, North Castle rocks.

JULIET REPLIES: That's an interesting idea. Why don't you write a story about that yourself? The Town of Time is certainly a decent idea, and quite original. I don't think Ganon has ever had his own island before! So hey, why not give it a shot? A new cartoon would be great. If they can do a pokemon cartoon, then they can do a zelda one! Oh, and, I'm glad you enjoy the site :)

Paul Higgins says;

If you ask me, it would be great if Nintendo replayed the old Zelda cartoons, and continued where they left off. Then they could put a Zelda V cartoon afterward (you know, show the old cartoon then the new one after the old one ends.). That way gamers of both generations could be satisfied.

JULIET REPLIES: All I can say, that if Nintendo can make a Pokemon cartoon, then they can make a Zelda one! The Zelda 'net community is after all, far bigger than the Pokemon gang (which consists more of younger kids rather than teens), and I think for our dedication, we deserve it :) It'd be great if they did at least a season of the old cartoon, then as you say, do one on the new generation. I'd prefer the old one, but like you say, both sides would then be happy :) Great idea! I really should send all these entries to Nintendo sometime, maybe it could convince them! (I wish!).

Francis Blake says;

Have anyone reading this played Myst or Riven? Well, I think Nintendo should put some puzzle as hard as those in Myst or Riven into TLOZ games.

Also, Nintendo should also use a modified Half-Life engine for their next Zelda Game (not Mask of Mujuda) The reason: In Half-Life, you can easily incorperate mouth movements with the speech, one thing most 3D games lack of. Also, by using the HL engine, Link (player) can led a group of soldiers to fight against Ganondorf's troop (Like in Opposing Force). Of course, no blood... though I enjoyed a few headcrabed soldiers trying to slash Link into bits and pieces.

JULIET REPLIES: Well, I've never played either game, but heard praise for the difficulty of their puzzles and so forth. I think Zelda V was slightly too easy myself, but that's just a matter of opinion. But yeah, it would definitely benefit from harder puzzles, bringing a greater longitivity to the game itself.

I've never played half-life either, heard it's excellent, though :) Having Link have a party of helpers, would also be totally cool. Kinda like Ultima, even! I always thought Zelda would benefit from that option, and make it more interesting :)

Christy of Hyrule says;

I agree with everyone else about the Zelda cartoons. I think they need to come out with those again, DEFINITELY! I never got to see the 1st ones, ans I was only like, 4 when they were playing on TV, but have read a lot about them and want to see them! However, if they were to come out with this, I think they should also try to have some kind of movie with it. Like you said, If they can make a TV show and cartoon series about some kid running around training little people that live in red and white balls, becomming some kind of master thing, why the hell can't we have Zelda on TV?!?! Also, They really need to some out with more merchandise with Zelda. I know that they're worried about loosing money (even though they ARE Nintendo, and probably have TONS of it somewhere) But for people like me, I had a really annoying time trying to find a place to buy an Ocarina! And what else is there?!?! I mean, look at those things in the game! Theyy could make some good money selling thigs like bows, and tunics, and swords. And not little plastic cheapo stuff. I mean something REAL, something thats actually of quality that doesn't make you feel like a toddler buying it. Nintendo has some really promising ideas right under their noses, and if they would just look in the Zelda direction, they might finally be able to realise the possibilities this holds. Hopefully they'll come to their senses soon.

JULIET REPLIES: Hear hear! We really should send this dreambook off to Nintendo! Then they'd see how much the fans want the cartoon to be re-aired! A film to go with them would e really great as well, I don't see what Nintendo have got to lose. Also, Zelda is a lot more popular now than it was back then, thanks to the online community, so I doubt no-one would watch it. In fact, a lot of people would, I'm sure!

As for the merchandise, well, Nintendo doesn't really seem to hot in that field, they don't have much at all, and a lot of it never reaches England; we had NO Zelda merchandise at all, and the figures only arrived in the shops last year, and then only in specialist shops! Oh well...

Iron Star says;

I think that they should make a virtual reality zelda where you can chose which game you want to play and be IN the game, actually fight ganondorf, actually talk to zelda actually save Hyrule. In fact, I wish that there was something where you could LIVE in Hyrule, save it and stay there to help it again and again.

JULIET REPLIES: Hey, that's a really great, original idea! That might be pretty cool, but it's probably way beyond our current technology at the moment. But it would be really amazing to actually get to talk to everyone, and live it as if it was real. Without the pain, of course :)

GreenGallop says;

I think they should bring back the original show. The new Zelda game is kool and the new show sounds kool, but I like the old one better.

JULIET REPLIES: Hmmmm... well, in my opinion, the game series becomes worse and worse and it's for kids, but oh well... back to the old days, please! :)

Ahmad Chakhachiro says;

HEY Nintendo, I think you should put Zelda back on TV it will be a good idea and people will like the show from the begining. Because Zelda could even be better than pokemon. And you could even make some toys out of it.

(note:If you decide to put it on again please put it on australian too.)

JULIET REPLIES: Well... one day, I will be sending this dreambook off to Nintendo, hopefully... but if they make a cartoon, it's unfortunately going to be based on Zelda V. Which is really sucky, but I guess they have to do whatever's most popular. The old cartoon had the best characters though, by far, and it was a lot more funnier too. I'd love a little figure of the original Zelda; she's so much tougher and cooler than the new one!

Cecilia White says;

I think that like all 11 year old girls at the time, I wanted to be Zelda, and I wanted my very own Link! For my 18th birthday, a friend of mine (who wanted to be Link when he was young), gave me all 13 episodes that he had taped when he was a kid! It feels pretty special to be one of the only people with this video!

Of course there should be another Zelda series, and of course it should star the SAME characters and voices, but it should be richer and deeper in storyline, although there is something to be said for silliness! Thanks for having a great website! Keep it up!

JULIET REPLIES: Ooh, you're soooo lucky!! I had a friend too, who owned them all, and he decided to become a priest, and can you believe, he sold the videos to a friend at work?! And he knew how much I loved them! Oh well... I think I might have a few on some old tapes, maybe I ought to hunt them out sometime. Anyway, congrats, and look after them :)

If only Nintendo would realise how popular the old cartoon was! I wish I could work for them, and advise them on doing the old one, rather than some naff Zelda V thingy. Oh well...

Elisa Starfire says;

Hmm, as weird as this sounds I think maybe they should remake the old games and make them 3d liked zelda64 plus add things to it that they couldn't do before... personally it's hard for me to play the old ones due to not much eye candy but the object of the game is good with the strategy plus since the first zelda games save battery goes out in like I hear 5 or 7 years from when it was first played, also would be another reason... but you could always get a emulator but still it'd be neat for the new generations to see a remake.

JULIET REPLIES: No, it's a great idea! If they could do it for the Super Mario Bros. (SM Allstars), than why not do a Zelda allstars? A lot of people have sadly missed out on these classic titles (which to me, had more in them than Zelda V ever did, but it's a matter of opinion), so it would be a great chance for them to ty them out! I'm lucky, that my battery still works, so I get to play Zelda II pretty often :) But it is true that a lot of people are unable to use their copies since the battery loses its potency. Maybe one day, Nintendo will give Zelda this honour.

Norman Carlton says;

Yes, another cartoon series would be awesome, new or old characters. But you know what the coolest thing of the century would be? A ZELDA MOVIE!!! Its got to happen some day and if not, I'll get out the ol' camcorder myself and......Action!

JULIET REPLIES: Well... I guess that depends on Nintendo, really. They never seemed too keen on pushing the Zelda franchise, for some weird reason. Sure, they pulled out all the stops for Mario (sometimes, I wish they still did! I would much rather watch the adventures of Mario and Luigi rather than Ash and Co!), and pokemon, so why not everyone's favourite fantasy rpg? It, in all honesty, has the best storyline potential of any of their series (aside from Starfox)! You'd get the camcorder out yourself? Ooh, can I be Zelda, hehe? :) Unfortunately, the only Nintendo character I look close to, is Princess Daisy and she doesn't count, cos she wasn't in any games (unless you count SML Daisy), cos I have a similar haircut to Samantha Mathis. Oh well...

Lindsay says;

My wish for the Zelda series is the same one that I have had since I was 8 years old. THE ZELDA MOVIE. Seriously, I would love it if someone would finally make it a reality. Real people, lots of special effects, great music, it has the potential of a real blockbuster. There are so many aspects that could make it a real success, and I feel that the music could be especially great. Being a music major myself, I tend to pay close attention to movie scores and such. The themes in the Zelda games are incredible. They could be orchestrated in so many ways, and I can totally hear them being a sweeping and wonderful movie score. Ok, sorry, I guess I'm getting a bit carried away here. But really, I would love to see the Zelda movie. Even better, I'd love to write the score for it! :o) It's good to know that I'm not the only one who's been wishing for a Zelda movie...

JULIET REPLIES: *sigh*... if only it were indeed, a reality. Unfortunately, I doubt Nintendo will ever go up that road again, after the fiasco of SMB. But you're right, it DOES have a lot of great potential to be a real good epic... with the right casting, settings and story. At the moment, as you may know, Lord of the Rings is being made, and sounds brilliant so far! If that turns out to be a blockbuster, perhaps they could make Zelda...

About the music, that's interesting. I was annoyed that the Zelda theme was missed out of Zelda V and I always thought the best working of that was used in the cartoon :) But that aside, it has some gorgeous music... though have you heard of Enya? She's Irish and can play the most haunting themes... and she sings amazingly too! I always thought she'd be a brilliant choice for a Zelda soundtrack, hey she even has a song called Epona :) I think there's some info about her at

Link010788 says;

I wish they would do a Zelda Movie about your stories. It would also be cool to have a Zelda Cartoon.

JULIET REPLIES: You know, I think that's one of my biggest wishes, too! Kirsty and I practically have a cast, locations and sountrack picked out already :) If only it could happen... and well, about the cartoon, I think everyone wants that back :)

OlinMercury says;

I wish that there was Zelda Trading Cards/Battling Cards Game inda like Pokemon and Digimon.

JULIET REPLIES: That would be great! My younger sister, step sister, step cousin and cousins are nearly all fans of this particular craze, and sometimes, I like to take part too! I particularly love the Team Rocket cards, they're great! But Zelda ones would be brilliant! You could have all the Hyrulian monsters on them, or something, and plenty of 'trainer' cards with like potions and the ocarina on! Perhaps we could design our own cards :)

E.P. says;

I want there to be a zelda movie and I want to be Nabooru!!! And I want to do the make up for the great faeries and Saria, Impa, Zelda and Malon, but not Ruto.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes, she would be a totally cool part to play, wouldn't she? Hey, all us fans should get together and make our own film, hehe :) Not to mention that the Great Faeries would certainly be a most interesting task, I think!

Dana and Fox say;

I wanted to know like if you'll ever make zelda ocarina of time barbie dolls, like all the important characters and Epona. And if so,when do you think they'll be ready?

JULIET REPLIES: Hmmm... would Nintendo ever spread their marketing into the toy field, one wonders? Hehe, I can just see it now... Barbie "Zelda" with Princess and "Sheik" outfits, a battery operated Epona, and Link, with 'slashing sword arm action' :) Could be fun. Er... maybe!

Gregg Nathan Mather says;

I sincerely hope that they don't bring back the Zelda cartoon, because Link was SO ANNOYING!! "Well Excuuuuuse Me, Princess!" GOD, LET ME KILL HIM!! On a lighter note, Zelda on Nintendo's new GameGube should enable you to have a party of up to four people to travel with, just like the old SNES RPGs like Mana, Chrono Trigger et al. That would make me really happy. Oh, and if this ever does get passed on to the Big N, please tell them to cancel the Pokemon series. IT'S GARBAGE!! If they do make a new Zelda cartoon, I hope they won't have some dull, moralistic, "be nice to everyone you meet" message at the end of every episode. And DON'T GET LEONARDO DiCR@PRIO TO PLAY LINK IF YOU DECIDE TO MAKE A ZELDA MOVIE, NINTENDO!! There, rant over.

JULIET REPLIES: Erm, right, Gregg. Point taken!!! I myself beg to differ, I rather liked Link's catchphrase, it was part of his personality (which he seriously lasks in the games!), but I guess it could get annoying sometimes. Like I say, matter of opinion, and we're all entitled to those :) And about Pokemon, it's silly, but bless it, it made a lot of kids happy for a while. Besides, blame the Japanese. They made it!! Oh yeah, and I agree on the Leo DiCaprio part too; besides, Link is sooooo much cuter with dark hair :)

But about the new game, I think having a party would be brilliant!! You used to get up to a party of seven in my favourite RPG, Ultima, and I always figured Zelda would never be a real RPG, until it got that feature. It's nice to have team mates, after all, not to mention, much more fun.

Mike Matei says;

It would have to be like the old series. Based only on characters from zelda 1 and 2. Link would need to stop saying excuse me princess every episode. It should be a bit more serious too. And lots more focused on the original game/sounds from the game. It would be great. I have all the episodes on tape. They are awesome. I wish they would come out on DVD

JULIET REPLIES: First of all, you're so lucky to be able to have all the episodes! I'd give anything to own them again! I'm just glad that I at least saw them in their full glory on telly, a lot of people missed out on that... maybe if they hadn't, there wouldn't be all those [idiots] who think Link and Zelda are related! But you make a very valid point in saying only the orginal characters should be in. Well said!!!

I think Link's catchphrase is part of his charm, hehe, but just my opinion. I guess it could be more grown up, so it would appeal to older viewers, like myself. But to be honest, I'd just be content to see reruns right now!

Brian says;

zelda kicks ass, keep the new series the same!!!!!

JULIET REPLIES: Do you mean the cartoon series? I'd hate it, if it was based on Zelda V, but that's just my opinion! Zelda was so much better back in the old days :) OR, do you mean the games? I guess a lot of people want it to continue like Zelda V, but... oh, us old skoolers all still wish for the days when Zelda was a classic!

I'mbleedingme says;

TWO WORDS: ZELDA MOVIE pleease if nintendo can't give some book, at least a movieee, causee i know a cartooon would be a very ambitious project! thank ya' triforce!

JULIET REPLIES: Definitely the most popular wish to date! I mean, I hear now there's meant to be a Final Fantasy film, and well, Zelda is faaaaaar better than FF!! Besides, I think us fans deserve it! :)

Farore says;

You may think this is quite stupid, but it is my wish. For many days, I had dreams that I wake up in hyrule and I walk around. I meet people, help Link battle, then I go home. What I'm saying is that I wish Nintendo makes a theme park in which you can do these things! I also wish that they make a Link and Zelda that aren't mushy with each other :)

JULIET REPLIES: No wish is stupid at all!!! Anyway, I think your wish is great... a long time ago, when me and my sister were kids, we made our own version of a Nintendo Theme Park, and we drew it all on paper... (I've still kept them, I ought to scan them in!). I remember, we had rides like Triforce Twister, Link's Adventure Course, Zelda's Archery Targets, Moblin Logflume, Death Mountain Drop... it was so cool!!

But about Link and Zelda being mushy... well, they aren't really, besides, I think it's sweet!! But that's just my opinion :)

Justin Patrick says;

I couldn't agree with you more. I've been a fan ever since it debued on the first Nintendo and have been in love with it ever since. If there was any way that there could be a show.... that would be F@!@#$ unbelievable.... But I reinforce that it should stick to the old characters, because I thought the new characters in the 64version were soooooooo stupid and aimed at a childish audience. Anyways you have a good site and i was happy to see that there actually were people who remember the old show.....

JULIET REPLIES: Ahhh... once more, someone after my own heart... :) But we know it'll never be a reality, damn Nintendo and their obsession with aiming Zelda at mere children! Majora's Mask is just more evidence against the fact that Zelda will never be a serious RPG... Some of the Zelda V characters are great, don't get me wrong, but it was all much better in the old days, I soooo agree!!!

The Zelda Game Master Dark Link says;

I think the best thing that could happen for Nintendo is to make a book series. That's what I would wish for the most of all things. I mean face it if they made things go their own way in a book that would be very interesting.

JULIET REPLIES: A book series would be wonderful! Unfortunately, as Nintendo informed me themselves, they are not a publishing company, and so therefore, it is highly unlikely that they'll ever produce such a line of books :( However, they did tell me that I could publish my stories based on Zelda, if I found an interested publisher, and that the publisher would then have to contatc then (obviously for copyright issues). I suppose that all we can hope is, some really good writers will go ahead and publish some Zelda books one day...

Laura says;

Personally, I'd LOVE to see a Zelda Anime. I think that would be very cool, as the Japanese have a lot of artist who are detail freaks. Plus recent games have that anime look that I usually except for link.i.e. the same way link looks in Zelda for gameboy at the end, or in the booklet. Oddly enough, that's how I remember the cartoon. I'd really like to see a whole movie of Zelda, I think.. CCGed or animed. Wouldn't that look neat? I hope Nintendo will make it some day, I'm such a zelda nut ^-^. Btw, thanks for having the pics, I couldn't remember the series too well! :)

JULIET REPLIES: I love hearing from all you fans, especially those who remember the cartoon :) I must agree, that Zelda would be a wonderful anime, although I admittedly prefer the american animation of the cartoon. We don't get much anime here in England, apart from pokemon and Digimon, which barely even count! So I've never appreciated it that much, but I do think it is an amazing artform, and can look really beautiful. Zelda deserves the best, Nintendo never cared for it as much, well until OoT of course, but it could go really far. And if Lord of the Rings and Final Fantasy can be made into films, why not Zelda?

mike2000 says;

A new series of zelda cartoon should keep the old characters, as I did not see the old series and have better graphics like Digimon.

JULIET REPLIES: I think it would be great, even if they reran what episodes they had, because so many people haven't seen those cartoons, and they're such an important part of the Zelda history. It's just a pity Nintendo never cared as much for Zelda, as they did for Super Mario Bros. and Pokemon... else maybe it would have got more episodes and more memorabilia... well, we can always wish...

Antonio (Link-Hero) says;

Am I stupid. I started to worship Farore, Din and Naryu instead of God. Every morning I wake up I hope I have master sword in one hand, ocarina in other, and wearing a green tunic.

And yes ofcourse there is... I want Zelda movie. But to me the best thing would be to use OOT story, and some new actors (that have to be really good) The movie must not have any room for mistakes. Let it be the greatest, the best movie ever. Let show other people how Zelda can affect their hearts and minds. It sure did mine. Thank you for listening me!

JULIET REPLIES: In my opinion (and not wanting to start any debates here), I think we should all be able to have whatever religion we like. I myself am not particularly religious, I always liked the Greek religion for some reason, the goddess I would worship would of course be Aphrodite, Goddess of love and beauty because... well, I love love! Nayru, Din and Farore may not be real, but then again, how do we know that God is? Or any god, for that matter? If that's who you want to worship, it's your choice! You aren't stupid! And it would be great to be a hero like Link, I think a lot of boys (and girls) love to dream of being a hero. I ought to know, I always wanted to be Princess Zelda and Dana Scully when I was a kid :)

A Zelda film could be so amazing, have oyu seen the shots for Lord of the Rings? If they make that into a successful fantasy film, there could be hope for Zelda yet! And I'm sure all us fans agree, that more people need to know about the wonder that in Zelda...

William and Allison Mason say;

I don't know about you but, I think if the cartoons of Zelda were brought back and then a movie was made, the movie wouldn't do so well, or maybe, the cartoons wouldn't do so well anymore. What I think is that making a movie would be much better, because, after you've seen it once, you are gunna wanna see it again. Having a cartoon, it would just ruin it, that's what I think. But, the movie would, in my opinion, need to be played by real actors, and in a real "zelda like" world. It would be interesting to see how the movie people pulled this off, and, to see someone act out a character such as the Gorons, which could be funny. Well, dont you think it wouldnt be great Juliet?

JULIET REPLIES: I have to disgree about the cartoon ruining the film, but I suppose you do have a very valid point! I think, so long as they made either, I'd be happy! I think they would have to be careful filming it with real characters, but it would be better than a cartoon, I mean, if they can pull off Lord of the Rings, surely they could do Zelda? With filming techniques they have these days, it could be amazing!

Link 1417 says;

I think that there should be Zelda battle cards that are like Pokemon or Zelda. Why not? That would be cool.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes, battle cards would be a wonderful idea! My younger sisters and cousins had so much fun collecting them last year, well, I would have loved to see Zelda ones! I believe at one time, there were some Zelda trading cards, but it was a long time ago now, and I don't even think they were battle cards. Well, if they did have Zelda battle cards, I'd definitely buy them! They could feature all the monsters (and there are a lot!), and there could be sage cards and character cards and things. We should put this idea forward to Nintendo!

LaVonne Reeves says;

The ending for Zelda V sucked! I wish Link didn't hae to turn back into a kid again. He was cooler as an adult. He should also be able to fire from his sword again.

JULIET REPLIES: I think quite a lot of people were disappointed with the end of Zelda V! I mean, would you want to be a kid again after being an adult? Well... no, I love being an adult! Well, most of the time... that's why I didn't want Majora's Mask, because Link was a child, he is much better as an adult. And you're right about the sword. That has always been a trademark, I can't believe they left it out!

Daniel says;

Hey my name's Daniel.I love The Legend of Zelda and I would like a new cartoon series.And I would like the characters to look like the characters in the N64 games.For example:I would like Ganon to be a human not a pig and characters such as Epona,the zoras,the Gerudos,etc.I would appreciate it very much.The power of the triforce is in good hands.Thanks!

JULIET REPLIES: Once again, a great wish!!! It just has so much potential doesn't it? I myself would prefer the old characters, but since most fans started liking the series when ZV was released, it would make sense for Nintendo to base a new cartoon upon it. I just don't get why they won't!!

LaVonne Reeves says;

I never actually saw the Zelda TV series when it was on the air. The only reason I knew about it was because for a while, some station desided to play 'The Super Mario Brothers Super Show' in whitch they took time every episode (that I saw) and showed scense for the next episode of 'The Legend of Zelda'. From the cuts I gathered it was funny. But it was a false advertisement and it wasn't on. So I desided to look around today and found your site and since there is a link (hehe) to a place where you can download the episodes. I probably will do so just to see them. I think it might be nice if they put a new Zelda show on, cause one of my greatest complaints about the games (that I'm not too good at but getting better) are that Link doesn't talk, just yes or no nods but that is it. Personally I think I'd like to see them give him some sort of character just to make it more intersteing, I actually like the stories of the games but I just think that if Link had showed some feelings once in awhile it would be more interesting, so I think I'd like to see a new cartoon series.

JULIET REPLIES: I agree that the cartoon was good, in that it gave everyone personality, unlike the games, that why I loved the show so much! It was much better than Mario, and quite funny, in a stupid sort of way... :) Link in the games is always so emotionless, even in OoT. I mean, fair enough, back in the old days he was a buch of pixels and couldn't really show emotion, but they could have made more of an effort in the new games. *sigh*


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