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Ben Driggs says;

You have no idea how glad I am to hear that there is someone out there that cares about Zelda as much as me. There is no end to things that I would like to see happen with Zelda. But most of all, I've always dreamed of owning the one and only Master Sword itself. I can't get over reading about it and playing with it in the Zelda games. And when I say that I want "the" Master Sword, I don't mean a plastic replica of it. I mean real steel, real design, and real colors. I love the Master Sword. Not just like. Love. And that would be my wish to the Triforce.

JULIET REPLIES: Yep there's plenty of people out there who love Zelda as much as us! My sister has a great interest in swords too; real ones just like you. You can get real replicas made, there's lots of LotR ones floating about, and yes, there's even a real master sword! Just go to to see the work in progress.

Chezza says;

As an avid collector of Nintendo memorabilia, I already own a small selection of Zelda-related merchandise, mostly action figures. However, it can be very hard to find stuff like this in the UK. I know that all sorts of Zelda merchandise exists, including models, t-shirts, and even cuddly toys (yes, you can own a cuddly Ganondorf!). However, most of this stuff is mainly available in the US or Japan, with only small numbers of these being imported here. I would prefer it if more Zelda t-shirts, toys etc were available in the UK without me having to visit specialist comic book stores.

JULIET REPLIES: I totally get where you're coming from; it IS difficult to get hold of any Zelda merchandise at all, if any. I've seen the odd figure in Forbidden Planet and that's about it, and a few posters and things. It really is a travesty that we can't get these kind of things in the UK; we're as much fans here as anywhere else in the world!

Ruby15 says;

First off, they should make a better anime (being an anime fan). Like one of those anime that make adult swim cameos. Like a fantasy-action, romance, comedy-drama. Secondly, a game where you get more involved with the Sacred Realm. You go to the heavens and meet the three goddesses. Well that's my ideas.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes I'm very interested with what goes on with the Sacred Realm too; I used to be really into learning about all the ancient Greek gods and their dealings with men; it would certainly be wonderful to see Link get to interact with the three goddesses indeed!

Alex says;

I wish there was a Zelda movie, but not a cartoon movie. Oh yeah, and a Majora's Mask game #2. There could be Majora's spirit and 20 more masks in a new adventure on the Gameboy Advance.

JULIET REPLIES: I don't really like Majora's Mask but it's nice to see that it has some fans out there!

Matt Knowles says;

I think it would be great if there was a Skull Kid costume (complete with Majora's Mask)for Halloween.

JULIET REPLIES: A Redead costume would be pretty scary too don't you think? Or even a Ganny costume ;) Hey Kirst, how about a BoTU sideline of scary costumes for Halloween eh? You'd make a killing!!!

Clan McCord says;

A Zelda movie would rock out loud!

JULIET REPLIES: At least, if they make it the right way! But yeah I agree, I'd love to see Zelda on the big screen if they could ever come up with a decent cast and storyline...

Amber says;

PLEASE MAKE MORE SIM SKINS!! And try to make some for the sims 2! Please. Just use the sims 2 bodyshop. I think you can get it at the That is my only request. :) Keep up the good work!

JULIET REPLIES: Well I did once make an entire series of skins, much better than the ones that are at NC (they were first attempts) but my sister's pc which I kept them on got a virus which killed the HD so I lost them, well I've never really done any since them because I wasn't very good in the first place! I can't run Sims 2 on my PC as it's too old so I can't do any, but I'm glad you liked the other ones I made!

Jessi says;

OH MY GOSH! There should be an anime style movie for The legend of Zelda. And maybe a game where Link and Zelda get mushy mushy....I hope the in new Zelda 2005 game, they do....or...or..I'll die! Nah, just kidding. But I hope the movie (if they make one) isn't by 4kids(r) They warp anime....hmm...or I COULD BE THE ILLUSTRATOR OF THE MOVIE! Oops..I'm not eighteen...I can't...

JULIET REPLIES: Ahh yes it would be nice to see Link and Zelda finally admit their feelings for each other in a romantic sense :) Of course in Adventure of Link and the Oracles series, they did share a kiss! But it IS about time we got to really know! And who says you can't be an illustrator under the age of eighteen? If you're good enough at it, who says age even matters! Just keep practising!

Princess Zelda says;

I think that they should make a movie!!! My friend Brittany should be Zelda because she'a beautiful and skinny and fits her discription more than anyone I know!!!

JULIET REPLIES: You should send a picture of her in to us and let the fans decide :)

Mary Joe Ledo says;

I wanted to know if there will be a zelda movie because zelda games etc ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JULIET REPLIES: We can only hope! And yes, the Zelda series are certainly some of the best games in existance!

Nayrue Hylia says;

Hello. Im a REALLY big Zelda fan,but the sad thing is that I wasnt alive when they had the cartoon series and comics,so, I wish they continued the cartoon series and still made the comics, and also, made a zelda movie!

JULIET REPLIES: I missed the comics but I was lucky enough to see the cartoons! However you did know that you can watch the cartoons online and view the comics too? See the cartoon and comics section for more details!

Faircloua says;

I think it would be cool if there was a Zelda game where Ganon and Vaati join forces and Link and Zelda run away together and destroy them, but in stead of just controling Link it was a 2 player game and on the last level Zelda had to fight Vaati and Link had to fight Ganon!

JULIET REPLIES: I think your game idea sounds great! Vaati is certainly a worthy foe and it would be brilliant to get to be Zelda and 2 player games are always good :)

Dianne Williams says;

i really wish they would take my idea below to create the movie/game/book. I am making a game/story/movie called 'Saiz: Son of Link'. It is set in the future and King Link and Queen Zelda have had son named Saiz. Ganondorf has a son and daughter named Censaru and Centranu. Ganon's son has over-powered him and he and his d aughter must join forces with Link, Zelda and Saiz to save all of Hyrule.

JULIET REPLIES: Well good luck with making your project! You'll have to send it to North Castle when it's finished!

Saria says;

It's a miracle I found this website. I can never talk to my friends about zelda but they all think its stupid. I wish Nintendo would make a cool zelda movie so all my friends would finaly understand the way I feel about the game. It would realy funny if Ganondorf was played by Arnold S.(Terminator)!!! I would do anything to see the old series. Were they really funny? I was only in kindergarten when OOT came out.

JULIET REPLIES: Well I'm nearly 24 and I still love Zelda so don't be ashamed! I know people much older than me who are fans, in fact I know someone who is 40 and a big Zelda fan! I only have one friend in real life who is a Zelda fan, apart from my sister, but I have lots of online friends who love it, so I can talk about it with plenty of people! The cartoon series was a lot of fun, but to be honest I think only people from the 80s understand it; like most 80s cartoons. They don't make them like that now. I really liked it, that Link and Zelda are my favourite Link and Zelda after all! Did you know you can watch them online at Yahooligans? They have the full episodes there. There's a link to it from my cartoon section at North Castle, so if you check out and click on links you can reach them from there.

Ian says;

They need to hurry up on Twilight Princess!!! I put 50$ down on it already!!!!!

JULIET REPLIES: Hopefully we won't have too much longer to wait.

Julie says;

I agree with everyone else. There really should be a Zelda cartoon series. I wouldn't care if it were new or old, as long as it was Zelda. I bet if nintendo saw how many people wanted this they'd make a cartoon series.

JULIET REPLIES: I really should send it to them shouldn't I? I'd love there to be a second series of the old cartoon; it'd be great! I'd even write the storylines! I'm actually doing scripts for a second series but sadly I'm no good at animation :(

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