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Ceritsie Ho-Shing says;

I think Zelda should be aired in America and Link should have a longer sword too! I am a BIG fan of zelda games, and I think it should be aired as an everyday sitcom!

JULIET REPLIES: Well, LoZ shouldn't just be aired in America, it should be aired all over the world, so that all the fans get to see it!! It'd be great, if it was on everyday, hehe, I'd love to get up to watch Zelda before I went to work, then I'd go there looking happy for once :) I guess the cressword Link has in the cartoon is a bit weeddy, he should have something like the Biggoron's sword! :)

Anthony says;

Look, I know you've heard this one but there's definitely gotta' be a Zelda Theme park. And I don't mean something like Disney Land. I'm talkin' BIG! Island big, you'd have to take a boat out to it, but not like one of those state-of-the-art cruise lines. I'm talking a boat that as soon as you lay eyes on it you think "This is definitely related to The Legend of Zelda" And once you get to the island you enter the normal Hyrule and at some point or another you go into Termina (from Majora's mask) That would be so totally cool. Shops where you can buy tunics and whole outfits like Link wears, sheilds, all the items, the potions (non-toxic of course), and maybe swords, of course the Master Sword would be sealed in the Temple of Time, as if Link had never laid eyes on it. The only snag is, well... it's not the only snag, but one of em'. In Termina, as Link you rescue Zora eggs from a band of thieves and you get to watch them hatch at the marine research facility. Problem is that as far as I know there are no fish that look like zora and animatronics probably won't work underwater. But otherwise this is a theme park I'm going to start designing and hope everyone would like to visit!

JULIET REPLIES: Your dreambook submission, I found to be highly interesting. The thing is, a long time ago, me and my sis did sketches of Nintendo themeparks, we've still got them somewhere too! I always planned to scan them to show people. I of course, based my themepark on the older Zeldas, I remember doing rides like 'Triforce Twister' which was one of like those rides which goes up a pole then starts spinning at the top upside down, I'm sure you know what I mean, kind of hard to explain! Then there was Death Mountain Rollercoaster, which was a rollercoaster that went inside a false mountain and outside it too. Another one I recall was 'Link's Hero course' which was an assault course thingy, and there was horses to ride, pubs to eat in, that sort of thing! Your ideas are great too, though! Good luck with your project, you should submit it here when it's finished!

Michael E. says;

I think a cartoon series would be good, but way different from that crappy old one when Link was like 15 and had brown hair. It would be good if it was based on the Ocarina of Time and was in anime form!

JULIET REPLIES: The old cartoon was NOT 'crappy'! Each to their own, hehe...

Link, Hero of Time says;

Hi, I think Nintendo should make a movie for Legend of Zelda based on the N64 game Ocarina of Time. Except show a better ending like Hyrule turning back to normal after Ganon was defeated which they should of done (I think) on the game.

JULIET REPLIES: Yes, I think we all agree that a film based on the Zelda would be amazing! I'd prefer it to be based on the older series, but I guess it would have to be based on Zelda V, since that's the game that everyone knows best :) And you're right about the ending too, theres such a lot of unfinished business that needs to be sorted out, not to mention there should have been a little romance :)

Kariko says;

I think that we need a Zelda Movie. Imagine a Zelda movie that is action filled, funny, popular, up to date, and clean. The characters should look like the characters from The Ocarina of Time, or Majora's Mask. They should also make a new version of the Zelda cartoon. There should be trading cards too.

If Zelda was given the chance, it could be more popular pokemon, digimon, or dungeons and dragons combined! That's my thought and wish, and anybody can quote me on it!

JULIET REPLIES: Yes I agree! Zelda could be as popular as dungeons and Dragons at least, if Nintendo only gave it a chance! Of course Pokemon has a far superior fanbase, but most of these consist of young children, whereas Zelda appeals to a more mature, select market. It's just a shame Nintendo don't see the potential it has... there isn't enough swords/sorcery/fantasy films and most are pretty rubbish, but an anime one might at least stand a chance.

Momoyo Aniza says;

I vaguely remember watching the legend of Zelda when I was about four on t.v. here in the U.S., but when I saw the pictures on the site it was hard for me to image Link as the the way he was in the cartoon, although it was the first really good picture of Link I had seen. I have to remember that back then, Nintendo used little block people and it was not nearly as detailed as it it is now, but I was still shocked at his appearance cause I'm more accustomed to the version of Link in the newer version of Zelda on N64. I think the story could retain the character personalities etc, but the appearance of the character would have to change if you where to bring it on to the audience of the newer generation of children. I hope Zelda does come back to the US whether they reshow the 13 epsiodes, or do new ones it would be nice to be reunited with the story of my younger, and now present years.

JULIET REPLIES: I have some much better cartoon pics now, thing is, I never get time to update the site anymore!! In stark contrast, the 'new image' of Link in the games always seems wrong to me, i just always imagine him with dark hair :) So I was pretty shocked seeing how he looked in Zelda V! As most fans agree, it would be wonderful to see the show back on air!

Becky says;

Honestly, I think that Ganon should have a chance at greatness, too. Why don't the so-called 'bad guys' ever have a change of heart? That would be pretty interesting, I think.

JULIET REPLIES: My sister would certainly agree with you, Becky! Ganon is one of the best Nintendo bad guys yet Bowser always seems to get most of the limelight (though he IS pretty cool!). For like-minded fans, check out BoTU , a homage to all the greatest villains :)

Toby Starwind says;

Hi! I'm Toby, a HUUUUUUUUUUGE fan of zelda!!!!!! In the new zelda cartoon, I'd wanna see Link and Zelda really, I mean REALLY in love, and they should change the way/style of the cartoon. It would be nice to see an anime' style zelda!!! But I'd think the attitudes should be the same, except Zelda (she SHOULD be nicer to Link), and they should keep bringing in the comedy. It's really funny. In fact, when I grow up, I'm gonna work at Nintendo, and be an anime artist at the same time. Like "the nintendo anime system" That would be great.

JULIET REPLIES: Hey Toby, can I work for you then? ;) Romance is just the best, isn't it? Link and Zelda need to show the entire world that they're in love and not keep denying it! I mean, even GANON knows that they are!

JulieAnubis says;

I would have Zelda not marry Link because she's WAY too girly for a big, strong warrior. I mean, he doesn't have time to constantly save her, he has enough trouble saving the country! I would have Link marry one of my characters in my stories, named Anara. She's kinda like Dark Link in the fan fic Shadowalker. She has that cocky attitude, and she is definitely a born fighter.

Actually, in the end I would MAYBE have Anara leave Hyrule and (Since she's 1/2 Egyptian) die from Ganondorf Dragmire and go live Anubis, although she'd be sad to leave Link.

JULIET REPLIES: Zelda isn't THAT girly, she's actually pretty tough (compared to Princess Peach for example), although she does seem to be an easy target for Ganon, despite her good magic skills. Your character sounds great though; in our books he did have a slight crush on Leigh, who was his equal in every way, I think someone like Link would be attracted to a girl like that - a challenge ;)

Daniel says;

I'm Daniel and I have some ideas for a new Zelda cartoon series (if one will be made!) So any way I'm a huge fan of Zelda, mostly the N64 games which is how a new Zelda cartoon should be like. Link should have blonde hair. Ganon should be human. And they should have things like Epona, the Ocarina of Time, the Master Sword, Gorons, Zoras, Kokiri,(you get the idea) Oh! And by the way... it would be great if you let people vote on your site for a new Zelda cartoon and e-mail them to Nintendo (just a suggestion)You seem like a great girl.

JULIET REPLIES: Oh er... thanks Daniel (blushes!) I'm sure any sort of vote would be completely positive; I doubt there's any fan who wouldn't not enjoy seeing a Zelda cartoon!

Mak says;

Well if there is another series I would like it to be a better quality picture and sound and the same characters but I can't remember if I've seen the series or not.

JULIET REPLIES: If you want to revive your faded memory, why not check out the cartoon section of this site?

Tessa says;

I think they should make a movie of Ocarina of Time, or Majora's Mask. It would be cool if they made it like they did that commercial, I thought that was great! I would love to see Zelda come through in a movie thats 3-D. I also think its a great idea to have all these people say so, and I think you should send all this to Nintendo.

JULIET REPLIES: Thank you! If only Nintendo would actually take some notice!! Zelda more than deserves it's own film!

AnimeGirl91 says;

I wish Link and Zelda would fall in love. I feel better about my wish because lots of the fanart shows pics of Link and Zelda. Oh! And I want to see the cartoons! I was born too late.(1991, me, to 1980, the cartoons) Link and Zelda forever!!

JULIET REPLIES: I always love hearing from other Link and Zelda 'shippers! Believe me, lots of people think that Link and Zelda belong together, they really DO make the perfect couple, don't they? :)

Josh says;

Hi, My dream is there to be a theme park of Hyrule, and a Legend of Zelda 3D movie that looks like the 64 games. Another dream is for there to be a Zelda cartoon series.

JULIET REPLIES: If only dreams could come true! I remember drawing and designing my own Zelda theme park back when I was younger :) It would be far better than Disneyland any day!

LeAnn Hoosier Castlow says;

I want at least 1 more Zelda game for N64!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on !!! We need a ZELDA V cartoon series!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean the people are screaming, " ZELDA V SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ZELDA V SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

JULIET REPLIES: I like your enthusiasm, LeAnn! We need to all go with big banners and stand outside of NOA or NOJ and scream "we want more Zelda!"

Vikki Sheean says;

This is SERIOUS! Will Nintendo ever make Zelda into a movie?

JULIET REPLIES: I hate to say this, but probably not :( Super Mario Bros. was their own attempt and it sadly, failed miserably, and who can remember the disasters of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and even Final Fantasy? But if it was done right, it would be so amazing!

SuperFly says;

I would really love it if Nintendo made a new Zelda cartoon series. It would be great if the kept it the way it used to be though new characters would be cool. As long as Zelda comes back on I don't mind!!!

JULIET REPLIES: Yes wouldn't it be brilliant? Come on Nintendo, let us have another cartoon!!! :) It's what everyone wants!

Purple Poe says;

Like the rest of you, it would blow my mind to see a Zelda V Anime. A real anime based on the Legend of Zelda, it would be the greatest anime on earth!!!! And what about a board game like "dungeons and dragons"???? And further more, remaking the first or second Zelda, for GameCube?????? :-O!!!!! :D!!! You could see the cute brown haired Link in the amazing GC graphic style. Of course, not cartoon-like like TLOZ:The Wind Waker.... what do you think???

JULIET REPLIES: Zelda V was disappointing to me in many ways, especially in gameplay, but I do believe ] you're right in that it would make an amazing anime. There's a great, varied cast of characters and a wonderful storyline that they could make many episodes on.

As for remaking the first two games, that would be amazing!!! Especially seeing my own favourite Link brought to life in 3D graphics, that would be fantastic! I heard rumours of a special disk on IGN Nintendo were going to release with the old games on to play on the cube, but I don't think they're remade, I just think it's the original games programmed so you can play the on the cube. I want that disk!!

Mary Sandrick says;

I wrote a couple of Zelda books (although the Legend of Zelda, The Triforce Prophecies is my favorite) I'd love to see any one of my books as a movie or cartoon. I also wish that they would make new zelda cartoons. I absolutely LOVE the cartoons, event though they made Link and Zelda look, a little (ah hem) different, it would be great if they made a new series with OoT Zelda and Link adventures, or Windwaker ( which comes close to being one of the best games in the series, right next to Ocarina) but I just love Zelda, so any of those things coming true would be tight!!!!!!!!!

JULIET REPLIES: You have the same wish as me! I'd love to see my stories turned into a film or cartoon too! That would be absolutely amazing. It's too bad they won't make a cartoon, it makes me mad when they made so many Mario ones and Pokemon ones. I bet people today would be much more into Zelda than when the original cartoons were made!

Princess Zelda says;

I would love to have a zelda movie made! My friend and I already wrote a script, but don't know where to send it! If you have any info. on that please tell! I'd also love to be in a zelda movie! I've written a couple of zelda books, and I'm hoping to get those pulished and if I do, enjoy!

JULIET REPLIES: With Lord of the Rings proving so successful as a film, it proves that great fantasy films CAN be made! If only someone ike Peter Jackson would pick up a script for Zelda and see it's potential :) If you like, you can submit your script for fans to enjoy at various websites, such as this one, but if you mean to somwhere professional, I really don't know! I once wrote to Nintendo a very long time ago about possibility of publishing fan-based works about Zelda, and they sent me a very nice letter back saying that if I could find an interested publisher, then the publisher could liase with Nintendo's marketing department who would agree things such as disclaimers, royalties etc. A lot of people have had fan books based on the Star War films published, so why not Zelda? If your work is good enough, then it's certainly worth a try! Many Star Wars fans wanted to know about the adventures of Luke, Han and Leia after the first trilogy and a whole history has been built up for the characters through fan books. With good enough authors and enough interest, the same could be true for Zelda!

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