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Shalster Moonshadow says;

I wish Nintendo would make a two player version, possibly with Zelda as the second player. It would probibly need a new bad guy though.

JULIET REPLIES: I would like to see Zelda as a two-player game too, particularly if the second player was Zelda. Then it would be just like the cartoon where they used to team up! I wouldn't really mind if the game had a party instead of two players, like rpgs such as Golden Sun or Tales of Symphonia. Although Link is good on his own it's nic to have company and Zelda has proved on more than one occasion that she can easily help out.

Missyku123 says;

I think there SHOULD be more romance, like does Link like Saria, Zelda, Ilia, Malon, Midna, Navi... well you know!

JULIET REPLIES: I agree there should be more romance, Link is a pretty lucky guy in general as there always seems to be so many lovely ladies for him to choose from! It could get complicated though! More romance would definitely be a plus point though.

Zeldalover says;

I wish that they would make a Ocarina of Time movie. That would be cool!

I also wish that Nintendo would made a machine where you would punch in a game title, the character you want to be, and *POOF!* you're that character! Then, the machine transports you into the game, and another person operating the machine can make anything happen (except kill or harm you physically) and you can come out of the game whenever you want!! Wouldn't that be cool? My friend Zoragirl and I came up with that invention. Don't forget to thank us!!!!

Yah, I'm nuts, aren't I?

JULIET REPLIES: That invention sounds like the 'Better Than Life' videogames from the sci-fi TV show, Red Dwarf! I always thought it was a cool idea, if not a little dangerous! You might end up wanting to stay in Hyrule forever! Especially if you were Zelda. Although it might get a bit tedious being kidnapped all the time, I wouldn't mind if I had Link there to save me :)

Link the Paladin says;

Well I got a few things I think would be great for the Zelda community. Both game, or otherwise. We'll start with the games.

First off, I think another Ocarina of Time sequel. Sometime after Majora's mask would be great. Lets face it. The majority of the Zelda fans hailed OOT as the greatest Zelda for a long time. Indeed until TP came along, it probibly had next to no competition. We also know that Majora's Mask's ended left ALOT to be desired. We don't know what happened to Link afterwords. It's assumed he returned to Hyrule. But also it seems that in Wind Waker they spoke of the Hero of Time having MANY adventures. Not just two. It seems a few of these have been left out, and I feel it would be absolutly awsome to see what happened when Link returned to Hyrule agian.

I'm thinking another adventure with the Hero of Time as an adult naturally, rather than going through time to become one. Perhaps a whole new enemy to fight? Ganondorf has way to much spotlight among villains if ya ask me :)

Secondly, regarding to the games. I'd like to see more memorable enemies. When you think of Zelda enemies who do you think of? Naturally Ganondorf, but who else? Dark Link, Volvagia, Agahnim, and to a lesser extent the Twinrova sisters. Why is this? Because they actually have some history, or motive, or something else that makes them cool. Volvagia has a story behind him/her (I think it's a her). Twinrova actually a personality and motive. as does Agahnim. Dark Link's fight was totally epic, leading many people to develop their own stories behind him because he's such an awsome villain.

I for one am getting a bit tired of the mindless beasts who just follow the main villain without question. I want villains that actually have some reason behind what they do. This way I think, instead of people think "I love killing that thing" It would make them think "I really hate that guy!". It would take the Zelda fans to a whole new level of play. Something I think a series as good as Zelda deserves ten fold.

As for other stuff.

We all want a Zelda movie right? However every year we go on we are simply tortured by some jerk who decides to take our hopes for granted. I'm talking about the day every Zelda fan dreads. April 1st. Every single year, on this day, we are treated to a movie trailer made by someone we've never heard about. Sometimes however, these look good enough to be taken seriously. However, after a few days, the people come clean saying "Haha it was just a joke... again" How long must this go on before Nintendo finally decides to have one made? Think of it. It would be a double win for them, and us. Practically anything with the words "Legend of Zelda" racked on it rakes in millions of dollars. Think of how much money they could make if an actual movie was made? I swear it would set a record that would be impossible to break! Not only that, but it would be give the Zelda fans something they've been wishing for for years now.

I don't even care if it's based off one of the games. Make one with a completely different story if you want but by the Triforce (I've always wanted to say the :) ) make one!

These are my thoughts and hopes for the franchise... I can only hope they come true sooner rather than later.

JULIET REPLIES: What some wonderful ideas! I think an OoT sequal would definitely be popular with the masses although again, I'd prefer something continuing after the original games, particularly with Link and Zelda helping each other out, just like in the cartoons. OoT has plenty of potential for expansion though, and a wonderful cast of characters. I think the enemies in Zelda are great already, I love the moblins for example but it would be great to look more into their their lifestyles and their motives for following Ganondorf.

I do agree there's been a lot of empty promises with Zelda movies and after seeing things like LotR it does prove that wonderful fantasy movies can be made with the right cast and storyline. Nintendo make so much money from their games though I don't think they need to bother with films, after all Super Mario and Pokemon didn't fare that well. We can only hope...

Laura says;

I wish that there could be an anime about Zelda.

JULIET REPLIES: In the meantime you could enjoy reading the beautifully illustrated Zelda mangas - they're the next best thing to an anime - sadly the cartoon is totally different - it's still a great watch though!

Aristaramon says;

It would be cool if they could get people to reinact all of Hyule.

JULIET REPLIES: In a film you mean? That would sure take some doing but if it ever happened it would be great! There's loads of great places they could use to film and I'm sure they could get the outfits perfect. I'd love to see something like that.

Doug says;

I think a video game Legend of Zelda should be made based off the cartoon. Let the player choose their character Link or Zelda or you could have a two player and do both characters. Each would have abilities like their cartoon counterpart. For example, Zelda would have magical powers with the Triforce of Wisdom and a bow. Link would use his sword and boomerang.The game would have new cartoon footage with the original voice actors to go for the ending of each mission or quest. The final mission would involve battling Ganon and the capture of the Triforce of Power. It should be designed like Twilight Princess gameplay. Good idea I think.

JULIET REPLIES: I would totally love a game like that! I'd play as Zelda of course!!

Zelda1019 says;

I am currently OBSSESSED with The Legend of Zelda and recently Naruto. I am writing a crossover story when Naruto and the gang comes into Hyrule. I also made my own character (me). I wish that I would get done with my story. I also wish that Zelda and Naruto were REAL! So I can meet them. But not the old Link and Zelda like in the TV show, but the Twilight Princess ones. I not saying that the TV ones are bad, I just think that meeting the Twilight Princess Link would be cool because:

1. He is older
2. He has been on very interesting adventures. (My favorite being when he goes to the twilight realm. It's creepy but cool.)
I like the idea about the Zelda park. I would like going into Hyrule castle!

JULIET REPLIES: Sadly I don't know a lot about Naruto but it can be fun to crossover different things! Good luck with your story. I'm sure lots of people would love a TV show based on Twilight Princess!

Kendrix Misono says;

One of my hopes is to finally see an in-depth Zelda novel, based around Ocarina of Time. I have finished one myself, but I highly doubt I could ever get Nintendo to accept it... Methinks the novel should be post Majora's mask, right after Link returns to Hyrule.

JULIET REPLIES: That is a great idea that I'd love too! All the Zelda books are really aimed towards children, but even children can read something detailed and in-depth! It would be interesting to find out what happens to Link once he returns to Hyrule after Majora's Mask... I'll look forward to receiving and reading your novel if you submit it to NC.

Annonymous says;

I think Zelda should be made into a cartoon because Pokemon did and so did Mario, Sonic and Kirby!

JULIET REPLIES: Well, it WAS a cartoon actually, made around the same time as Mario and Sonic! It would be great to see a new series though!

Jon Hall says;

I wish that zelda had a online version like World of Warcraft or Lord of the Rings Online.

JULIET REPLIES: What a brilliant idea! We could all play in the virtual Hyrule as inhabitants and hopefully battle against Ganon's minions and meet Link and Zelda!

Angela Alcock says;

I know that this has been said about a billion times before, but I think that Nintendo should make a Legend of Zelda movie. Not a crappy one (because although the cartoons were funny, I didn't like them too much because they made Link into some whiny, lovesick teenager, making fun of him, and Zelda is kind of mean), but a real one, with decent actors and using the real Link personality and of course, Link and Zelda DEFINITELY have to fall in love with each other.

Another thing that Nintendo should do: Start up the cartoon series again, but this time using a different Link and not making him as cocky. Yes, I know I just got finished saying that I didn't like the cartoon series as much, but still, it should come back. Even better, they should use the young, funny, emotional, dramatic, seeming-to-be-in-love-with-Toon-Zelda, downright ADORABLE Toon Link from Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks (Spirit Tracks is a Zelda game that is supposed to be released in 2009 for the DS). I'd love to have a cartoon with Toon Link and Toon Zelda working together to keep Hyrule safe (and Link would get the Wind Waker back, and maybe even the Phantom Hourglass), and Toon Link would be in love with Zelda, but she wouldn't know yet because he'd be too shy to say so...Anyway, I haven't seen anyone mentioning this idea, and I'd really like it to happen.(AM I THE ONLY ONE WOULD LIKES THAT ADORABLE LITTLE MUNCHKIN TOON LINK AROUND HERE?!)

Final idea:Nintendo should take all the Legend of Zelda series...and turn them into books. Not picture books, but actual novels, kind of-From Link's point of view. Many people have written fan fictions based on the games, but repeating the games in story book form would kick butt. Maybe they can even have both official art and fan art in the book, too! Of course, it's only a wish, but you never know...

JULIET REPLIES: Toon Link is definitely sweet, I wasn't sure at first but after playing WW he really grew on me. I think Zelda should stay as Tetra sometimes though if they made a cartoon about it, that would be fun! The books are a great idea - at least we have the mangas though, they're kindof like a Zelda book in some ways.And of course Link and Zelda would have to fall in love if there was ever a film made!

Zachary Prince says;

I think it would be nice to see some of the Zelda fan-fictions become published as actual paperback books.

JULIET REPLIES: I would love that too. There's some excellent Zelda fan-fiction out there as good as any published book! I know that quite a lot of different people were able to publish stories based on Star Wars legally, so why not Zelda?

Kane Schlichting says;

A great book about The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, so full of details and action that you can't put it down, or maybe one about Ocarina of Time! These would make even people who hate reading and can't put a game controller down to love the wide world of reading!

JULIET REPLIES: Great idea Kane! Link to the Past would definitely be a good adventure to put into writing and I agree it would encourage more Zelda fans who prefer gaming into doing some healthy reading!

Zoanna Bartone says;

Did you ever notice the signs of akward-type romance they show between Link and Zelda, but they keep bombing it by putting something akward and/or dangerous in the middle of the teary-eyed moment? AUGH! It's so annoying -- I mean, if he loves her, why doesn't he just kiss her already?! (TP was so CLOSE, but it got ruined again -- why does Nintendo taunt me??????????) BTW could someone send me a timeline of what happened when? -- Being able to use your own songs to channel power would be neat...................

JULIET REPLIES: I don't think Nintendo will ever give fans the satisfaction of Link and Zelda getting romantic in the games! I think they just like to play along with hints instead. It's mean but it's dragged on so long I don't think it will ever actually happen now. Oh well!

Linkette says;

Hi, I've been a Zelda fan for about two months now but I'm in love with the series completely. I wish the Zelda series were as popular as Super Mario games (or even better because I think Mario doesn't deserve so much popularity). I wish there could be more Zelda game-related stuff and some cool merchandise ( like the Ocarina of Time) but I don't want it everywhere like High School Musical (that's why I hate it) because people would get annoyed. PLEASE NINTENDO, MAKE MY DREAM COME TRUE!!!!

JULIET REPLIES: Great to see another new fan who loves the series so much already! Unfortunately Mario is Nintendo's mascot and most well known figure so I think the Mario series will always get more attention but Zelda does have a lot of merchandise (check out North Castle's shoppe for example!), you just have to know where to look I guess!

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