Zelda: The Next Saga...

Book 3: The Fall of Evil

W elcome! Well, this is my next series of Zelda tales. It's set seven years after the previous Battle For Power trilogy, and sets out to answer some of the questions that remained unknown at the end of the last series. This is the third and final book in the Next Saga trilogy (6th in the entire series). I left you with a terrible cliffhanger, no doubt you're all keen to find out what happens! While Ganondorf seems defeated once and for all, his demise unleashes a terrible maleovant power that was waiting in the wings, should their master fail them. These evil spirits have plans - big plans... will the nightmare ever end for Link and Zelda, and the fair Kingdom of Hyrule? Well, if you want to discover the truth, get reading this bumper 100 page edition, which hopefully ends the series with a bang!

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Fall of Evil
Brief Summary of Novel
Chapter 1

At the end of the last book, we were left hanging over what happened to our hero Link, and his beloved Princess Zelda. Ganondorf struck a mightly blow, killing Link... or did he? A surprising action by a lover from the past helps Link to finally defeat the evil Gerudo wizard, and Leigh seals his spirit up in her special sword. The nightmare is finally over, or is it?

Fayette is back to her old self again. She wants Nick back, and refuses to let his lover, Selina stand in her way. Jealous of Zelda's happiness, Fayette also devises a plan to tear her and Link apart. It involves Leigh, and wherever Leigh is concerned, Zelda acts completely unreasonable. Her marriage to Link is in a complete mess, neither of them believing each other. They attempt to hide their problems from the King, and the rest of the castle, but when Zelda orders Leigh to stand trial for 'crimes against the crown', it is the final straw, for both Link, Leigh and the rest of the castle. Never mind that, but someone else is out to get Leigh. Who could it possibly be? Surely even Zelda wouldn't go that far as to try and kill her...

Link learns the consequences of changing fate, when Kylara visits him in his dreams. She reveals the future, and it doesn't look too good... Tempers are running high, people are not acting like themselves. What is causing this strange behaviour, and why is it happening? Several strange events occur, and finally, Zelda uses her magic to trace the work of suspected evil spirits. A final showdown occurs in the onimous Tower of Nagul, and the events that take place there will change the circle of friends lives forever...

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