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The Fall Of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

Chapter 6

Hours later, Link found himself walking towards the library. Zelda still wasn't speaking to him, he'd gone upstairs an hour or two ago, to attempt to make peace with her one more time, but she'd been even more angry than the time before. She'd allowed him to sleep in the room, but he'd knew it would look bad to her if he sneaked out in the middle of the night. So he'd declined. She hadn't said a thing about it, merely climbed into bed, and gone to sleep. Now he was on his way to meet Fayette. He really couldn't believe it, but he didn't have much of a choice. Link crossed the gallery, and cautiously pushed the library door open. There wasn't a light on, so he figured that he must have arrived first. He really hoped that Fayette didn't expect them to meet in her bedroom. After that kiss she had tried to give him, he felt like giving her an especially wide berth. Not that he didn't find her attractive of course. She was very pretty, after all. Then again, even if he did happen to be single, he probably wouldn't bother pursuing her. He hated Fayette almost as much as Zelda did. Even more so now, now that he knew what she was trying to do. He quickly lit a candle, and sunk down into one of the plush red leather chairs near the window. After a few minutes, someone else entered the room. He glanced up, and saw that it was Fayette. She was dressed in her night clothes. A lacy night dress, with a purple wrap. Link had remained completely dressed in his everyday clothes. He hadn't wanted Fayette getting the wrong idea, after all, and he was respectable towards all women anyhow. "I almost thought that you might have forgotten," Fayette remarked.

"Like you said before, I didn't have much choice," Link answered despondently.

"Oh, Link, don't talk like that," Fayette said. She came over, and sat in the opposite chair. She giggled, and smiled over at him. "Imagine if someone were to catch us here! Imagine how it might look!" she laughed.

"I'd rather not, Faye. I hope you haven't set this up, so that someone like Zel conveniently happens to walk past," Link replied moodily.

"Oh, what a tantalising idea! Why Link, you're better at this than me!" Fayette exclaimed, batting her eyelashes. Link just frowned.

"Fayette," he said sharply. She just smiled again.

"I was only joking around. Lighten up, for heavens sake."

"I can hardly lighten up, can I? Zel's not talking to me, and you're blackmailing me," the hero replied, in the same despondent tone. Fayette leaned forward in her chair, hands on her chin.

"I'm sorry, but you know, I'm only looking out for Zelda. She is my sister, after all." Link laughed bitterly.

"You probably set that whole thing up last night, knowing you. If you ask me, you just want any excuse to make Zelda unhappy." Fayette sighed heavily.

"Oh, it was just unfortunate that she… ahem, jumped to conclusions, so to speak."

"Yeah, too bad," Link said sulkily, glaring at Fayette.


Fayette stood up, regarding Link cautiously. She really needed his help here, but he didn't sound too willing to talk right now. He needs a little sweetening up, he needs to be more relaxed, she thought to herself. "Wait here," she ordered. Walking over to a bookcase, she searched along the titles for a few moments, before pulling out a book. The bookcase slowly swung back, revealing the King's private study. Link and Zelda had often sneaked in there, when they were younger. To them, it had been a kind of 'forbidden place', somewhere exciting. Now they both knew better than to mess around with the King's private documents.

"Fayette, what are you doing?" he called out.

"Just retrieving a little something I hid here earlier," she called back, walking into the private room. Link didn't like that sound of that. He considered making a run for it, running back up to the safety of his bedroom. Perhaps he could even somehow make up with Zelda again. Before they were married, he'd made her plenty of surprise visits during the night. Up until a point, she'd never appreciated many of them, usually chasing him back out again. He smiled, suddenly remember the one that she'd made him. Just one. It had been years ago now. In the first, fleeting days of Zelda finally deciding to admit how she felt about him. He was so busy remembering about these times, that he didn't notice Fayette return.

"Excuse me, Link!" she said loudly. He jumped.

"Uh, oh, Faye," he said, a little dumbly.

"Daydreaming? I hope that wasn't about me," she remarked coyly. He shook his head.

"I was just thinking, that's all."

"Thought can be a very dangerous thing," Fayette murmured, smiling a little suggestively. She shoved a goblet into his hand. "I thought a little drink might help you… relax," she said, placing a bottle on a nearby table.

"Uh, no thanks," Link said quickly.

"Look, it took me ages to sneak this up from the cellar. That old cook, what's her name…" Fayette started.

"Milona," Link said promptly.

"Yes, uh, Milona. Yes, well she doesn't let anything pass her sight at all," Fayette finished. She opened the bottle, and poured some of the sweet red liquid into Link's goblet.

"Oh, okay. One glass won't do me any harm," Link relented. And I sure need it, he thought privately. Fayette smiled pleasantly, and poured herself a glass as well.

"Now, how about we get down to business?" she suggested. Link nodded.

"The sooner this is over, the better," he replied.

"The problem is, is that Selina girl. I mean, I can't believe he prefers her, a mere peasant girl, to me! I mean, I'm practically royalty!" Fayette stated, an hour later. Link sighed.

"But Faye, Nick doesn't care for things like that. Not many people do. And Selina's a nice girl," he added.

"Oh, you would know that. You two used to be lovers, right?" Fayette said, a little smugly.

"I'd hardly call it that. Actually, I've never even kissed her," Link admitted.

"Hmmm… that's not what Zelda seems to think," Fayette replied, with just a trace of smugness in her voice. Link sat up.

"What? How do you know what Zelda thinks?" he said in surprise.

"Uh…" Fayette blushed a little in the candlelight.

"Well, you know what she's like. Suspecting you with every female acquaintance you have. It's such a shame," she said, leaning over to touch his hand comfortingly. He pulled it back quickly. She smiled languidly. "Why, it's a wonder she's never insinuated anything between you and me!" Link just frowned. "Not that she'd need to, right?" Fayette added, leaning just a little bit closer.

"Uh, no," Link said nervously. He backed further into the chair. Fayette leaned back again, grinning.

"Honestly Link, why are you so uptight? You're usually really easy going," she complained. He didn't bother replying, just continued frowning. Fayette regarded him with some amusement. "Oh, you look so cute when you're mad," she laughed.

"Shut up," Link answered darkly.

"Zelda doesn't really fully appreciate you, you know," Fayette continued. "It's really such a shame, you're a great guy," she added.

"Sure, whatever," Link replied, not really listening. Fayette got up, and walked over to him.

"You know Link, I've always liked you. Well, it's a lot more than just 'liking' you," she smiled.

"I might have guessed. But you want to know something Faye?" Link asked.

"What?" she questioned.

"The feeling is NOT mutual. Now, if you don't mind, I'm pretty tired, so let's conclude this little meeting some other time," he said, standing up. Fayette looked as though she'd been stung. She surprisingly kept her mouth shut. Link walked past her quickly, wondering if he was making a big mistake. As he reached the door, he turned around, for some reason. Fayette was stood by the window, a sad smile upon her face. He suddenly felt a little sorry for her. Poor Faye. She's even worse now that Raymundo's dead, he thought. Shaking his head he quickly walked out of the room.


Leigh drew back the string of her bow and then let it go. The arrow sailed effortlessly through the air, towards the target, hitting it just a hair left of the bull's eye. She pulled another arrow from the ground, where she'd stuck them, and armed the bow again. "Pull yourself together," she muttered to herself. She pulled the string tight, then let go again. This time, it was no more than an inch to the right of the bull's eye. She cursed and yanked another arrow from the ground. Just as she'd rearmed the bow and was ready to shoot again, someone tapped on her shoulder. She jumped, let go of the string and the arrow flailed upwards, sailed over the target and landed in the scrub beyond it. She dropped her bow and turned round, annoyed at whoever had shocked her. She came face-to-face with the handsome knight, Sir Stobbart. "You gave me a shock," she said, drawing a breath.

"Yes, sorry about that. You're a pretty sharp shooter, for a woman," apologised Stobbart smugly. Leigh shuddered, she hated it when men said things like that. She bent down and retrieved her bow. She turned round and yanked another arrow from the ground. She handed the bow and arrow to Stobbart.

"Go on, show me how it ought to be done," she said in a sarcastic tone. George nodded to her then turned his attention to the target. He placed the arrow into the bow and drew back the string. As he was about to let go, Leigh blew into his ear, distracting him. The arrow sailed into the air, and came down again, landing a foot away from the target. Stobbart turned to Leigh, an annoyed expression on his face. "I believe you're supposed to hit the target, or am I wrong? After all I am a member of the lesser sex," said Leigh scathingly. George winced.

"You put me off," he said, taking another arrow from the ground. He aimed and shot again, this time hitting the target, not far off from the bull's eye.

"Not bad, for a man," commented Leigh coolly. George turned and smiled at her.

"I like you Leigh, I'd really like to get to know you better," he said.

"You're not daunted by the fact that I speak my mind, and that I am as good an archer as yourself?" questioned Leigh, slightly surprised.

"Not at all. You don't find many women who are as courageous, intelligent and beautiful as you are," flattered George. Leigh took her bow from George and turned to the target. She grabbed and arrow, arming the bow and shot at the target. This time she hit the centre of the bull's eye. She then turned back to George and looked him over. He was handsome, but he was also a jerk. He thought she was a novelty, and he would really like to win over a women such as herself, just to prove that man were superior. That's how he thought anyway.

"Well Sir Stobbart, I am positive that we will get to know each other quite well in the days to come," said Leigh after a while. Stobbart smiled broadly and took her hand, kissing the back of it gently.

"If that is the case, then I shall be greatly anticipating the days to come then," said George. He dropped her hand and turned, walking back to the castle. Leigh shook her head and turned back to the target.


Fayette watched in disgust as she saw Leigh flirting with Sir Stobbart. Just who did she think she was? It wasn't enough for her to go after the hero of Hyrule, but she had to go after the hero of Moldera as well. Fayette grimaced. That rumour she'd started about Leigh hadn't spread as well as she'd hoped, men were still interested in her. She needed to find out a way to get rid of Leigh for good, or at least tarnish her enough to make her want to leave. At that moment she saw Zelda approaching, and a smile spread across her face. She flounced over and smiled at Zelda sweetly. Zelda was too busy watching Leigh hit the target perfectly over and over again, to take much notice of her own step-sister. "She must be using magic," muttered Zelda.

"Oh yes, I totally agree," supported Fayette, looking over at the heroine. Zelda turned to Fayette, noticing her for the first time. "She's such a thorn in our sides, putting her nose in where she's not wanted, always mucking things up for others. She's a very unhappy person, that's why she tries to break other people's relationships up all the time. She can't stand to see anyone happy. I even saw her flirting with Nick before, her hands were all over him. Poor Selina is too nice to even suspect Leigh of anything bad," said Fayette, still watching Leigh. Zelda listened with interest.

"I've tried telling Selina that she can't be trusted, but she just won't have it," agreed Zelda.

"I was thinking, she may have helped rid us of Ganondorf, but she never was proved entirely innocent of poor Ray's death, and those poor villagers in Ruto who she killed as well," said Fayette, giving Zelda a side glance. Zelda nodded her head slowly in agreement.

"For all we know, she could planning to use the sword again, only using Ganondorf's powers this time," added Fayette, waiting for Zelda to catch on. Zelda said nothing.

"If you ask me, she ought to be locked up," pushed Fayette finally. Zelda looked at Fayette. "Excuse me, I need to attend to some business," she said suddenly. She quickly departed and jogged into the castle. Fayette smiled and turned back to watch Leigh. Soon, that thorn would no longer be in her side.


Tadg looked around carefully. He was in the grounds of North Castle, searching for a suitable host. Ve had warned all of the Nightmares against this action, but what did he know? There was bound to be a corrupt guard in the grounds of North Castle, and if there was he, Tadg, would find him. He noticed that most of the guards seemed to have free run of the castle, and this would be very handy if he were able to take control of one of the guards. Tadg's plan was to gain the respect of his fellow Nightmares, he was sick of being ridiculed. To do this, he would kill someone important, such as the King. He would've attempted to kill the murderer of the great Ganondorf himself, but he was smart enough to realise that he would no way be able to penetrate the hero's defence. He could however target the King and Queen, he suspected neither of them would be very skilled in defending themselves and they would never suspect that one of their own loyal guards would try and kill them. Tadg smiled. Soon his name would be held in respect, rather than ridicule. He'd teach the rest of those Nightmares, oh yes he would.


As Zelda approached the throne room, Link appeared and caught her arm. She stopped and glared at him. "Did you enjoy yourself last night? With her? Did you both have a good laugh about how you'd pulled the wool over my eyes?" she snapped, clearly upset.

"You're talking rubbish Zel and you know it. I never went near Leigh last night, nor any other night for that matter," said Link, trying to establish eye contact with his wife.

"Link I believed you! I trusted you, I just didn't trust her. I wanted to make up last night, so you know what I did? I came to your room," said Zelda, her eyes beginning to redden. Link dropped Zelda's arm and blinked. He felt like he'd been hit in the stomach. He stepped back. "Well? Was she good? Maybe not, if you're trying to make up with me," said Zelda, her face hardening.

"Oh god Zelda, no. You, you've got it all wrong," said Link desperately, he stepped forward, trying to take Zelda's hand.

"Link, this marriage is as good as over, I'm sorry if I couldn't make you as happy as she obviously can," said Zelda bitterly. Link swallowed.

"Please Zel, you have to listen, I can explain…" started Link.

"I don't have time to listen to you Link, I don't want to listen to you, all I've heard in the last few days from you is lies," went on Zelda. She pulled her hand away and pushed past him.

"Zelda! I wasn't with her," called Link as she strode down the passage. He felt physically sick. "Fayette was right about you Link, and I'm so sorry about that," said Zelda down the passage. Link watched her go, he fell to his knees. Zelda's words echoed through his head "this marriage is as good as over." He leaned back against the wall and covered his face with his hands. Shaking his head in disbelief he wept.


Leigh walked over to the target, examining it critically. She'd managed four bulls eyes, the rest were just scattered around it. She'd split three arrows. Shaking her head, she vowed she'd try and give that up. It'd just meant making more arrows. She pulled the rest from the target and placed them into their quiver. Suddenly, she felt four arms grab her shoulders, and she let out a gasp of surprise. She tried to struggle out of the grasp but it was impossible. "You're coming with us lady!" said a gruff voice.

"What's going on?" demanded Leigh, trying to get a good look at the man with a gruff voice.

"You're being arrested and put on trial," answered a female voice. Leigh turned and saw Zelda.

"What?!" she asked, still struggling in the grasp of the two guards.

"For the murders of Lord Raymundo Arguelles, Anders Kino, Anthony Altec, Shaun Trib, Alec Trenar, James Smith, and Alice Smith," replied Zelda.

"But I thought we'd sorted this all out! It was Ganondorf, not me," protested Leigh.

"That's what you'd like us to think," grunted the other guard.

"For Christ's sake, I wasn't anywhere near Ruto when those people were murdered," insisted Leigh.

"Who is this Christ? Some kind of demon you worship?" asked the gruff-voiced guard. Leigh shook her head in disbelief.

"No!" she cried.

"Come on lady, you're coming with us," said the other guard.

"Like hell I am," retorted Leigh. She elbowed both of the guards in the chest and slipped from their grasp. They both collapsed to the floor, breathless. Leigh strolled towards Zelda, who stood glaring at her. Leigh pointed an accusing finger at Zelda. "You know I didn't do those murders. You know I didn't. This is bloody ridiculous, and don't think I don't know what this is about," snarled Leigh.

"You keep away from me," warned Zelda.

"I kissed your husband. Once. That was the first and last time. But you know what, I'm through with apologising. You're the future ruler of Hyrule for Goodness sake, and you act like this? Like some petty teenager," continued Leigh. Zelda just watched coolly. The two guards grabbed Leigh again. "I'm not finished," said Leigh angrily, stamping on the hapless guards feet. They both cried out in pain, dropping her arms again. "I'll tell you another thing, I wish I had pursued Link further. At least then I'd be deserving of at least some of this," said Leigh, fuming.

"You'll also be charged for assaulting two of the palace guards," said Zelda smugly.

"I'll also be charged for this!" added Leigh, hitting Zelda in the face. Zelda shrieked and stumbled backwards, falling to the ground. "And one more thing, I enjoyed that kiss with Link, but I'm sure he never reciprocated the feeling, so give him a break," finished Leigh. One of the guards rushed forward to help Zelda up while the other grabbed Leigh's left arm and bent it behind her back. Zelda stood shakily before Leigh, a frown in her face. Leigh smiled, and hit Zelda in the face again. "And that, was for when you did the same to me, Your Royal Highness," said Leigh sarcastically. The guard who'd helped Zelda up stepped forward and grabbed Leigh's free arm.

"You'll regret that!" screeched Zelda angrily.

"No matter how much I'll regret it later, the way it makes me feel right now, it will be worth it," stated Leigh. One of the guards bent her arm back further, causing her to wince. "Take her down to the cells, I'll see her later," ordered Zelda. The two guards nodded and dragged Leigh down to the dungeons of North Castle.



"But dad!" Zelda whined.

"Dear, I really think that you're going to extremes," the King sighed.

"She struck me! Right here! Just because I had her arrested!" Zelda cried, pointing to her cheek. It was true, a bruise was beginning to form there.

"Zelda, I hate to tell you this, but you've brought in on yourself. Ever since Leigh has arrived you've continually accused her of crimes, and yet she's proved herself a valuable ally to the kingdom several times over!" the King said.

"Dad!" Zelda cried again, looking frustrated. She began to pace up and down the throne room. "Dad, she attacked me!" the princess stated again. The King rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

"You'll live," he finally said.

"It's an offence against the crown!" Zelda protested.

"I agree, such behaviour shall not be tolerated. However, it's nothing to throw her in jail for," the King finally said. Zelda slumped down onto the top step of the dais, her head in her hands. She began to sob. The King got up off his throne, and sat down beside her, drawing her into a hug.

"What's up, dear? Why are you so upset? This just isn't about Leigh, is it?" he asked.

"Oh dad," she wept, into his shoulder. At that moment, Fenella came in. Her brightly smiling face fell, as she saw the tearful scene before her. She rushed over, as best she could in her heavy purple gown.

"My goodness! Whatever's the matter?" The King looked up.

"Oh, I just think Zel's not feeling too well. Right dear?" he said to his daughter. She glanced up and saw Fenella, and burst out into more tears.

"Perhaps you should go back up to bed," Fenella said quickly, looking worried.

"No, no," Zelda wept. She looked at her father. "It's not just that! Leigh keeps coming between me and Link! She won't leave him alone!" The King looked surprised.

"Zelda, these are terrible accusations to make. I hope you have evidence backing your claims up," he said. Fenella looked shocked.

"Zelda, you must be imagining it! Leigh is the Avatar, after all. She wouldn't do a thing like that!" the queen exclaimed. Zelda pouted.

"She's ruining my marriage!" she cried, before standing up. "I want her to be put on trial immediately!" she added, before stalking out angrily. Fenella turned to the King.

"Oh dear, oh dear. I knew it wouldn't last. Too unsuitably matched," she whispered. The King shook his head.

"I don't believe that for a second. It's nothing but a little lover's tiff. Zelda can be… er… a bit, highly strung at times. Just like her dear mother." Fenella raised her eyebrows.

"Alina, highly strung? Surely not? I knew her since she was a child," she remarked. The King chuckled.

"Only sometimes, only sometimes," he smiled.

"Well, I'm just glad that my Faye is nice and easy going," Fenella stated.

"As is Link. He's a good influence on her. They'll sort things out, you'll see," the King vowed. Fenella looked cynical, not that her husband noticed. "Think of the problems it might cause, the poor, dear child," she murmured.

"Don't talk nonsense. I'm telling you, once Zelda has cooled down, whatever they argued about will be all forgotten," the King said confidently. Fenella nodded.

"Alright, I suppose you do know your own daughter," she smiled. The King smiled back in agreement.

"She's just like her mother, remember."


Later, Zelda lay upon her bed, staring down into her diary, pen in hand. She wasn't really sure what to write, she was feeling so confused right now. The whole room seemed so big and empty now that she was alone. However, she knew that she couldn't believe Link now. She'd gone up to his old room the previous, and he hadn't been there. If that hadn't been the ultimate betrayal, then what was? Oh, I miss you so much, Link, she thought sadly. The tears started streaming down her face again. If she and Link split up, life would feel like it wasn't worth living, and yet, she couldn't forgive him. He had vowed to love her, and only her, and yet he was flirting with Leigh, and maybe not just stopping at that. She got up off the bed, and walked over to the mirror and stared at herself. A beautiful, delicately featured young woman with long golden hair and deep green eyes stared back. Zelda knew she was pretty, and yet… Leigh is prettier, she thought bitterly. How I hate her! So much better than me at everything! Magic, archery, hell, she can even use a sword properly, the princess sulked to herself. She had to get rid of Leigh, whether the woman had helped, or not. She hadn't been very happy about her father's reluctance for a trial, but Zelda knew she always got her own way eventually. What did I do for you to lose interest in me, Link? the princess thought to herself, still looking in the mirror. I'm just not Leigh, that's it, she then thought resentfully. She let her eyes drop to her waist, and then her hands. There was a slight bump, not very noticeable to the majority of people, just to Zelda herself, and maybe Link. The first sign that she was indeed, with child. This sure came at a great time, she thought, frowning. She sighed softly, and wiped away a few more tears. The princess stripped down to her undergarments, then put a robe on. It was only 9pm, the others would still be up, down in the Great Hall, playing cards or dice or whatever, but she couldn't face them. Link could be there, and no doubt they would all want to know why Leigh had been locked up. "Probably blame me, say I did it on purpose," she muttered angrily. She hid the diary down the side of the bed, and then tidied a few items away. She jumped when the door to her room opened.

Of course, it had to be Link. He looked even more handsome than usual to her, with his hair all tousled up. He looked like he'd been outside. He regarded her with a look of longing, but said nothing. He promptly walked over to his wardrobe, and opened it. "Link…" she tried. He quickly grabbed a tunic, cloak and trousers.

"Zel, no," he said firmly.

"No, Link, please! Just… stay," she pleaded, walking towards him. "Just… hold me," she added, wrapping her arms around his shoulders. He relented, and hugged her back. Could it possibly be… "Tell me you weren't going to go," she murmured.

"Uhhh…" Link started. She stepped back.

"No, we can't," she said.

"What's this all about? Quit playing games and say what you mean. Are we making up or not?" Link questioned, a little impatiently.

"I can't… I can't forgive you," Zelda admitted. Link had heard her say that before. About Kylara.

"Why are you so insecure? Don't you see, you're backing us into a wall. We could discuss this forever and you'd never believe me. For both our sakes, believe me," he begged. She shook her head.

"I know what I saw. I'm not stupid," she snapped. She walked over toward the bed. "For the sake of Ewan, and my father, you'd better sleep here. But don't automatically assume that you're forgiven, because you're not," she stated.

"Maybe I don't want to sleep here," Link replied sarkily. Zelda frowned.

"Well, you can't sleep with her tonight, because I had her locked up," she replied, traces of smugness in her tone.

"No thanks to you," Link said.

"Yes well, it was my only choice," Zelda answered shortly.

"The dungeons are horrible, Zel," Link replied.

"I should know. The time I spent down there, that time," he added, remembering. Suddenly, Zelda's expression changed, as she also remembered. However, the look soon vanished.

"I'm sorry Link, but that's the way it goes. She has to be punished," she said.

"I don't know why," Link replied, looking angry and upset at the same time. Zelda fought to hold her tongue.

"Look, just drop it, okay? Come to bed," she said, getting in.

"I don't know why we bother, we obviously aren't getting along," Link said coldly.

"Look, don't you see, acting like that makes you look even more guilty!" Zelda accused.

"Oh yes, just assume that I AM guilty. I'm always guilty, aren't I? Jeez Zel, I hated to say this, but you're going to make a lousy ruler. You just always assume the worst for everyone, never give them a chance," Link retorted. Zelda stared at him.

"Link! How can you say that?" she cried, looking hurt.

"There, see how you like it," Link answered. Zelda turned onto her side, and began to cry into her pillow. "Uh, Zel, I…" Link started nervously. He didn't want to upset her too much. Just give her a taste of her own medicine, that was all. Quickly, he got undressed, and climbed into bed next to her. Despite how mad he was at her, he decided it was best not to give up her temporary truce. Zelda sat up, still crying.

"We are going to have another child together in less than five months! Why did you have to spoil it?" she wept.

"But I didn't!" he protested. She wasn't listening. He slumped back down, and pulled the covers around him. He wasn't sure if the situation was getting better or worse.

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