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The Fall Of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

Chapter 5

"We must ravage their dreams, and their realities," uttered Vassaco, the leader of the Nightmares.

"But in these forms, we are only equipped to destroy their dreams," argued Morticia, one of the two female Nightmares.

"Ah, but that it where you are wrong sister," started Ve. He was possibly the smallest, but smartest of the Nightmares.

"If a mare is a female horse, why aren't the majority of us female? Why aren't we called the Night stallions?" inquired Tadg. He was the stupidest of the Nightmares, none of the others liked him, but then, they all hated each other anyway.

"Because people have night MARES not night stallions," explained Ursula snappily. She was the other female Nightmare.

"But why?" persisted Tadg.

"Because, that is how it is. We are Night MARES, okay. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a figure of speech, don't ask me why, that's just the way it is!" snapped Vassaco angrily. He didn't like to be interrupted. He turned to Ve.

"Ah, well the way to inhabit their realities we must take on their own forms," started the Nightmare.

"And how do you propose we do that?" asked Xquiq casually yet with a smug air. He thought he was smart, he also thought he was the strongest but, sadly for him, neither of these were true.

"'Tis quite simple really, we find an appropriate human, one who is of weak will and mind, and inhabit them. We let them dream happily of blood and slaughter, twisting their already weak mind to our own will, then when they wake they will not want to forget their dreams, and so, we stay with them," explained Ve.

"'Twill never work, I've tried it before fool!" said Xquiq smugly.

"But, my brother, it will work. We are stronger than ever before, thanks to the great Ganondorf. I know it will work for I have already tried it," replied Ve.

"Oh of course you have," retorted Xquiq snidely.

"Watch you words brother, Ve is not one to be messed with," warned Ve.

"Oh no? We all know you are the weakest of the Nightmares, why should I be scared of you?" demanded Xquiq.

"Because I am on his side," replied Vassaco. Xquiq went silent.

"Good, now you all know the secret, we can go out there and begin to partially avenge the death of the great Ganondorf!" announced Vassaco.

"Before we depart, I must warn you. Only those of weak will and mind will allow us to inhabit their lives as well as their dreams. Do not try inhabiting Link or anyone in the castle for the power of good is too strong there, you would be destroyed in an instant. After a while, you will feel yourself growing stronger, when that time comes it is time to move on to another human, one who is slightly stronger. Kill if you wish, but be warned, once your human host is dead, you will be trapped with it. Escape before it is too late, am I understood?" said Ve. The rest of the Nightmares agreed. "The plan is that we infect, then infect the rest through speech. We will rally up those already bitter and force those not so bitter to come around to our thinking. We will then group together seven days from now and attack the Royal family. We shall dethrone and execute every last one of the Royals, as well as those who willingly serve them," said Vassaco, "Farewell," he added before disappearing completely. The rest soon left knowing what had to be done..


Leigh pushed open the door to her room. It was dark. Through the window she could see stars twinkling in the night sky. She sighed and walked over to the bed. She picked up a candlestick from the bedside table and tried to light it with a match. For some reason, it wouldn't light. Cursing she opened a draw in the bedside table, searching for another candle, but there was none. She grimaced and flopped down on the bed. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a swift movement near the balcony and before she could move, she was pinned down against the bed. The figure was cloaked and masked so she couldn't recognise her attacker even if she wanted to. Then, she saw a flash of a blade as it was brought down towards her neck. She used all of her strength to push her attacker away, thus dodging the what would've been fatal blade. "What do you want?" demanded Leigh, leaping form the bed.

"I want you dead!" replied the voice. Leigh froze. That voice, it was so familiar. It was the Guardian's. She reached down the side of the bed and grabbed her sword, it wasn't the black sword, just her trusty Mage bane. Still quite impressive though. She swished it through the air in front of her, casting it's light into the corner of the room where her would be assailant stood. She realised what a dangerous situation she was in, she was already drunk, her reactions and strength weren't what they should be, and it seemed her attacker was under the influence of the most powerful evil she knew. The figure charged forward and knocked the sword from Leigh's hand and pushed her to the ground. The figure placed it's boot upon her throat, applying a little pressure. If they pushed hard enough, they would crush her throat, not allow her to breath. It wouldn't take that long to die. "Really Avatar, I expected a better challenge," boomed the voice mockingly. Leigh shot her arm forward and grabbed her attacker's foot and pulled it away, causing them to fall. He, if he was a he, fell on top of her. She let out a wheeze then pushed him off her and grabbed her sword. She was about to plunge the sword into his chest when he grabbed the blade and pulled it away. Leigh stood there motionless for a second, then kicked her attacker in the face, hard. Letting out a roar of anger, he stood up and pushed Leigh to one side. "I will be back Avatar, and next time I will be stronger. Next time you will die!" declared the attacker. He pushed open the balcony doors and ran outside. Leigh followed him, but he was gone by the time she had reached the doors. She looked around, trying to spot movement, but saw none. She stepped back off the balcony, and closed the doors, turning the key in the lock. She shivered and put one hand up to her neck. She considered going to tell the guards, but what could they do? Whoever it had been was long gone by now, and she couldn't do anything about it. She tried lighting the candle again, this time it worked. She let out an annoyed growl, then retrieved her sword from the middle of the room. She then locked the other door and slipped out of her dress and into her night dress. She put the sword out of sight, by the side of her bed, then got in. She pulled the covers around tightly, up above her chin. It was going to be a long night.


The next morning, the royal family had its own private breakfast. Everyone turned up, apart from Zelda. Link had no doubt that she was still up in her room, sulking. Fayette was looking extremely smug for some reason. Link wondered if it was because Zelda wasn't there, or because she'd got lucky with Sir Stobbart or someone. As he took a slice of toast and began to butter it, he noticed that she was actually smiling at him. "Hmmm," she remarked out loud, to no-one in particular. "I wonder where Zelda is?" Link wished he could kick her under the table for that.

"Yes… Link, is she okay?" the King asked, looking a little worried.

"Uh…." he began. "She's uh… not feeling too well, Your Majesty," he said hurriedly.

"Well isn't that a coincidence?" Fayette drawled slyly, giving Link a meaningful look.

"Shut up Faye," he warned irritably.

"Link, don't talk to Fayette like that," Fenella said a little huffily.

"Where's the coincidence?" the king questioned. Fayette opened her mouth to speak, but Link jumped in first.

"Oh, she wasn't feeling too well at the party last night either."

"This is most worrying. Perhaps I better go and see her, with the castle physician," the King said, preparing to get up. Link placed a hand on the King's arm.

"Oh, I'm sure that won't be entirely necessary. She's just… she probably has some of those pregnancy pains or something," he said.

"Well, I'm still a bit worried about her," the King said.

"I'll make sure she's alright, don't you go worrying about her, okay?" Link said, in a reassuring tone. The King relaxed.

"I suppose you're right, Link. But if she gets any worse, don't hesitate to inform me," he said.

"Of course," Link nodded. He stood up. "Well, I'm going to go check on her, and then do some training," he said. The King waved him away, and smiled.

"Okay, we'll see you later," he said. Fayette quickly stood up.

"Uh, I have some things to do too," she said.

"But darling, I thought we were going to take the children out for a walk," Fenella said.

"Later, mother," Fayette replied, quickly walking towards the door. "Faye!" Fenella called after her. Fayette ignored her. She had to catch up with Link.

"Hey, Link!" she called. He was walking slowly along the back passage, towards the north east tower. He turned, but stayed where he was. Fayette walked up to him. "You got out of that one easy enough," she whispered.

"What are you talking about?" Link asked.

"Oh, the old 'she's not well' excuse. We all know why Zelda wasn't at breakfast," Fayette continued.

"Alright, if you're so smart, why wasn't she?" Link said coldly. Fayette raised her eyebrows.

"Why, she didn't want to face you. Although, I'm not surprised, after last night's little drama." Link sighed, and began to walk away again. Fayette grabbed the back of his tunic. "Link!" she said sharply. He turned back to face her.

"Look Faye, I don't want to talk about it. Especially not with the likes of you," he said angrily. Fayette leaned closer.

"Listen, Link. Daddy dearest back in there loves his daughter very, very much. If he were to find out that you'd been fooling around with someone else, I'm sure he wouldn't be very happy with you," she hissed. Link swallowed nervously. That was true enough.

"I haven't been, though," he said.

"Look, I don't really care if you have, or you haven't. The point is, Zelda believes you are, and if I were to mention this to Harkinian, she'd no doubt back me up. Then you wouldn't be quite so the wonderful son in law, would you?" Fayette said snidely.

"Faye, what are you exactly trying to gain? To hurt Zel?" Link questioned, looking a little confused.

"Not really. No, what I'm really after is your help," Fayette explained.

"Help? In what?" Link asked. Fayette leaned even closer.

"Listen. I want to marry Nick, and nothing, not even your precious friend Selina, is going to get in my way. Problem is, I need to get rid of her, first."

"What?!" Link said, looking shocked. "Link, if you don't want this… how can I say… scandal, to find its way to the King, I suggest you help me out on this," Fayette replied.

"No… no, I couldn't do that," Link said, backing away.

"Your reputation is on the line here. Not even Zelda's going to help you out on this one," Fayette said. Link nodded slowly.

"You can't make me do that to a friend, though Faye. It's just not on," he replied.

"Meet me tonight, somewhere… private. I know, come to my room. Or is that a little too… well, you know. How about the library?" Fayette suggested.

"I don't know… this isn't right," Link said, shifting nervously from one foot to another.

"It's not like you have any choice," Fayette answered smugly. She turned on her heel, and flounced away, back towards the Great Hall, leaving Link just standing there.


Zelda sighed, and attempted to sit up. The sunlight was filtering brightly through the curtains, all too cheerfully for her liking. It was probably way past breakfast time, but she didn't really care. Feeling hot, she kicked the heavy blanket off the bed, and just lay there for a few minutes. "Oh, I might as well get up," she said to herself, with another heavy sigh. She stood up, and walked over towards the window. She pushed the curtains back, and the room was immediately bathed in sunlight. Zelda leaned down and picked up the dress she'd discarded the previous night, and placed it in her laundry basket. Some good that did, she thought to herself a little angrily. She paced over to the mirror and examined herself. Her hair was just a mass of limp curls now. "Some good the new hairstyle did too," she muttered out loud. Grabbing a brush, she attempted to comb through the tangle of golden strands. Goodness, I can't believe that Fayette and Selina put up with this every day. Last time I ever have curly hair, she thought in frustration. She finished brushing her hair back straight, then wandered over to her closet to find a dress for the day. As she did, the door to the room was opened. Link walked in, looking a little nervous.

"Uh, Zel, don't get all angry on me. I just want to sit down with you and talk," he said.

"No thanks," Zelda answered shortly, turning her attention back to her dresses.

"Oh, okay, fine. It's your loss," Link sighed. Zelda chose a dark red dress, and walked over towards him.

"Listen, I wish you'd quit this. I have nothing to say to you," she said. Link sighed. He had to make up with Zelda, not just because he loved her, but also because Fayette was blackmailing him to help her out.

"Zel, I know you're upset and all, but…"

"Upset? Oh come on Link, I think that's putting it a bit mildly," Zelda answered.

"Alright, whatever. But for the sake of… Ewan, can't we just forget it all ever happened?" Link pleaded. Zelda blanched a little at that comment. She appeared to think about it for a moment, her expression still pale.

"Look, it's a bit difficult, don't you think? That's what we always do, and it never works," she finally said.

"Please Zel, I'm really sorry," he tried. She softened a little.

"Well… we'll see how it goes," she murmured.

"However," she added, her voice suddenly hardening, "Leigh can leave this castle as soon as possible. I don't care that she helped us out, or whatever. She can get back to Sosaria."

"I was afraid you'd say that," Link replied.

"See? There you go again. If you want to make up with me, then you'd better start backing me up," Zelda said. Link sighed.

"I like to make my own decisions Zel, you know that," he replied. Zelda bit her lip.

"Look, the only thing I want, is Leigh out of this damned castle. Now, my father won't listen to me alone, so I'm going to need your help."

"Zel!" Link exclaimed.

"Look, I hate her! Look at all the trouble she caused!" Zelda replied, folding her arms.

"She helped us, Zel, you have to give her that!"

"So everyone keeps saying. We'll reward her suitably, and she can go," Zelda said firmly.

"It's not very hospitable though," Link answered.

"Well if you ask me, she's being a little bit too hospitable herself. Especially with you," Zelda remarked.

"Oh, don't start all that again," Link said.

"Yes well, if you don't mind," Zelda said, taking hold of his arm. She led him over to the door. "I'd like to get ready in peace," she murmured, firmly closing the door behind him. Alright, help or no help, I'll get rid of her, the princess thought to herself.


Xquiq smiled. He had found the perfect human to inhabit. The man, named Harris, was well built, but perfectly stupid. People weren't afraid to push him around because he didn't know it. So, he was stupid and a regular human doormat, that was the same as being weak-willed and weak-minded wasn't it? At the moment, Harris was napping, on the job. He snored softly under the shade of an elm tree, totally oblivious to his surroundings. Xquiq stole toward him, allowing him to be drawn towards the man's dreams. It didn't take long. As it turned out, Harris had been dreaming of bunnies and flowers, but the dreams soon took a sinister turn. As Ve had told him, fill their heads with blood and slaughter, but let them enjoy it. He did that alright. Perhaps Ve was a smart as he claimed to be after all, considered Xquiq. This wasn't going to hurt Harris at all.


Link walked away from his room feeling terrible. Nothing was even going on between him and Leigh, nothing ever had. Not that Zelda believed him. And now Fayette was using Zelda's distrust against him. He slumped against the wall. He couldn't help either of them, yet if he helped Zelda Leigh would end up being thrown out, and if he didn't help Fayette she'd go and tell the King that he was having an affair with Leigh and they'd both end up being thrown out. He couldn't help Fayette because Selina and Nick were two of his greatest friends, how could he hurt either of them? The only solution to this puzzle was to either get Zelda to forgive him, or at least accept him back, or try and persuade Fayette that Nick was wrong for her. He sighed and shook his head. Life had been so simple, so good before Ganondorf turned up. He also had to admit that things would be far easier if Leigh had never shown. But he didn't regret getting to know her. He really liked her, as a friend. He wished Zelda wasn't so jealous, so insecure about things like that. "Penny for 'em," interrupted a small voice. He turned his head. It was Sprite. Of course! He thought, if anyone could help him, Sprite could. "Hey, have you heard the latest rumour?" asked Sprite thoughtfully. So much for her being interested in his life. Link shook his head.

"Probably not," he said wearily.

"Well, a little bird told me that Leigh was exiled from Sosaria for having an affair with King's wife-to-be!" said Sprite excitedly.

"What? Who told you that?" asked Link angrily.

"Um, I really can't say," said Sprite uneasily.

"And you believe it? It's ridiculous!" exclaimed Link.

"You're only saying that because, well," started Sprite, she paused and shifted her feet.

"Because what? Why does everyone think me and Leigh are more than friends? It's just ridiculous!" demanded Link, his anger rising.

"Well after that kiss you two had," said Sprite. Link glared at Sprite.

"You! You were the one who told Zelda! I can't believe you Sprite. You're supposed to be my friend, my guardian faerie. Not a snitch to Zelda!" spat Link furiously.

"Uh, no, I just heard," started Sprite.

"Navi was right. You are nothing but a stand-in, and a poor one at that!" continued Link, oblivious to what the faerie was saying.

"What!? Navi!? Better than me?! I hardly think so!" argued Sprite haughtily. Link snatched the faerie with one hand.

"If you want to redeem yourself, you go and convince Zelda that there is nothing going on between me and Leigh AND that Leigh should stay in this castle!" said Link. "That might be a little difficult…" protested Sprite.

"I don't care. If it hadn't been for you stirring things in the first place none of this mess would've happened in the first place," said Link, cooling down a bit.

"Fine. I'll show who the real faerie is round here!" promised Sprite. She kissed Link on the tip of his nose before flying resolutely down the corridor, towards Zelda's room. Link smiled and stood back up, shoving his hands in his pockets. He began walking down the corridor, turned the corner and bumped into Fayette.


"Can't I ever get away from you?" asked Link, his mood dampening.

"Maybe I should be asking the same question," retorted Fayette with a sweet smile. Link gave her a look of disgust before trying to push past her. As he did Fayette grabbed hold of his arm and yanked him towards her, planting a firm kiss upon his mouth. A surprised Link pulled away and stepped back. "I've always wanted to do that," said Fayette, giving him a seductive look.

"Fayette, you are not funny," started Link.

"Temper, temper Link. Daddy dearest isn't too far away," warned Fayette.

"You're sick, d'you know that? No-one acts the way you do!" Link told Fayette angrily.

"That's what allures the men don't you think?" replied Fayette with a smile.

"What men?" asked Link scathingly.

"Oh, let me tell you, there are plenty," assured Fayette with a knowing look.

"I doubt it," snorted Link. He turned away from her, deciding to take the other staircase.

"Have you come to a decision yet?" called Fayette after him. Link turned around.

"Fine. I'll help you Fayette, anything to shut you up," he said, crossing his fingers behind his back. He was only saying this to buy time, time enough to get Zelda to come round. Fayette smiled with satisfaction.

"Tonight, after midnight, in the library, or if you'd prefer, the bedroom," said Fayette. Link ignored her and turned away. At least, he supposed, if he knew what Fayette was planning he'd have a good chance of foiling her plans.


Sprite managed to push the door open wide enough for her to enter. Zelda was sitting on the bed, looking out of the balcony windows unhappily. "Hi!" the faerie chirped, alighting herself on the bed. Zelda turned and looked at the faerie.

"Why does he like her so much?" asked Zelda, not bothering to exchange a greeting.

"She's a nice person," replied Sprite, even though she hardly knew Leigh at all.

"She isn't. She's wanted to break me and Link up from day one, and he still doesn't realise, or he doesn't want to," retorted Zelda.

"No, she was just mad that day," said Sprite lamely.

"Well how come when I'm mad I don't go up to the nearest married guy I see and try to seduce him?" demanded Zelda. Sprite took a deep breath.

"Look, you know how I was the one who said they'd kissed," started Sprite, hoping this would work.

"Yes," agreed Zelda.

"It was a lie. She kissed him, but only because she thought he was her long lost husband," lied Sprite. Zelda raised her eyebrows.

"If you're going to convince me they're just friends you're going to have to better than that," said the princess.

"Okay, they did kiss, but it was one sided. Link is not having any kind of a relationship with Leigh, nor does he want to. She didn't realise he was married, not to you anyway," tried Sprite.

"Well if she'd known he was married to me, I would've doubted that she would have tried anything in the first place," said Zelda.

"She's sorry, she really is. I think the reason why Link is being so nice to Leigh is because he kind of attacked her," went on Sprite.

"What?" asked Zelda, interested.

"He nearly cut her arm off, he'd been poisoned somehow and it made him really paranoid. He tried to attack Dion too," continued Sprite. Zelda folded her arms.

"It still doesn't change a thing. You said yourself that they had organised a meeting last night, I hardly think it was to discuss business," said Zelda.

"Uh, about that," said Sprite. Zelda stared at Sprite.

"Fayette told me," said Sprite quickly.

"I don't believe you!" exclaimed Zelda, taking a swipe at Sprite.

"I thought it'd be funny," replied Sprite weakly.

"But what was Leigh doing outside, then Link appeared," asked Zelda, still not convinced.

"Fayette took Leigh outside, then she came in remember. You saw her come in," pointed out Sprite, daring not to sound too hopeful. Zelda nodded then shut her eyes.

"I can't believe how stupid I've been," said Zelda quietly.

"Oh I can, you're stupid all the time," teased Sprite.

"But what about that hug? It looked more than a little friendly," said Zelda suddenly. Sprite let out a silent scream of annoyance.

"They're friends, they hug. Zelda, Leigh has had a pretty bad time of it recently. She was kidnapped by a bunch of Tanolian savages and you know what they are famous for," pointed out Sprite.

"They probably wouldn't have had to rape her, it wouldn't surprise me if she'd invited them," said Zelda sourly. Sprite gave Zelda at thump on the nose.

"Where is your compassion girl? Did you not notice her drowning her sorrows last night? Link even asked her to dance but she still declined," went on Sprite.

"What!? Link asked her to dance did he?" demanded Zelda, angry again.

"Er, did I say Link, I meant, uh, um, Stobbart, he asked her to dance," said Sprite quickly. Zelda shook her head.

"I heard what you said the first time, I knew he liked her," said Zelda.

"He was trying to cheer her up, he is her friend you know," retorted Sprite, trying to rectify the situation.

"Too bad he didn't try to cheer me up," said Zelda bitterly. She stood up.

"Go on Sprite, leave. Before you make those two look any worse then they already do," instructed Zelda.

"But.." started Sprite. Zelda turned.

"Now," she said angrily. Sprite got off the bed and flew to the door, muttering as she went. "Don't say I didn't try," she murmured as she left.


Link sat on a bench in the grounds, polishing his sword, trying to take his mind off his current problems. Aaron approached, hold of a sword, bow and a shield. "Hey Link," he called, walking over to the bench. "What's up?" he added, seeing Link's rather despondent expression.

"Oh, nothing much. Just Zel in a bad mood about Leigh, that's all," he replied, holding his sword up to the light. Aaron patted him on the back.

"Don't worry about it. Aimée was a bit irritable when she was pregnant," he consoled.

"Hmm, maybe so. But Zel was alright last time. She just hates Leigh, I think," Link answered. Aaron stood up, placing his sword and shield on the ground.

"Oh, by the way, I said that kid could come and train with us. I hope you don't mind," he said.

"Sure, whatever," Link said amicably. A few minutes later, a young, sandy-haired boy came out into the courtyard.

"Hey Sparks!" Aaron called out, waving. Sparks jogged over.

"I got my own sword, and bow," he said proudly.

"Great! Well, I want to practise on my archery, so you can either do that, or Link might spar with you," Aaron replied, pointing over at Link. The hero stood up, sword in hand.

"Yeah, come on. Let's see what you're made of," he grinned, suddenly cheering up. Sparks came over, brandishing his own sword.

"By the way, Leigh taught me everything I know," Sparks smiled.

"Well, this ought to be interesting, then," Aaron stated, winking over at Link. The hero smiled back, then faced the young boy. "Alright, let's start."

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