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The Fall Of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Indigo_Spacen@mail.com)

Chapter 11

       "If we are going to attack, we attack now, so that we can lessen the chance that they will get to build up their defence!" insisted Drake, pounding his fist down into his open palm.

   "It makes sense, but something tells me we should wait," said Zelda uneasily. They were all gathered round the breakfast table, having eaten their meal they were now discussing a plan of action.

   "Look, there's no point in waiting, we should strike now, before they unleash any other ideas," argued Drake.

   "I'm not sure, perhaps if we found out more about them, we don't even know exactly what they are," said Selina.

   "Exactly. We don't know what they are, therefore how can we find anything out about them? I'm still convinced we should strike as soon as possible," repeated Drake, still convinced.

   "If we don't know anything about them, how can we even hope to fight them if we don't know their ways," pointed out Link. Leigh nodded in agreement.

   "They might not even be solid forms, just spirits, ghosts. We need to know more about them if we are able to defeat them successfully," she said. Zelda frowned. "Trust her to take his side," she thought bitterly. Drake held out his hands, exasperated.

   "We don't even know what they are, who they are!" he protested.

   "Yes, but we know who they follow," stated Zelda.

   "Oh, and who doesn't follow Ganondorf these days? Face it, they're just some spirits that Ganon probably released from the dark realm, and they want revenge," said Drake.

   "Ganon did mention that to me, although I was pretty whacked at the time," mentioned Link, nodding his head.

   "It could be anything, and probably something that we've never dealt with before. We just have to go in with our eyes open, and hope for the best," said Drake. Zelda shook her head.

   "Hoping for the best won't help us win, we need extra information!" insisted Zelda.

   She glanced out of the window, watching the rain for a moment. Ever since it had began raining last night, it had got harder and harder, without stopping. Drake followed her gaze. "That's another thing. That rain doesn't look like it's going to stop anytime soon. I suggest we make our way to the tower before it gets any worse," said Drake, adding to his list of reasons on why it was best to attack now.

   "I think that's as bad as it's going to get. Why don't we try and sit it out?" reasoned Zelda.

   "Sit it out? This is the weather we are talking about. It'll probably end up going on for days, hell those things might even be able to control the damn weather. God knows that amulet could, and they're residing in the tower of the guy who made it!" pointed out Drake. Zelda shook her head and stood up, walking to the window.

   "I think we'd be better off waiting until the rain dies down. We need at least one thing on our side if we're going to go into this blind," said Zelda firmly. Drake stood up.

   "It could take days for it to die down, more time for them to prepare for us," debated the knight. Zelda turned around to face him.

   "It's not open for discussion Drake, so drop it," she told him.

   "But, as captain of the guard…" started Drake, before Zelda cut him off with an icy stare.

   "Drake, I think I know what I'm talking about. We wait for this rain to die off, then we attack," said Zelda.

   "But it's what they'll be expecting!" argued Drake.

   "On the contrary Drake, you don't know what they'll be expecting," retorted Zelda. Drake shook his head.

   "I still think," he started, not meeting Zelda's gaze.

   "Too be quite frank Drake, I don't care what you think. We wait until we have the natural elements back on our side, then we plan for action," said Zelda, glaring at the knight. This time Drake met the young heir's eyes.

   "I won't argue any more, but I will say that I think you're making a big mistake," he said resolutely.

   "I understand Drake, but it's for the best, trust me," said Zelda, managing to smile at Drake. He nodded and left the room. Slowly, one by one, the others left also, leaving only Zelda and Link.

   Zelda was still stood at the window when Link joined her. "Are you sure?" asked Link, finding himself agreeing with the knight. Zelda turned to Link, her eyes full of sincerity.

   "I'm sure Link, surer than I have been about most things recently. It's that rain, there's something, not quite natural about it," replied Zelda, somewhat wistfully. Link gave her a small hug.

   "I know what you mean, but I'm not sure if it's the rain. I get more of a feeling that it's the air, it feels," started Link.

   "Evil," said Zelda, finishing for him. Link nodded, a chill going through him. After all that had happened in the months previously, it felt like it was going to happen again. Link hugged Zelda a little tighter, hoping whatever it was, wasn't as powerful as Ganondorf. He wasn't afraid, fear wasn't in him, he just felt Hyrule as a whole had had it's share of evil inhabitants. Zelda turned away from the window and looked up at her husband. "Let's try and not think about it, just for today," she said, almost pleadingly. Link nodded and gave her a soft kiss, they were interrupted by someone entering the room.

   "Well, well. Aren't we cosy today?" asked a haughty voice. Link closed his eyes for a moment of frustration before turning around to face them.

   "Fayette," he said, not looking too pleased. He and Zelda were closer than they had been for weeks, no thanks to his wife's step-sister.

   "Can't you just leave us alone?" asked Zelda angrily.

   "Considering the two of you were on the brink of divorce not so long ago, you're certainly being pally-pally enough," said Fayette, ignoring her sister's pleas. Both Link and Zelda said nothing, but glared coldly towards Fayette. "Oh fine, I can tell where I'm not wanted," conceded the Sosarian.

   "Not half the time she can't," Link whispered to Zelda, who let out a small laugh. Fayette, who was not a person too keen on being made the butt of other people's jokes, just stared at them, but decided against speaking. She promptly walked out again without a word. "Thank goodness for that," sighed Zelda.

   "She's probably outside the door right now, eavesdropping," said Link with a small grin. Zelda gave him a sceptical look, both eyebrows raised.

   "It wouldn't surprise me," she said, "It would not surprise me."

   Zelda woke up to the sound of the rain hammering down on the tower roof. True, Hyrule sometimes did get bad storms, but in all of her life, the princess had never witnessed such a downpour as this. She sat up in bed, pondering. It surely had to be a magic storm, she thought to herself. Being careful not to wake Link, she slipped out of bed, and walked over to the windows. They usually kept them open in summer, but they'd had to put the shutters on yesterday, all around the castle. As a result, the room was in complete darkness, except from the pale light coming through the glass panes of the French windows that lead onto the balcony. It was morning, according to the clock, but it was so dark, that you could mistake it for still being night. Zelda slowly drew the bar back, and opened the shutters. Through the glass, she could see nothing but a torrent of water. It must have been pouring down off the sloped roof, she thought, barring the shutters once more. If anything, they drowned out the noise of the incessant rain. Zelda wondered how Ewan was. He'd been very withdrawn lately, ever since his ordeal with Ganondorf. And she'd been too caught up in her own personal problems to even worry about it. It made her feel bad, and for a moment, she wondered if she'd ever make a decent mother, let alone ruler. I'm so selfish, all I ever think of is me, she thought to herself sadly. However, shaking the thought from her mind, she climbed back into bed. There was really no point in getting up, especially since the rain didn't look like it was going to let up anytime soon. Link stirred a little, as she got in beside him, but he didn't wake. Sighing, she pulled the covers around them, and drifted back into sleep.

   Impa was worried. She lit the candles in the nursery, and pulled the thick curtains over the wooden shutters. It almost felt like winter again, the castle certainly felt cold enough. She kindled the fire, surprised that it was needed, But the main thing was to keep the children warm. A few minutes later, Fayette swept into the room, wearing one of her heavy velvet winter gowns. Her reddish-gold ringlets were in a state of disarray; obviously she hadn't had time to do her hair that morning. "Goodness, it seems that there's nowhere warm in this castle. How I wish I was back in Brynnel!" she exclaimed. Impa nodded.

   "I believe even in the winter, it's warm there," she said. Fayette nodded.

   "Yes. The children miss their homeland dreadfully, sometimes, but I wish to be with my family. I'm sure they will grow to think of Hyrule as being their homeland, someday," she said, running a hand through her thick hair. Impa sat down in the comfy chair by the fire.

   "But they mustn't forget their roots, my Lady," she said.

   "I guess not," Fayette said, looking down at the floor. Impa looked over the at princess sympathetically. It must be hard for her, bringing up four young children alone, she thought. "The children are just waking. Perhaps you'd like to dress them?" she suggested. Fayette nodded.

   "I think I would," she said, before walking through to the bedroom area. Impa retrieved a heavy book from a nearby table, and opened it carefully. This weather had a sense of magic about it... on a stormy day, just like this one, many hundreds of years ago, a new legend had begun. Impa wondered to herself if another chapter in the history of Hyrule was also about to unfold, during such a terrible storm. For now, all she could do was read up on the subject, and hope that nothing too bad was going to happen, while they were all imprisoned up in the castle.

   Sprite sighed heavily. She was sat atop the bedposts of Link and Zelda's four poster bed, just listening to the rain. Link and the princess were quietly talking about something, and normally, the faerie would have been keen to eavesdrop. But not today. She just felt too downright depressed. She also knew that Navi was somewhere nearby, and this made her feel worse. Lightly, leaving a trail of faerie dust, she fluttered down onto the bed. "Hi Sprite," Link said. Sprite folded her arms, and marched across the covers over to the pair.

   "What's wrong with you, then?" Zelda asked.

   "Oh shut up, it's okay for you," Sprite snapped. Zelda frowned at her, and then turned away to retrieve something from the nightstand. "There's something evil in the air," Sprite whined. Faeries were often sensitive to such things.

   "We know," Zelda said shortly, holding up a glass of water, and taking a drink from it.

   "Don't worry Sprite, it'll be alright," Link said, as cheerfully as he could. Zelda put the glass back down, and turned to smile at her husband.

   "Link, you know, I'm so glad that you always decided to stay in Hyrule. We'd have been finished without you," she said.

   "Oh Zel, I'm sure you would have been alright, but I guess you..." Link started.

   "Oh jeez, do you have to start all your meaningful stuff in front of me?" the faerie complained, sulking, as the two leaned towards each other for a kiss.

   "Shut up Sprite. You always ruin our fun," Zelda said lightly, before kissing Link. Angrily, she tossed some faerie dust at them, and flew across to the other side of the room. Unfortunately, Navi was sitting on the bookshelf there, looking smug.

   "What's the matter?" she questioned, fluffing up her dark wavy hair. Sprite scowled.

   "Zelda is a bitch, that's what," she replied.

   "Now to that, I'll agree. But I'll put up with her. I mean, she is Link's choice of wife, after all, and since I'm his guardian, I should respect that," Navi answered.

   "Excuse me? You are NOT Link's guardian! You got here like... let me see... at least ten years too late for one thing, no, more even!" Sprite exclaimed angrily.

   "Maybe I did, but I'm here now, and that's what counts," Navi replied calmly.

   "Look, you can just get lost back to the time you came from. Or, or... or go and find someone else to look after! Link is mine, so lay off!" Sprite retorted hotly.

   "You know, I pity your husband. You don't really love him, you just love Link instead!" Navi said, looking rather smug again. Sprite blushed guiltily.

   "I do so love my husband!" she protested.

   "Admit it, you'd give anything to be Zelda," Navi pressed.

   "Ha, no thanks. I'd just hate to be Zelda!" Sprite lied.

   "Really? I'd think you'd enjoy being her. I mean, after all, she and Link are married, and I bet they..." Navi started.

   "Shut up, and don't remind me!" Sprite answered sulkily.

   "Oh, I just knew it! You are in love with him, aren't you?" Navi questioned, barely unable to contain her glee.

   "So shoot me," Sprite replied dully.

   "You know... there is one way..." Navi said in a thoughtful tone.

   "Excuse me?" Sprite asked, wondering what her rival was talking about.

   "You know, the mind transference spell. Don't tell me you've never contemplated using it," Navi said.

   "Huh?" Sprite asked, still confused.

   "The one where you can swap bodies with someone. Well, minds, actually. You could use the spell on Zelda, and inhabit her mind, and her consciousness would be swapped to your body. So, well, you'd still be yourself, it would just be your outward appearance that would be different," Navi grinned. Sprite raised her eyebrows. She had heard of the spell before, now she came to think about it, but never thought of using it. It was rather tempting, she thought, glancing over at Link and Zelda. They were sat up in bed, arms around each other, peering at some book together. They're so boring, she thought critically. If I was married to Link, I'd be kissing him every minute of the day! Then she forced herself to stop thinking about it. It would never work, anyway, because Zelda would surely protest. She wasn't stupid, after all. Shaking her head, she glanced back at Navi suspiciously. Her rival was humming to herself, her eyes shut. Sprite had a feeling that the faerie was trying to get her into trouble. Ha, well it will take more that my love for Link to tempt me, miss stupid hair! she thought to herself. Navi ignored her cold stare, and continued humming to herself. Sprite resisted the urge to make one of the books topple onto the little wretch, and instead flew away, before Navi could trick her into anything else stupid.


   It had been raining heavily for three days now. Nothing but tumultuous rain. It never increased, or decreased in intensity, just kept falling. Already, the castle inhabitants were getting worried for fear of the moat flooding into the castle. Luckily, the fortified stone battlements kept most of the overflow under control. There was fear for how the villagers were faring. No doubt the inhabitants of Saria would be in great trouble, and possibly also the shanty village of Julis, too. Drake was getting impatient, but there was no way that any of them could venture outside. The rain was simply just too powerful. Link, Zelda and a few others were busy arguing about their options. "If we're supposed to be going to Midoro, imagine how wet it will be there! We'll die in the swamp, before we reach that tower!" Zelda stated imperviously.

   "Not if we're careful! The tower is in the mountains, we don't even have to go near the swamp," Drake replied.

   "I agree with Zelda; if the moat is flooded, imagine what the roads will be like," Link said.

   "That's why we should have got going, before it got this bad," Drake answered.

   "Do you know exactly what you're dealing with?" Impa questioned.

   "Well, no," the knight admitted.

   "But it's something evil!" Sprite exclaimed loudly.

   "And magic. Daemons, perhaps?" Zelda suggested.

   "Maybe," Link said, looking thoughtful.

   "Must be fairly powerful entities, if they could inhabit people," Drake commented.

   "Don't remind me," Zelda complained.

   "All may not be that bad. You just have to focus on the task ahead," Impa said wisely.

   "That's all very well, but we really do have no idea what we're dealing with!" Zelda replied.

   "We can hazard a guess," Link said.

   "And what good are guesses? What if we guess wrong?" Drake questioned.

   "We can't afford to," Zelda said.

   "And we can't afford for you to get yourself all in a state, Princess. You should be resting, what with your condition," Impa said, resting a hand on Zelda's arm, and looking at her imploringly. Zelda sighed.

   "I guess you're right. Perhaps I should go and lie down," she said.

   "Yeah, you do that Zel. Don't worry, Drake and me, and the other guys will handle this," Link said comfortingly. The princess nodded, and headed towards the door. Drake turned to Link. "So what now?" There was a loud crack of thunder.

   "I guess we just sit... and wait," the hero replied despondently.

   The rain stopped as abruptly as it started. It happened during the evening, far too late for anyone to venture out, and see the damage. Fayette was looking for Nick. He seemed to have been evading her lately, for some reason. She couldn't understand why she hadn't seen them; they'd all been isolated in the castle for days now. She supposed, feeling rather angry about it, that he was spending all of his free time with Selina. "How can he prefer that common tavern wench, to a refined lady like myself?" she pondered out loud. Gathering up her heavy skirts, she ascended the stairs up to the first floor. Perhaps, with any luck, he'd be in the drawing room. Fayette climbed the stairs, and then paused to check herself in one of the mirrors in the gallery. She had to admit, she looked particularly ravishing tonight. She'd worn her favourite dress, a purple one, with silk skirts, and a delicately embroidered bodice, puffy sleeves and a neckline bedecked with gold coloured lace. A chain of diamonds hung around her neck, and her hair was softly curled, and gathered up in places. Fayette knew she was prettier than Selina, and tonight, Nick would hopefully see that. She couldn't understand why Nick did find Selina so attractive in the first place. Her dresses were plainly made, and half the time, she dressed in men's clothes anyway. Her hair, though a nice colour, was far too thick and curly. True, her face was certainly becoming, she had a beautiful smile, and glittering green eyes, but they were her only redeeming features. Fayette scowled for a moment, considering this. She studied her face, mentally comparing it to Selina's. She had pale blue eyes, she wished they were a deeper hue. But her smile was just as attractive. I'm the most beautiful woman at the castle, she thought smugly. No-one else, maybe save Leigh, could even compare. What was it with the men around here? Link liked her boring step sister, and Aaron liked his quiet little seamstress wife. All the guys seemed to like Leigh, and quite a few liked Selina. But none of them had ever shown any interest in her. It was just too bad. She wondered if it was because she'd been married, and had four children. Or maybe, just maybe, it was Zelda, telling horrible untruths about her, like she'd been doing for years. Fayette scowled again, thinking about her step sister. Then she remembered the reason why she'd come upstairs; Nick. Putting her most charming smile on, she carefully opened the gilt, carved wooden doors that led into the Drawing Room.

   The King and Fenella were both sat in the comfortable chairs over by the fire. Link and Zelda were curled up on a couch together, looking through an old book. No-one else was in the room. Fayette felt disappointed. Fenella noticed her. "Hello Faye," she said pleasantly.

   "Oh great. Let's go upstairs," Zelda said, standing up and glaring at Fayette.

   "No need. I'm leaving," Fayette said, quickly walking back outside again. By some incredible luck, as she closed the doors, she heard footsteps coming up the staircase. A figure appeared, and Fayette knew at once that it was Nick. He smiled as he noticed her standing there alone.

   "Hello," he greeted in a friendly tone. Fayette smiled back shyly.

   "Hello Nicolas," she answered.

   "Still up? I thought you'd be asleep by now," he chuckled.

   "I usually am. But these days I just..." she trailed off there.

   "Just what?" Nick asked, looking a little concerned.

   "Well, I just can't sleep very well," Fayette admitted.

   "You should speak to Selina. She knows some great herbal remedies for insomnia. I used to get it, when I first escaped from the void," Nick replied, looking serious. It's always Selina, isn't it? Fayette thought angrily. However, she smiled at Nick and nodded.

   "Thank you. I'm surprised that I didn't think of that, I mean, Selina is a healer, after all." "And a very good one at that," Nick said, smiling. Fayette nodded again, feeling a little frustrated.

   "Maybe I need to exorcise my demons," she stated.

   "It always helps to talk, Faye," Nick replied. Fayette blushed with pleasure, as he called her by the shortened version of her name. It made her feel like they were close.

   "I guess. But I don't really have anyone to talk to," she admitted. Nick took her by the hand.

   "Well, it's such a pity that you and Zelda don't get on. A sister or brother is a good thing to have," Nick stated. Fayette sighed.

   "I do try," she lied.

   "I'm sure you do. But Zelda is... how can we say... perhaps a little... stubborn?" Nick said, laughing a little.

   "Well, maybe if I'd been nicer to her when we were younger..." Fayette started. Nick waved his hand.

   "Fayette, I always believed in second chances. I'm sure one day, Zelda will realise how lucky she is to have gained a sister, and you will be as close as I am, to my two sisters, and my brother," he said.

   "I hope so," Fayette said softly, casting her eyes to the floor. "Hmmm... you do seem a little down. Perhaps a chat would do you good. Come on, let's go somewhere quiet and talk, perhaps the library or the drawing room?" Nick suggested kindly. Fayette's heart leapt. Now she was making some progress here! He wanted to talk to her, alone!

   "The library," she said quickly. She'd never be able to make any sort of move on him, if Zelda was there. "The library it is," Nick said, leading her across the gallery.

   Nick smiled at Fayette before opening the door to the library. Fayette smiled back and entered the room. She looked around for a moment, no one was there. Nick entered behind her, quietly pushing the door closed. He walked over to one of the tables that stood in the middle of the library and gallantly pulled back one of the chairs for Fayette. She smiled and shook her head. "Why don't we go and sit in one of the window seats, it's more...comfortable," she suggested. Nick shrugged and nodded.

   "That's fine by me," he agreed amicably. He pushed the chair back under the table and joined Fayette in one of the plush window seats. She was gazing out of the window when he joined her. "So is there anything in particular you want to talk about or...?" asked Nick, looking directly at the princess. She turned her eyes away from the grey landscape, and fixed them onto Nick. She gave a little shrug, casually placing her hand over his.

   "It seems all like a dream, I keep expecting to wake up and find that he's still..." she started, her blue eyes beginning to mist over. Nick squeezed Fayette's hand reassuringly.

   "I know, I know," he said soothingly.

   "I have four children, they need a father. They don't understand why he's gone," went on Fayette, her voice wavering. She cast her gaze down to the floor, biting her lip uncertainly. Nick watched her sympathetically and dropped Fayette's hand, leaning over to hug her.

   "Come on, you're not alone on this. There are people who can help you through this, you're not alone," murmured Nick with a comforting tone. Fayette sniffed and wrapped her arms around Nick's neck, burying her face into his chest.

   "But is there? There's only you who seems to care, no one else wants to know," she said unhappily.

   "Of course they do," insisted Nick, taking a deep breath.

   "Who though? Zelda hates me, and so do the rest of them. Even Selina can't stand me!" wailed Fayette. Nick pulled himself away from Fayette, so that he could look at her face-to-face.

   "So I'll admit that you don't get on with your sister all that well, but that's just Zelda. You never got on as kids and she's as stubborn as you'll get. But you haven't shown anyone else the side you have shown me, you just need to get to know them better, and they need to get to know you. If you open up more I'm sure you'll have more people to turn to," said Nick firmly. He watched her carefully. Her eyes were blurred with tears, red lines streaked down her face. He smiled at her kindly and gave her another small hug. "You'll be fine, I promise you. Like I said, it's not like you're alone, you have four wonderful children who all love you to bits, you have your mother and step-father, and me," said Nick. This time it was Fayette who pulled away. She gazed at him, managing a smile. Nick smiled back.

   "It could be worse," she admitted. Nick nodded slowly.

   "Bad things happen to everyone, what happened to you was terrible I know, but at least you have family to care for you," pointed out Nick.

   "And you," added Fayette shyly. Nick nodded, averting his gaze, looking out to the rain drenched landscape. Fayette carefully placed her hand upon Nick's again. "It's just, if I had someone, like you who would always be there for me," she started, watching Nick carefully. He looked back at her.

   "I'm sure you'll find someone, I know it seems unlikely now, but you will," said Nick. Fayette smiled, lowering her eyes, looking down at her hand over Nick's. She had to admit, she had beautiful hands. Her fingers were long and slender, her nails immaculate and white. Her skin was a beautiful golden colour, helped along by the Brynnellian sun. On her left finger, there were two white bands of flesh, were both her engagement and wedding rings had been. Nick followed her gaze, noticing the two white bands of skin across her finger. He looked a little surprised.

   "I see you've removed your rings, I must admit, I would've though it was a little..." started the prince, trailing off.

   "Soon?" suggested Fayette. "I only took them off this morning, I couldn't handle the constant reminder of Ray," she added.

   "You should never forget him," warned Nick softly. Fayette smiled wistfully, shaking her head.

   "I couldn't even if I want to. I look at my children everyday and see him in them. I see than laugh and smile and talk, and all I see is him. I look in the mirror, and I see a part of him me missing, because he was part of me. And now he's gone, and I'll never see him again except in my children." Fayette's voice trembled as she spoke, the tears again falling freely. Nick squeezed her hand comfortingly.

   "I know this sounds like a cliché, but time is a great healer," said Nick, smiling a little. Fayette looked up at him and a small smile appeared.

   "You're right, it is a cliché," she said. Nick hugged her again. Fayette rested her chin on his shoulder.

   "There was another reason why I took the rings off," she said slowly. "There was?" asked Nick. "Because I think I may have already found that someone else," said Fayette. Nick cleared his throat.

   "Are you sure?" he asked, pulling away slightly so that he could look at her again. Fayette smiled, meeting his concerned gaze.

   "Except he's with someone else," she added nervously. Nick frowned.

   "Well I'm sure if you're meant to be with him, you will be," said Nick, not really sure what else to say.

   "Do you think?" asked Fayette hopefully.

   "Well I couldn't be sure but..." started Nick, he paused. "Do you care to tell me who it is?" he asked, feeling a little curious. Fayette took a deep sigh.

   "It's you Nick, can't you see? We would've been together anyway if it weren't for, well you know. You know you care for me, and more than in just a friendly way," insisted Fayette, the words rushing out. Nick opened his mouth, about to reply, when the door to the library noisily banged open. Fayette screamed inwardly, to see who had interrupted this moment.

   Leigh walked in, looking less than happy. She apparently didn't notice the two sat at the window seat, and if she did, she chose to ignore them. Nick stood up. "I'd best go," he announced, quickly heading for the library doors.

   "But wait!" called out Fayette, she stood up, straightening out her dress, about to give chase, when she noticed Leigh staring at her. She frowned. "Don't you have anything better to do?" demanded Fayette moodily. Nick had gone. Leigh turned her attention back to the book shelf.

   "As a matter of fact, I don't," she replied, pulling a thick leather bound volume from the case. Fayette glared at the heroine as icily as she could manage. Leigh looked back at the princess.

   "Can't you do any better? I must say, Zelda is far better at dealing out icy stares. She could freeze a furnace," commented Leigh infuriatingly. Fayette narrowed her eyes angrily. She hated being compared to Zelda, whatever the subject. "You seem to have that effect on men don't you? Why, you can even scare off Nick, and he can be pretty thick skinned to idiots like you," went on Leigh. She really didn't know when to give up. Fayette marched up to her and snatched the book from Leigh's hand, slamming it on a nearby table. She continued to glare at Leigh, oozing hatred. Leigh smiled, arching her eyebrows. "You really shouldn't treat books like that, I hear your step-father is rather proud of his library," said Leigh in a patronising tone.

   "You don't know when to give it up do you?" spat Fayette, furious with the Avatar. Leigh exhaled boredly, folding her arms. Fayette genuinely felt like tearing Leigh's head off.

   "I really don't know what you are talking about," she commented coolly. "Why did you have to come in like that? Why couldn't you be normal and come in quietly. It was you that scared him off," screeched Fayette.

   "Because if I were normal, well quite frankly, I wouldn't be me would I. However, compared to you, I'm as normal as you come," said Leigh, holding Fayette's stare.

   "You had to slam the door open didn't you? You had to make as loud an entrance as you could, just go and spoil MY moment, didn't you?" continued Fayette, completely ignoring the previous remark Leigh had made.

   "I may be the Avatar Faye, but that doesn't mean I have X-ray vision. If I'd known you were in here, I would've avoided you at all costs, because like most Sosarians at the moment, I can't stand you!" answered Leigh, her voice rising by a decibel or two.

   "Yes, well you'll be pleased to know that the feeling is mutual. And I'm not the only one who can't stand your smart little attitude. No-one in the castle can, and we'll all be glad when you're gone," retorted Fayette, her eyes burning. Leigh looked down at one hand, inspecting her nails.

   "I'm not the only one every hates in this place. You may not of noticed, but the only people who can tolerate you is your poor mother, and she doesn't really get much of a choice," said Leigh. Fayette took a step forward, drawing herself to her full height. Because of her stance, Leigh was a little shorter than the infuriated Faye.

   "You'll regret you ever said that!" said Faye menacingly. Leigh didn't seem at all bothered by the menacing warning.

   "Oh go jump," she said. Fayette stared at Leigh, galled at how she could've even suggested the notion. Leigh looked up at Fayette and smiled. "What's wrong? Cat got your tongue?" she asked.

   "Hmmph!" replied Fayette, before drawing up her heavy skirts and marching away from Leigh, towards the library doors.

   "Going somewhere? But our conversation only begun," said Leigh sarcastically. Fayette swung open the door, and walked out, slamming it behind her. Leigh rolled her eyes and sat down at the table where Fayette had slammed her book and opened it. "Thank God for that," she muttered under her breath, relieved that the little witch had gone.

   As soon as Fayette left the library she headed straight for Nick's room. There was no way she was going to let him slip through her fingers like that. If she didn't convince him now, there was a good chance she never would. Once she arrived, she didn't bother to knock, just barged in. As she entered, Nick had just been changing. He wore nothing on his upper half of his body. Fayette smiled and admired him for a moment, quickly turning back to the task at hand. She walked over to him, and before he could get a word in, she kissed him firmly on the lips. After a while he pulled back, crashing into a chest of drawers. "I'm with Selina now. I love her, no one else," he said firmly.

   "But can't you see Nick, there is no future in it. I know for a fact that Selina never wants to leave Hyrule, that would put you in a bit of a fix wouldn't it," protested Fayette. Nick ran a hand through his short hair.

   "Well if that is the case, I would never leave Hyrule," he said resolutely. Fayette shook her head.

   "You don't mean that. You know your country needs you, if you stayed, you'd be selfish," said Fayette, trying to lay the guilt trap. Nick appeared to think this over for a moment. Then he shook his head.

   "I have sisters, and a brother. Any of them could take the crown, I am hardly needed," he said.

   "True, but you know you are the right one for the job. If you were to stay in Hyrule, you would be shirking your responsibilities. I know how much you hate that," said Fayette. Nick said nothing. "And besides, I don't really believe that Selina loves you like you love her. She's just obliging to you because you're a prince. She's always had an eye on Link, and I still think she does," continued Fayette, taking advantage of his silence. Nick shook his head.

   "I..." he started, but then faltered, not knowing what to say. Or how to say it.

   "You know it's true Nick, you just don't want to admit it," said Fayette softly, stepping forward. Nick frowned. "I'm as dedicated to Selina as she is me, and nothing you can say will change that," he said.

   "You said yourself Nick, if it is meant to be, it will be," said Fayette.

   "You're right, but I don't believe that you and me were ever meant to be, and the sooner you let go of that notion, the better," said Nick, his eyes growing dark.

   "No Nicolas, the sooner that you admit that we are meant to be, the better. Selina isn't good enough for you, she's a common little wench who doesn't know love from lust," answered Fayette smugly. There was a short silence.

   "I thought the rest were wrong Faye, but you've proved them right. They'd all seen a side of you I've managed to miss, and know that I've seen it, I don't want to know you," he said. She looked at him in horror. "You and Raymundo, you must have had something, what, I don't know. But I know for one thing that Selina knows a lot more about love than you could ever hope to learn," said Nick, his tone of voice sad. He pushed past her and made his way to the door, opening it. "I'd like you to leave now Fayette," he said, his voice suddenly hard and cold.

   "But..." protested Fayette.

   "Now," repeated Nick. A lump formed in Fayette's throat, of despair and defeat. She walked over to were he stood, searching his eyes for a moment. They were like orbs of steel, cold and unfeeling. She looked down dejectedly to the ground.

   "We have something Nick and you know it. I can't wait for you to realise that forever," she said, hoping to salvage the situation. Nick opened his mouth and let out a sigh.

   "It looks like that's how long you're going to have to wait, because there is nothing between us, only in your mind," said Nick. Fayette let out a small sob and dashed from the room, Nick closing the door firmly behind him.

   As Fayette left the room, she saw someone standing across the landing. She quickly wiped her eyes, to clear her vision. It was Selina. She could hardly believe her misfortune. Selina walked across to Fayette, looking at her curiously. "What were you doing in there?" asked Selina, she didn't look happy. Fayette looked back to the door and then turned back to Selina. "Nothing, I wasn't in there," she replied shakily.

   "Faye, I'm not blind you know. I saw you come out of there clear as night and day," said Selina.

   "Uh, we were talking," replied Fayette weakly. A plan was forming in her mind.

   "Oh? What about?" asked Selina. Fayette stroked her hair thoughtfully.

   "Oh nothing much," she replied, smiling slyly. Selina noticed the smile as it played across her lips.

   "Nothing much? If you don't tell me, I'm sure Nick will," said Selina, getting a little annoyed at Fayette's coyness.

   "I'm not sure if he would," replied Fayette thoughtfully.

   "You wanna bet?" asked Selina, pushing past Fayette and walking over to Nick's door.

   "You might not want to go in there yet," called Fayette, conspicuously adjusting the sleeve of her dress. Selina eyed Fayette suspiciously, then knocked on Nick's door. Fayette tossed her hair, then airily made her way across the landing to her own room. Perhaps it wasn't going to be all that bad after all.

   Nick sighed and pulled his tunic back on over his head. He walked over to the door. He obviously wasn't going to be getting to bed anytime soon. He opened it, hoping that Fayette wasn't back for more. Selina was standing at the door, and she looked a little annoyed. "Uh, hi," he said, smiling at her. She didn't return the greeting. He noticed immediately that she wasn't meeting his gaze, but was staring at his mouth. "Oh no, Fayette wasn't wearing that much lipstick was she?" he thought, groaning inwardly. He tugged at his tunic, trying to achieve a better fit. Selina noticed this immediately. "Why was Fayette in here?" demanded the healer.

   "She wanted to talk," replied Nick, stepping back so that Selina could enter.

   "What about?" asked Selina.

   "What is this? Twenty questions?" complained Nick.

   "What about?" repeated Selina. Nick shrugged.

   "Nothing much," he replied.

   "Funny, Fayette told me exactly the same thing," commented Selina. Nick felt his stomach turn. What had Fayette been saying now? He sighed, knowing he would have to tell her everything.

   "She's got some crazy notion into her head that she and I are meant to be together," he said wearily, sitting down on the bed. Selina closed the door behind her and say next to him.

   "And?" she asked softly.

   "And I told her that it wasn't going to happen. I'm in love with you," answered Nick, he smiled at Selina hopefully.

   "So why have you got lipstick all over your face?" asked Selina. Nick swallowed uneasily. "She just barged in you see, I was getting changed and she caught me off guard. How was I to know she was going to, well, kiss me?" said Nick, feeling a little idiotic. Selina sat down next to him, reaching towards his face with her hand, wiping the smear of lip colour from his face. Then she smiled at him, and leaned forward to kiss him.

   "Thank you. Most men would've lied about the whole thing and tried to cover it up, but not you," said Selina, thinking of Aramis. She smiled at Nick gratefully.

   "No. Thank you. Most women would have gone ballistic at the truth," said Nick. Selina laughed.

   "Yeah, but I know Fayette," she pointed out. Nick raised an eyebrow in agreement. Selina stood up. "Well, I better go," she said quickly walking over to the door. Nick joined her to give her a lingering good night kiss. Then she left. Nick sighed in relief then walked over to his bed, ready to get some sleep.

   Fayette watched through the crack in her door as Selina approached. She looked annoyed. Fayette smiled, obviously everything had gone to plan, now that Nick realised Selina didn't trust him, he was hers. Selina pushed open the door before Fayette could even move, hitting her in the face. "Ow!" she moaned, stumbling backwards. Selina walked in.

   "I don't appreciate you trying to move in on Nick like that. And neither does he!" said Selina angrily. Fayette gulped and stood up, trying to ignore the throbbing pain in her nose.

   "I don't know what you're talking about," said Fayette as sweetly as she could.

   "You never do, but I'm warning you now, if you try anything like that again, I'll make you regret it," warned Selina.

   "I could have you jailed for that," threatened Fayette.

   "Oh like you did with Leigh? Look were that got you," retorted Selina.

   "That was Zelda actually," pointed out Fayette smugly. "You hardly helped the situation though did you?" said Selina.

   "Nick will soon be mine, can't you see? You're just a novelty to him. As soon as it wears off, you'll be back were you came from, the gutter," said Fayette harshly.

   "Nick isn't like that, we love each other," protested Selina.

   "He obviously hasn't told you what really happened in there," said Fayette.

   "Nick wouldn't lie to me. He isn't that way inclined, unlike some," retorted Selina, looking at Fayette meaningfully.

   "And besides. I don't believe that you truly love Nick, you're too busy searching for someone to replace the void Aramis left behind aren't you?" said Fayette. Selina said nothing, biting her lip to stop herself letting out a sob of pain at the mention of his name. "Yes Aramis. Your ex-lover, you weren't even engaged. I'd always known you were a common little wretch from the minute I set my eyes on you. You should have married him the first time he asked," continued on Fayette, enjoying the moment. Selina frowned in anguish.

   "How did you, how did...?" she asked, stumbling over her words.

   "What would Nick do if he found out his prospective queen wasn't everything she said to be," said Fayette.

   "You read my diary, didn't you?" accused Selina, as the situation came to light.

   "Little Miss. Perfect isn't as pure minded or bodied as she made out to be," went on Fayette, prolonging the moment.

   "How, how could you?" asked Selina, agony contorting her face.

   "I was bored," answered Fayette simply, as if that were a good enough reason.

   "How much did you read?" Selina dared to ask. She kept her inner most thoughts in that book, everything was in it.

   "All of it. It was a riveting read I can tell you. In fact, it was better than Zelda's, and she's written some interesting stuff in her time," Fayette said snidely. Selina slumped against the wall dejectedly. "You had no right," she protested, all of her spirit gone. "We were going to marry, he just spoilt it all," she continued, even though there was no need.

   "I'm sure Nick wouldn't be impressed if he found out you were comparing him to some peasant. Even more so if he were to find out he wasn't quite as appealing to you as Aramis had been," said Fayette slyly. It was nice to see someone like Selina on the receiving end for once.

   "I never said that," protested the healer. Fayette smiled.

   "You as good as did. I think you should go and review your relationship with Nick, because I don't think you are at all suited to each other. Or, someone might accidentally reveal some of the dark secrets of your past to a certain tall, dark king," said Fayette. Selina wiped her eyes and straightened herself up.

   "I'm not intimidated by you Faye, so don't think me and Nick are going to be breaking up anytime soon," said Selina determinedly.

   "I wouldn't count on it," said Fayette, smiling smugly. Selina averted her gaze from Fayette's and quickly left the room, wondering how serious Fayette really was.

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