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The Fall Of Evil

Juliet A. Singleton (Scullys@bigfoot.com) & Kirsty Singleton (Space@ignmail.com)

Chapter 3

Leigh sat down next to Link at the breakfast table, ignoring the sharp looks she was being sent from Zelda. Where was she supposed to sit? There was nowhere else. Drake stood up from the table and raised his glass. "I think this calls for a toast," he started.

"Here-here," chorused the rest of the sitters.

"To peace, and all those that may bear it," said Drake. Everyone at the table raised their own glasses and chorused the toast. Link stood up, raising his own glass.

"Before we begin, I think we should spend a moment to think of those who valiantly gave their own lives for the sake of Hyrule. We must think of those and their families who must be deeply bereaved," he said solemnly. Everyone nodded in agreement, and before eating their meal, they all spent a minute of silence for those who had died. Half-way through the meal, Zelda stood, glass raised.

"Well, if the captain of the guard can make a toast, then I really suppose, as heir to the throne, I should make one," said Zelda with a smile.

"Come on then, don't take all day!" said Dion with a laugh.

"Okay, okay!" obliged Zelda. She raised her glass high. "It's been a long few months for all of us," she started.

"You're telling me," agreed Drake with a grin.

"But we've all pulled through it and survived. We have all fought many battles, personal and physical, but we have reaped the reward for our strife. Ganondorf is gone, he will not be coming back, and we can finally sit back, relax, and kick back our heels!" Glasses clinked, followed by a chorus of laughter around the table. Zelda smiled and sat back down. When the meal was coming to an end, a guard appeared at the door.

"My Lady, there are two travellers who have requested an audience with you," he said, talking to Zelda.

"Bring them in," she said, and the guard quickly left.

"Wonder who it could be?" asked Link. Zelda shrugged.

"We'll soon find out," she replied. The guard reappeared, a young woman and an even younger boy in tow. The woman was quite striking, with fiery red hair and a full figure. The boy, looked about fifteen with quite a wiry figure and a head of bushy blonde hair. Zelda nodded to the guard, who promptly left.

"Your highness," said the woman with a curtsey. Leigh, who had had her back turned to the guests turned as she recognised the voice. When she saw the two, her eyes widened with surprise and she scraped the chair back and stood up.

"Katrina! Sparks!" she exclaimed in joy. Sparks let out a whoop of delight and rushed over to Leigh giving her a fierce hug. Leigh returned the hug, and after a few moments she stood away and gave Katrina a hug as well. She then turned to her surprised audience, a big smile across her face.

"This is Sparks and Katrina, they're both friends of mine from Sosaria," introduced Leigh. She then turned back round to give the two another hug, overwhelmed with joy. Drake, who noticed the pouting Zelda, quickly stood up.

"Welcome to Hyrule, the name's Drake, it's great to see you both," introduced Drake. The two Sosarians both nodded in appreciation of the knight's friendly welcome. Fayette leaned over to Zelda.

"She seems very keen on that lad, makes you wonder doesn't it," she whispered. Zelda nodded in agreement, not uttering a word as she watched as everyone gathered round to introduce themselves to the newcomers.

Zelda rooted through her wardrobe angrily, later that evening. She was trying to find a dress for the celebration party that was taking place that night, because Ganondorf was finally gone. However, she couldn't seem to find anything appropriate. She was also in a bad mood, because in the last two days, three strangers had shown up on her doorstep. Being good-natured, and enjoying the company of visitors, her father hadn't turned them away. "Goodness, it's like North Castle is suddenly the local inn or something," she muttered to herself. "Ohhh!" she sighed in frustration, collapsing down onto the bed.

"What's the matter now, Zel?" Link asked, seeing her sat there sulking, as he came into the room.

"Oh, nothing," she replied, standing back up. "I just can't find the right dress, that's all."

"I'm sure you'll look beautiful in whatever you pick," Link answered, somewhat distractedly, going to look out of the window. Zelda walked back over to her wardrobe again, and regarded the array of outfits critically.

"I just don't know… I think I need some new stuff," she complained, more to herself than Link. He walked over towards her, and gently nudged her to one side.

"Let's see," he said, glancing at her, then looking into the cupboard. He began to sort through the gowns. "Leigh's friends seem nice, don't they?" he remarked conversationally.

"I suppose," Zelda answered.

"Alright, how about this one?" Link suggested, showing her a shimmering grey off-the-shoulder dress. Zelda shook her head.

"I'll look awful," she protested.

"Don't be daft. You'll look fine. I want you to wear this, and show how beautiful you are to everyone in that room tonight," Link said firmly, placing the dress in her hands. He was pleased to note the reddish tinge in her cheeks, meaning she was secretly pleased. He smiled at her. "Okay, I'll let you get ready. I'm going to check on Ewan, make sure he's settled for the night." "Okay," Zelda answered. She watched him go out, and then turned to look at herself in the mirror.

"Still obsessing?" came a high pitched voice. Zelda turned to see Sprite hovering nearby.

"What?" she said in surprise. The faerie flew down and perched on top of the mirror.

"You're always staring at yourself. Jeez, Link thinks you're the most gorgeous woman in the whole world," she said, a little huffily.

"If he did, he wouldn't keep going on about Leigh," Zelda sulked.

"This is about Leigh?!" Sprite said in surprise. Zelda retreated behind the changing screen.

"This party will be the perfect chance for her. I'll be so busy entertaining the guests, that I won't notice if they…"

"Hey, hold it right there!" Sprite interrupted. Zelda came back out into the room, dressed in the silver gown.

"Yes well, he just seems a little too keen, if you ask me. He never shuts up about how 'wonderful' she is!" she retorted. Sprite shook her head.

"Link wouldn't do anything to hurt you Zelda. But if you don't trust him, well, I can't possibly understand how the two of you could have any sort of meaningful relationship together. He really would have been better off with me after all," Sprite sighed, in a melancholy fashion.

"Yes well, we did have a meaningful relationship – until Leigh spoilt it all. I really can't stand the fact that she's still here, after what she did! And now, she's inviting all her silly friends here too!" Zelda fumed.

"But Zelda, admit it. If it hadn't been for Leigh, we wouldn't have been rid of Ganondorf," Sprite replied.

"Look, okay, I'll give her that! But she still tried to come between Link and me. I just won't tolerate such behaviour! I can't believe she'd even try such a thing against someone as important as me!" Zelda answered, her voice rising a few decibels. She began to pace. "I'm practically the ruler of Hyrule for heavens sake!" she added. Sprite just shrugged.

"Will you ever learn?" she sighed.

"Learn what?" Zelda demanded.

"Just forget it, Zelda. It was in the past. Link cares nothing for her, and I'm sure she realises that now," Sprite argued.

"Yes, well, I'm going to make sure that I'm the most beautiful woman at the party this evening," Zelda said determinedly. Sprite let out a loud sigh, but the princess ignored her. She walked over to the mirror again. She smoothed the dress down. It fitted quite nicely, she supposed. And, it would make her stand out. "How about my hair, though?" she wondered out loud. It hung down in loose waves, softly romantic, but nothing exciting. She smiled to herself, and murmured the words to a clever spell. A rush of air immediately lifted her hair, and plaited it into two sections deftly.

"Ooh, very impressive," Sprite said sarcastically.

"Yes, well, that'll pull it tighter than I could myself. Now, I can work on my make-up more easily, then when I take my hair down again, it'll be in perfect curls," Zelda replied tartly.

"Who exactly are you out to impress?" Sprite questioned.

"Who knows?" Zelda replied shortly. She put on some soft lilac eye shadow.

"Hmm, if you really want to look so hot, why not try a more dramatic colour?" Sprite suggested. "Like... black!"

"Since when did I ask for your assistance?" Zelda questioned, sounding irritated.

"Well, sor-ree!" Sprite answered, offended. The little faerie clicked her fingers, and at once she was dressed in a beautiful golden sheath dress. "I love magic!" she exclaimed gleefully, flying down onto Zelda's dressing table. She admired herself in the table mirror. Zelda finished up on her make-up and jewellery a few minutes later. Link ducked his head in soon after.

"Come on Zel, Sprite. The party's about to begin!" he said.

"We're coming," Zelda said. She loosened her hair, and it fell down into perfect curls.

"Ooh, very vampy!" Sprite giggled.

"I'm trying to be beautiful, not… uh… well, you know!" the princess replied, suddenly looking a bit worried.

"Come on, you look fine. Stop wasting time, and get your grand entrance ready instead!" the faerie exclaimed. Zelda grabbed her tiara, and rushed out into the passageway.

The celebration was already in full swing by the time Zelda came down to it. She paused on the first floor gallery, looking down into the Great Hall below. The big double doors were open, admitting almost anyone who wanted to come. There was a great crowd of people gathered already. "Come on Zelda, what are you waiting for?" Sprite cried excitedly. She immediately flew downwards into the crowd. Zelda tried to find Link, and the rest, but it was almost impossible.

"Oh well," she sighed to herself. She began to descend down the stairs, greeting all of the guests. Most were people from the nearby towns, she even knew some of them. Fayette happened to be waiting nearby. She was wearing an elegant maroon coloured off-the shoulder dress, with a gold chiffon stole around her shoulders. As soon as she saw her step sister, she came sashaying over.

"Hello, dearest sister," she remarked loudly. Zelda cringed.

"We are not sisters!" she hissed under her breath. Fayette took her by the arm and dragged her over to a quieter corner.

"I must say, you look positively cute with those curls. Too bad I ditched that look years ago," she said, touching her perfect ringlets. She giggled. "We would have looked even more like sisters!" Zelda frowned.

"No thanks," she remarked sarcastically.

"What's the whole point of it, anyway? Trying to impress someone?" Fayette replied in her trademark syrupy tone.

"No, not really. I just felt like a change," Zelda lied. Fayette sat down on a bench, and pulled an unwilling Zelda down next to her.

"What's the matter? Is it Leigh… and Link?" she questioned slyly. Zelda glared at Fayette angrily.

"Shut up! Did you have to bring that up now?" she replied angrily.

"So it is about them!" Fayette exclaimed triumphantly.

"No it isn't!" Zelda snapped. "I just don't appreciate you putting their names together."

"Oh, well sorry. But you know, I'm just trying to offer my sisterly support. It can't be any fun if your husband is running around with some other girl," Fayette answered in her sweet tone.

"He isn't! For Hyrule's sake Faye, get the whole idea out of your head. It was all Leigh's fault," Zelda said sulkily.

"If I were you, I'd keep an eye on her. I mean, spirits may run very high tonight… we'll probably all end up drinking too much… if you get my meaning," Fayette answered. Zelda stood up.

"You're probably right, but in my opinion, Leigh's not the only person I'll need to watch around here!" she retorted, looking meaningfully at Fayette. Fayette raised her eyebrows.

"Goodness, as if I'd do anything to hurt you, Zelda!" she said in an incredulous tone.

"It might not be me who you hurt. I know what you're up to, Faye, so I'd be careful if I were you," Zelda replied.

"Oh, touchy," Fayette said in a hurt voice. Zelda just ignored her, and went off in search of her friends.

"Oh Leigh, you were a genius!" Drake laughed heartily. The pretty heroine blushed.

"Uh, it was nothing," she smiled.

"But we certainly couldn't have done it without you," Selina added graciously.

"I'm sure you would have sorted it out some other way," Leigh said truthfully. Link smiled.

"Uh, maybe. But hopefully Ganondorf is totally finished now. Well, at least, he won't be bothering us for a very, very long time."

"I'll try and destroy the sword. When that happens, hopefully Ganondorf will be destroyed too," Leigh said.

"Or we could drop it into the magma pits in the underworld," Aaron suggested.

"Or lock it up in an enchanted chest, and drop it to the bottom of the deepest ocean in Demiari," Damon suggested. At that moment, Nick and Charles came over, with George in tow.

"What have you amigos been up to?" Dion grinned.

"Oh, nothing much. Some business with the King," Nick said. "Well, you can enjoy the celebrations now, since it's all sorted," Selina smiled. Nick sat down beside her and gave her a hug.

"I'm going to take George here to meet some other people," Charles said.

"Alright, but be quick. I'll be serving some mighty good ale and vintage wine shortly," Drake said.

"Okay, I'll remember that," Charles said.

"Hang on, I'll come with you. I need to find Aimée," Aaron said. The three disappeared back into the throng of people.

"That reminds me, where's Katrina and Sparks?" Leigh suddenly spoke up.

"Oh, I let Katrina have a look in my room for a dress to wear," Selina said.

"Hmmm… that's just like her, taking ages to get ready," Leigh laughed.

"And like Zel. Well, usually, she's not too bad. But I wanted her to come down with me, and she didn't," Link said, suddenly sitting up, and trying to scan the crowd for any sign of his wife.

"I think I saw her with Fayette," Nick said helpfully. Link nodded.

"Oh, okay." "Don't worry about her. All I want to do is celebrate!" Drake remarked. He sat down next to Link and Leigh on the bench.

"We'll go and get some of the drink," Damon suggested.

"Yes, go on guys, all of you go and help," Selina ordered.

"Oh… okay," Nick said, standing up too.

"I'll wait here and look after the ladies," Drake said.

"No, you're coming down too," Link said firmly, pulling the knight up. They all headed in the direction of the cellar, to bring up their own private supply of drink.

Zelda noticed her friends sat in their usual corner. Drake was setting some mugs and glasses upon a table that he'd pushed into the vicinity. Damon was unpacking a cask, and handing a some bottles of ale to Dion, who was placing them upon the same table. Link was sat on one of the benches, in between Leigh and Selina. Nick was sat next to them as well. As Zelda came over, Leigh stood up. "Uh, I think I better go and find Katrina and Sparks," she said quickly. "I'll come with you," Selina offered. Zelda regarded Leigh a little coldly, then went to sit down on the bench. She purposely didn't sit particularly close to Link, or Nick, for that matter.

"Oh, hi Zel," Link said amicably.

"Hey guys, catch!" Drake announced, flinging bottles of ale at both Nick and Link.

"Drake, be careful!" Zelda snapped.

"Uh, just testing reactions, your Highness," Drake answered hastily. Link shifted over up to bench next to her.

"Come on Zel, smile. This is a big party, after all! We're meant to be happy!" he said, in the same good-natured tone.

"I like your hair, you look beautiful," he added. Zelda smiled a little, but she was still mad about Leigh.

"Was it Fayette? Did she make you upset?" he asked questioningly.

"Of course not," Zelda answered quickly. "It's just I don't appreciate the fact that every time we're doing something like this, you and…" However, her words were interrupted by the arrival of Leigh, Selina, Katrina and Sparks. Leigh, much to Zelda's annoyance was looking something like an angel, in her simple but elegant white shift dress. Some of her hair had been intricately braided too. Her friend Katrina was in a lovely pale blue lacy gown. The young boy was just wearing a smart tunic and trousers, like most of the other men around.

"It's okay if Sparks attends the party, right? I mean, he is almost seventeen," Leigh remarked brightly.

"Yeah, sure. Young Aaron was hanging out with us when he was only sixteen," Drake laughed.

"Oh, I'm so excited to be at this party!" Katrina gushed, rather annoyingly.

"We have parties like this all the time, dearest," Drake admitted. "Except this is an extra special one," Link added.

"Here little amigo, come and sit with us, and we'll tell ya some big tales!" Dion offered kindly. Sparks grinned happily, and went to sit with him and Damon. Katrina and Leigh sat together, right next to Zelda, and Selina sat between Link and Nick. Then Aaron came over with Aimée, and Charles and George. They sat on the remaining bench space. Everyone was there.

"Alright, I know we've all met this morning, or yesterday, or whatever, but it's probably good if we have a little refresher course," Drake stated. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"I'll start," Katrina offered. "Well, I'm Katrina, one of Leigh's friends from Sosaria," she smiled prettily.

"And since I'm the other arrival, I'll go next. The name's Sir Stobbart, of Moldera, but please, do call me George," the knight introduced.

"And I'm Sparks!" Sparks spoke up confidently. "Uh, I'm from Sosaria," he added quickly. Drake patted him on the back.

"It's always nice to meet young uns'," he grinned.

"Yeah, so you can tease us!" Aaron spoke up, laughing.

"Alright, enough, enough. Let's all reintroduce ourselves to Miss Katrina, Master Sparks and Sir Stobbart," Drake suggested quickly.

"Nicholas of Dalsona, but I prefer Nick," the Dalsonian King said genially.

"Selina," the healer smiled.

"I'm Link," the hero introduced.

"Zelda of Hyrule," the princess said a little quietly.

"Leigh," the avatar said, smiling over at George.

"Sir Drake," Drake grinned.

"Damon," Damon said.

"And I be Dion!" Dion presented.

"I'm Charles of Lemmink," Charles said, smiling round.

"Aaron," Aaron greeted.

"And I'm Aimée," his wife said shyly.

"Well, that looks like everyone, so let's get the drink served!" Drake exclaimed. There were nods of approval from everyone.

"Let's get serving then!" Selina said, standing up and walking over to the table.

"Ah, it's always good to have a professional barmaid around here," Drake said cheerfully. Selina hit him playfully on the arm, then picked up a bottle of wine.

"Yes, but in this case, I'm only supplying the girls," she laughed, pouring some wine into a crystal goblet.

"It's just as well. I mean, us men prefer the stronger stuff right?" replied Drake. He picked up a bottle of ale and opened it. He arranged nine mugs in front of him and sloshed the ale over the lot with a steady hand. He then proceeded to push each mug towards its owner.

"Thanks," said Link, taking his mug and bringing it to his lips. Zelda regarded him coolly.

"I don't want you drinking too much of that stuff tonight," she said sharply.

"Uh-oh, looks like she's putting an end to your fun before it begins amigo!" joked Dion. Zelda turned towards him.

"I'm sure there are plenty of other ways to have fun without alcohol," she said with a mischievous grin. Just then, Fayette sauntered over.

"Don't look now, but your sister's coming," said Drake quietly.

"Step-sister," corrected Zelda, she turned and glared at Fayette. "Yes?" she asked curtly. Fayette stepped towards George and gave him a charming smile.

"I don't believe we've been properly introduced," she remarked, holding out her hand to the dashing knight. Zelda rolled her eyes. George Stobbart stood up, taking her hand.

"Sir George Stobbart, at your service milady," he greeted. Fayette let out a high-pitched giggle, much to the annoyance of her step-sister.

"Well, I have some business that needs attending too, if you don't mind," announced Fayette, stepping away from the table.

"Oh no, we don't mind at all. By all means, attend to your business," said Zelda testily. Fayette glared at Zelda then walked away from the table and back into the crowd.

"Oh, I just can't stand her," raved Zelda as soon as Fayette was out of sight.

"Come on, she doesn't seem that bad," said George, sticking up for Fayette.

"You don't know her yet," responded Zelda.

"Aww, come on your highness. Have some sympathy, she's had a bad time recently," implored Drake.

"Can't you see, it's all an act? Most widows don't go charging off making new male acquaintances as soon as their husband has died you know," insisted Zelda.

"She was only introducing herself," said Nick with a shrug, joining in on the 'sympathy for Fayette' parade.

"She's a widow?" asked George suddenly. Zelda gave a wicked grin.

"Yes, with four young children," she added.

"Oh," answered George quietly. Selina gave Zelda a look of astonishment. Zelda only smiled back.

"Look, the fact is, Fayette is just one big fake, if Link had been killed, I certainly wouldn't be acting the way she was," concluded Zelda.

"She's different from you, that's all. Maybe this is the only way she can take her mind off things," defended Nick. Zelda shook her head.

"Guys, they just don't get it. Us women can wrap them round our little fingers and they just don't know it," said Zelda, talking to the rest of the women. They nodded in agreement.

"You just like to think that," said Drake grinning. Zelda shook her head and took Link by the hand.

"Come on, there's a dance floor out there with my name on it," said Zelda.

"Oh, I see my name isn't on it," teased Link.

"You should consider yourself lucky I'm even considering to dance with you," said Zelda.

"Hey, you asked me, not the other way round!" insisted Link.

"See ya!" called Drake as Zelda pulled Link away from the table and onto the main dance floor.

Once on the dance floor, Zelda pulled Link closer as they danced to a slow tune. "Link, I know I've been a little testy recently," she started.

"You can say that again," agreed Link with a grin. Zelda hit him on the shoulder playfully as they danced.

"But I have something to tell you, some good news," continued Zelda. Link nodded without a word.

"I am pregnant," finished Zelda happily. Link stopped and looked down at Zelda, a wide smile spreading across his face. He leaned down to give her a kiss and a hug, whilst the rest of the dancers stopped their own dancing and cheered. Zelda stepped away from Link, blushing slightly. She turned to the crowd. "I'd just like to announce that my husband and I are expecting another child," she declared with a smile. The announcement was followed by another cheer. Zelda then turned back to Link, just in time for the next dance.

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