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To me, North Castle, is a very, very special site. It may not be much to look at on the outside, but as quoted by many, it's whats on the inside that really counts. First of all, its important that the site has come so far. It may be hard to believe, but North Castle has been around since the beginning of the boom in the Zelda Community. It was setup in summer 1997, only months before the release of Zelda V. At the time, the community was small, only a handful of sites existed. Now the community is huge with lots of amazing sites offering all sorts of content and information. But North Castle is older than all the other large sites that exist today and although I only update once a month the site is extremely popular, attracting up to 1700 visitors per day. Not bad for a 'little' site, with the only staff being myself, myself, and no-one else but, myself :)

Another way in that North Castle is different to most other sites, is its content. North Castle focuses on 'vintage Zelda', that is, all the Zelda games BEFORE Zelda V. Originally, I planned to cater for all the games, but due to the fact I pretty much hated both Zelda V and VI, and that I wanted to be somewhat different, I decided to focus on what I felt was truly important; educating the 'zelda newbies' who had become big fans due to the N64 games, on the older Zeldas, and the other great memorabilia from those times, like the cartoon, comics, collectibles etc. So if anyone even DARES to email me saying the site is 'behind' with the times, don't even think about it!! North Castle is the home of vintage Zelda, and always will be.

Originality. North Castle is no way some run-of-the-mill site. If you explore, you'll find, it has a lot to offer. There's the graphical tour, which is a more fun way to explore the site, and we have many other things that most other sites don't have, take the richly immersive history section, for example. Some of it may be made-up, but its fun to read, its just my ideas and views on Hyrule. There's the Dreambook, where you can send in your own ideas and wishes for the series too. Zelda Loves Me, is my dedication to Link-Zelda romance, and of course, how could we forget the excellent Brotherhood of the Underworld, run by my sister? An in-depth look at the monsters of Hyrule, and far more besides.

It might suprise you to know that our forums are actually some of the most active in the community. We don't have a lot of members but the ones that are there post regularly and remain loyal. We don't descend into spam or allow n00bs to make one sentence posts, we offer a wide range of topics and areas and you will be made to feel very welcome if you wish to join. In addition to the usual forum sections we have the guilds which allow you to join your favourite and can participate in fun RPs, showcase your work and lots more. We even run mini competitions from time to time which always involve some sort of prize. I'm very proud of them and the people that post there are some of my greatest friends. They've contributed so much to North Castle - why not get to know them by signing up?

Finally, fan-focus.When I used to work for Charlie Lemmink at TGL, I made his site best known for its huge fanfiction archives. Now, I'll never meet up to fanfiction.net's huge amount of fanfic, but I do promise that the majority of stories available here are good, decent reads, unlike a lot of the rubbish that gets posted there. And of course I can't live up to deviantArt but many dA artists also showcase their work at North Castle. For a 1-staff run site, I believe I have some of the largest archives available for fanfiction and artwork, and North Castle will always be a site for the fans. We might not be first for Zelda news, have in-depth strategy guides or reviews, millions of screenshots, or a bustling messageboard community, but we do offer something a little different to most sites. Please enjoy your visit and feel free to spread the word...

If you wish to know more about me, or simply just say hello, please feel free to check out my profile over on Facebook.

~ Lady Juliet
Webmistress of North Castle

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