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I've compiled a list of questions and answers to try and explain a few things about how North Castle is run. Hopefully this will help anyone who's concerned about a submission they might have sent in or an email. However if there's something on your mind about the site that's not been covered feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to help.

Q. Why is there always a big gap between site updates?

Unfortunately I wish I could update more often but its just not possible. I found that it was better to do one large update a month around the same date (mostly between the 22nd to the 25th) than lots of little updates. I have a lot of things in my life to keep me busy including a full-time job and looking after my partner and family. Chances are I'm making small updates all the time, changing and fixing things but I don't think its worth putting a blurb on the site to announce it.

Q. Why does it take up to 2 months to see my work posted?

Again this is down to the way the update schedule works. If you submit your work at the start of the month its got more chance of being posted in that month's update. I also have a submissions queue and only have time to put up so much work per month. Fanfiction is the one that can take a while, particularly if you've submitted a few stories in one go but I'll try my best to post them as soon as possible. If I don't post it within a month chances are I've had A LOT of submissions. If you're patient your work will be posted as soon as I have the chance.

Q. Why have you resized/edited my artwork/story?

As this sites owner I reserve to right to resize images if I feel they're too large. Some people have very slow internet connections and secondly, I only have a limited amount of space on the server. I try not to resize a picture so it loses its detail but if you have a problem with the size, please email me. I only edit stories if they have numerous spelling mistakes or if they are formatted in a way that makes them difficult to read. I will not change the actual content of the work.

Q. What formats do you accept fanwork in?

I'll accept most common formats for writing submissions including plain text, standard MS Word documents (not docX), HTML and PDF. For art submissions I'll accept bmp, jpg, gif and png. For video submissions keep them as small as possible and in WMV or Quicktime format. Sound submissions are fine as wav or mp3. You can send your file as an email attachment or provide a link to elsewhere on the 'net. If you're not sure about your format, please email me to discuss.

Q. I emailed you with a question/letter. Why haven't you replied?

I do my best to reply to all emails sent to me. However again due to working full-time sometimes the last thing I feel like doing is turning on my PC and writing emails. I try and get a reply out within a few days but sometimes if I'm very tired or extra busy, it may take longer.

Q. I joined your forums but I can't seem to post! Why?

Due to annoying adbots that like to sign up and post gibberish I had to turn on administrator approval. I get an email when new people sign up but depending what time you sign up, it could take up to 24 hours before you can post. If you're concerned or you've signed up and not been approved please email me.

Q. How come your site contains no information on the newer games like Twilight Princess?

North Castle's main focus is fanwork and retro/rare Zelda information. There's so many other sites out there and I wanted North Castle to be different from the normal sites. There's plenty of sites where you can get information on the newer games like Twilight Princess and all the latest news so it seemed pointless to duplicate it here. If I had to spend time adding information about the new games, I wouldn't have half as much time to add all the fanwork.

Q. Can I link to/use a file from your site?

You are more than welcome to save any files you want for your own personal use (i.e. to print off, save on your PC etc) but if you are wanting to put the files on your own website please upload them to your own webspace. Do not link directly to the image/file on my server because if you do, you are using my bandwidth (the amount of data a website is allowed to send each day). If I exceed this, chances are I'll either have to pay my host extra or remove the files. I would appreciate credit for any files used that belong to me, and if it belongs to someone else (such as an artist, writer etc) please make sure you ask their permission first.

Q. Do you offer hosting at all?

Sadly no. I'm hosted myself by Zelda Legends and North Castle is located on their server. I only have a certain amount of storage space and bandwidth which means its not possible to have other sites hosted. However there are a lot of larger Zelda websites out there that offer this service and plenty of great free hosts on the internet.

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