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Since I began the site back in June 1997, North Castle has recieved a little recogniton from other webmasters, resulting in small awards from their sites, therefore giving me extra links :-) The nicest thing was that I didn't even apply for them, it's so much nicer when someone just decides to give you one after visiting! Thank you to all the fans and webmasters who have nominated North Castle for awards over the years. I'm very proud of our little trophy cabinet here and hope to keep adding to it year after year. So here they are below.

Would I ever set up my own award, you might ask? It's certainly an excellent way to gain recognition, and for the awarding site, it nearly always guarentees extra hits. I may consider an award in the near future, certainly, so watch this space!

Expoding Deku Nut's Annual Golden Item Awards

Lifetime Achievement

Every year Exploding Deku Nut hosts these awards and I've had my eye on the Lifetime Achievement Award for a while! I was really proud to be nominated for this award and Darth Citrus gave North Castle an amazing write-up. I'd like to say a big thank you to all the fans and readers who nominated North Castle - it's definitely one of the most special awards we've managed to win. Darth Citrus gave the site an amazing write-up which you can read by clicking on the award itself.

“Though it’s not a site updated every other day as some, North Castle has proven that slow and steady can do just as well as the fast and timely, mainly because North Castle is a site that plays things differently. It speaks of history, community, stories, and folklore, which remain to this day the true roots of the Legend of Zelda series. It’s no doubt that North Castle should win this award; it easily deserves that and much more.”

- The Missing Link, Founder of ZeldaBlog

The Zelda Oscars, 1999

Best Story Best Author Most Hardworking Writer

Kindly hosted by Zelda-Temple and designed by artist Silvestris, Kirsty and I had a good year, and won three oscars! These were'nt for North Castle itself as the website but were about the fanwork I contributed to the community. It was just a shame my sister's name was missed off the award because we really do work as a team and she puts in as much effort and input as I do.

Thank you very much, it was a nice surprise to come back to after my abscence of that particular summer. Secondly it's lovely to know that people nominated me for such special awards!

The Zelda Awards, 2000

Best Fanfiction Author Best Fanfiction Best Wepage

These awards were kindly hosted by The Temple of Destiny. I was nominated for four awards, and very happily won three of them, as you can see below! Even times are hard, and I can't give North Castle my full time care, it's still nice to know that people love the site, and mine and Kirsty's stories. So a huge thank you very much to all the people who voted for me!

Standard Awards

Award of Excellence

Zelda-Temple's Award

Hyrule Silver Award

Hyrule's Gold Seal of Approval

Forsaken Eye Award

Zelda Gold Award

Golden Triforce Award

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