North Castle's Staff & Contributors

North Castle and it's sister site BotU are run primarily as one-man sites, but we wouldn't be able to keep going without all the help of our numerous contributors. In addition to that we've got some excellent help at the forums. Listed below are the contact details for the people who make things happen so if you've got any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to drop us a line!

There's also the details of some of our special contributors who help with design aspects or specific section contributions. They are experts in their areas - please visit their sites and again I'm sure they'd be more than happy to answer any questions you might have.

Lady Juliet

Real Name: Juliet Singleton
Location: UK
Position: North Castle webmistress
Duties: Site design, content, FTP, HTML, forum admin, submission acceptances, in charge of everything, basically.


Real Name: Kirsty Singleton
Location: UK
Position: BotU webmistress
Duties: Maintaining site 'Brotherhood of the Underworld'. Submission acceptances, HTML, design, content, forum admin.
Website: BotU


Real Name: Brandon Ballenger
Janus (c) Legend of Liah
Location: USA
Position: Forum Administrator
Duties: Forum admin, forum design, special effects :D
Website: Ambient Skies


Real Name: aka 'Mantoinette'
Crazyfreak (c) Crazyfreak
Location: Netherlands
Position: Site Artist
Duties: Allows use of her fantastic LoZ artwork throughout the site.
Website: Momentary Destiny and Demoic Heaven


Real Name: Cheryl Goacher
FireHawk (c) FireHawk
Location: UK
Position: Nintendo Collectibles Expert
Duties: FireHawk is a mad collector of all kinds of things however her main skill is finding LoZ related goodies, photographing them and examining their origins.
Website: The FireHawk's Realm

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