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Welcome to North Castle's Romance Fan-Fiction Archive. I love nothing better than reading a good love story and we have an excellent selection awaiting you here. Most are about Link and Zelda but there's other lovely stories with other pairings in too, and of course not all of these have a happy ending. If you're a romantic at heart, you're sure to enjoy this section best.

All of the stories are all rated and classified in alphabetical order by title for easy listing. The review system is currently down until further notice. If you want to get in touch with me about any problems such as missing stories/parts, or any other feeedback you want to pass along please drop me an email.

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Here at North Castle stories are classified by a ratings system so you can determine what you are reading. This system is here to protect both the reader and author - please take heed of the rating. There are stories here for all ages and while I try to ensure that nothing grossly objectional is posted here, some material maybe considered unsuitable for some readers.

U - Universal. Suitable for all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. Implied violence or sexual situations possible.
12 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 12. Some violence, implied sexual situations and mildly strong language.
15 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Violence, sexual situations, mildly strong language.
18 - No one under 18 admitted. Graphic Violence, sexual situations and very strong language.

Story Title





The Adventure of Link and Zelda Updated 22/11/09
Jonathan OoT/MM U
A Love For All Seasons Candy OoT PG
Angels Link Worshiper OoT 15
Angels II Link Worshiper OoT 15
Alone Updated 21/06/08
Zelda_girl TP 12
Back to the Twilight Updated 20/07/08
Indy OoT/TP U
Be My Valentine Juliet A. Singleton LoZ-AoL U
Better To Have Loved...
Zucatt the Sage King OoT U
Beautiful Faces Updated 29/07/12
PinkPrincessZelda OoT 18
Blood Tears Updated 20/07/08
Twilight_Princess TP PG
Celestial Love
Action The Great OoT PG
Chance Updated 24/10/10
Lyxie TP PG
The Change Updated 29/05/10
Lyxie TP U
Charity Updated 28/08/10 MegaZeldaMan LttP U
Childhood Ashes Updated 30/09/12
Silvara Oot/MM PG
Childhood Ignorance Updated 28/12/11
Kurai Hitokiri ALL U
Christmas Wish Doug Loz-AoL U
Cold Ice, Fiery Hearts Updated 22/12/10 MegaZeldaMan OoT U
A Conversation Between Friends
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL U
The Courtship of Princess Zelda James Day OoT U
Crazy For You Alexandra Spears OoT PG
Crimson Heart Day Updated 24/04/10
Forlorn Rain TP U
Critical Point Updated 25/10/09
Celestial Reign OoT 18
Crowns of Deception Updated 26/12/12
Forlorn Rain TP U
The Day That Comes and Goes... Updated 26/09/09
HyruleMaster OoT U
Darkness of the Heart Updated 22/02/09
Zelda_girl and Link_fan OoT PG
Dark Secrets Alexandra Spears OoT 15
The Darkness To Light Updated 25/01/08
Axeley Harrisons TP PG
A Death Without A Pink Fairy And A New Life
Karl H OoT U
Desert Sunset Painted in Shades of Fire Updated 22/02/09
Shadsie TP U
Dragon Protector Meghan England OoT 15
Dream Girl Updated 22/12/10 MegaZeldaMan LA U
Dreaming Of You
Alexandra Spears OoT U
Dusk and Scars Updated 25/10/09
Shadsie TP PG
Echoes Updated 24/04/10
Shadsie OOT/MM U
Empty Hearts Kuresuten OoT U
The Engagement Collyne B LoZ-AoL U
The Eternal Love of a Goddess Updated 29/05/10
The Legendary Zero WW U
The Faded Rose
Princess Ruto OoT U
Feelings & Memories: A Link To His Past Swordbreaker Mosli LttP U
The Fight For Love Meghan England OoT 15
The First Hero Updated 25/07/10
Jacob Adams OoT 15
Forging a Friendship Rayne OoT U
Fortitude Updated 29/07/12
Ingie OoT 15
Fortune Updated 21/02/10
Jonathan OoT/MM U
For You Updated 21/09/08
The Missing Link TP U
A Friend In Need Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL 15
The Girl C.T. OoT U
Goddess' Embedded Miriam OoT U
The Gold Wolf Updated 23/01/11
Kurai Hitokiri TP U
The Hall of Infinity Happy Mask OoT 15
Happy Valentines Day Zelda Updated 22/02/07
Doug Loz-AoL U
Hero and Heroine of Time Samurai Star OoT 15
A Hero's Honor Happy Mask OoT 18
A Hero's Love Angie Carrier OoT U
Heteromance Updated 30/10/12
Silvara Oot/MM 15
Highmoon Updated 23/01/11
Lyxie ALL PG
Hime Hi Princess Lelda OoT 15
History Lessons Updated 24/01/10
dress without sleeves TP U
Zelda: History Written in Blood Updated 23/05/09
Racheakt TP PG
How Valentines Day Was Born Updated 22/03/08
Green Hat and Razyjean OoT U
Hyrulian/Sheikah Love Updated 25/01/08
Zeldalover OoT PG
I'm Always in Your Heart Updated 23/01/07
Zelda_girl OoT PG
I Never Meant... Megan O'Shea LttP PG
Into the Woods Updated 29/07/12
Lyxie TP PG
I Will Never Leave You Meghan England OoT 15
I'd Lie For You (And That's The Truth) Juliet A. Singleton LoZ-AoL U
In Your Shadow Updated 21/09/08
Shadsie TP U
Irrevocable Updated 21/03/10
dress without sleeves OoT U
It Was Destiny Zelda_&_Link_4_Eva TP PG
Kindred Love Sara Freitag OoT U
Kiss Updated 26/02/11
Kurai Hitokiri ALL U
Kiss Me Link Worshiper LttP U
Knight In Shining Armour Iso-Chan OoT U
Life Through A Lenzo Updated 22/12/10
David Meiklem WW U
Legend of Zelda: Lingering Shadows Updated 25/10/09
Ayumi TP 18
Link Has A Voice Post OoT PG
Link's Kiss Dotti Rhodes LoZ-AoL U
Link's Memories Updated 25/04/09
Superprincess64 TP U
Long Lost Blood Updated 23/01/07
Miriam and Carry OoT PG
Lost Heart Christi Sanders OoT U
A Love Between Two Link and Zelda OoT U
Love Flows Like The Seasons Updated 26/02/11 MegaZeldaMan OoT U
Love Never Dies
Alexandra Spears OoT U
The Love That Time Forgot Happy Mask OoT 15
Make A Wish Updated 20/07/08
link_fan OoT/TP 12
The Marriage of Princess Zelda Updated 26/12/12
Doobie-Keebler OoT U
Memories of Her Updated 21/12/08
Megan O'Shea MM U
Milk & Honey Updated 25/06/10
Eric J. Juneau OoT 18
My Love Updated 03/03/13
Kurai Hitokiri ALL U
A New Age Updated 20/12/09
Jonathan OoT/MM U
The Nightmarish Date Updated 21/07/07
Zeldalover OoT U
A Normal Day in Hyrule Doug Loz-AoL U
Not Alone Anymore Jessica Jones OoT U
Nothing Like His Father Zelda_girl OoT U
LoZ: The Ocarina of Time
Book 1: Hyrule's Wild Princess Updated 24/05/08
Book 2: The Destined Young Boy Updated 21/06/08
KPGirl OoT 12
One Love Updated 23/01/07
Zoe Holly Kirkman OoT 15
One Time Too Many Updated 29/01/12
Serenity Searcher TP U
Out of the Castle and Into Her Heart Happy Mask OoT 18
Out of Sight Updated 25/06/10
Sir E. Bellum TP PG
Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte Updated 24/01/10
dress without sleeves OoT U
The Pirates Saga
Book 1: Hearts on the Sea
Book 2: A Not So Quiet Haven Updated 20/11/07
Doug Loz-AoL+ PG
Prophecy The Super Cat OoT U
The Proposition, the Proposal and the Reply The Wanderer OoT U
Alexandra Spears OoT PG
Pursuit of True Love Updated 23/01/11
Doug Loz-AoL U
Question of Duty Doug LttP PG
The Rain Festival Updated 27/05/12
Forlorn Rain TP U
The Reasons For Evil Rini OoT PG
Restless Updated 20/12/09
HyruleMaster OoT U
Ring the Funeral Bell Updated 28/04/13
Shadsie ST PG
A Romantic Proposal Happy Mask OoT 15
The Romantic Zelda Fanfic Mark Washburn OoT U
Second Best Cade Croix OoT U
Seconds and Years Updated 29/05/10
Singer in the Silence WW U
See You Later Updated 24/01/09
Shadsie TP U
Somewhere I Belong, You'll Be Right There Waiting Swordbreaker Mosli OoT-MM U
Soul Updated 24/10/10
Jonathan OoT U
Soul XoXzeldafreakXoX OoT 15
Starry, Starry Night Updated 29/05/10
Kurai Hitokiri OoT U
Sunset Updated 21/07/07
leafonthebreeze OoT U
Tarnished Silver Updated 24/04/10
Kurai Hitokiri ALL U
That's Why You Can See Me!
Kota Magic LoZ-AoL U
The Sun and the Moon Rebecca Ogle MM U
They Remembered Xathaman ALL 12
Three Words Updated 24/04/11
Kurai Hitokiri TP U
To Woo a Queen Updated 21/02/10
dress without sleeves OoT U
Torn Between Two Loves Zelda_Link505 OoT PG
Truth of the Night Mysterious Hylian Warrior OoT 12
Two Hearts
Princess Ruto OoT PG
Twilight Princess - The True Story Updated 22/03/08
Zeldalover TP PG
The Two Lovers End Updated 23/12/07
True Zelda Fan OoT U
Under His Spell
Alexandra Spears LoZ-AoL U
Underneath The Glittering Stars
LainieG304 OoT PG
Un-drape Updated 22/03/08
Twilight_Princess OoT PG
Undying Love Abi OoT U
Unseen Vision The Missing Link OoT U
Viridian Updated 26/02/11
Forlorn Rain OoT U
A Wedding to Remember Updated 14/04/07
Doug Loz-AoL U
What Impa Saw Updated 22/02/07
Zoe Holly Kirkman ALL 12
What Mido Saw Alexandra Spears OoT 18
A Will Like No Other Updated 23/01/07
Caitlin Buchanan OoT PG
The Wind Festival Updated 28/12/11
Forlorn Rain SS U
Windflowers Updated 26/09/10
Lyxie TP U
Wish Upon A Star, It Might Come True Collyne B OoT U
Wistfully Yours, My Love Updated 29/05/11
The Missing Link TP U
With Or Without You Kirsty Singleton OoT U
Worlds Apart Zelda_girl OoT PG
Your Orchestral Presence Updated 29/03/11
Kurai Hitokiri TP PG
Zelda's Courting Updated 22/03/09
Ellie OoT U
Zelda in... Confusion? Updated 24/08/08
Zelda's Diary Juliet A. Singleton LoZ-AoL PG
Zelda in Love Updated 20/04/08
Rosie OoT 12

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