Truth of the Night

By Mysterious Hylian Warrior

Link paced back and forth. He had extended the invitation to Sage to join him this night, but whether or not she would come was another story. The woman was in a word ‘Mysterious’. Then again she seemed willing to come, but on the other hand she never did give him an answer. Why Sage wrecked him so he couldn’t figure out. This woman had him stumbling over himself and yet wanting him to be more of a suitable gentleman. Which was apparent by his well groomed look as he waited by the entrance to Kokiri  Forest.

            Inside all of the inhabitants were preparing to enter the Lost Woods. Tonight was the annual celebration of the Forest Spirits. Each year Link was asked to return and play along side Saria. The forest may not have been his home any longer, but they still welcomed him. Well all but Mido who welcomed no outsiders. Link didn’t care though, that still didn’t stop him from inviting Sage.

            Sage was not far as she sat up top a tree watching the nervous hero. She didn’t want to come, but something made her. It was still risky for her to come out into the open like this. Sage lived her life in shadow by choice. It was the only place she felt welcomed, and now there was Link. The latest of events seemed to have thrown the young warrior into a confusion she wished upon no one. With a sigh Sage jumped down silently behind Link. She didn’t want to keep him waiting any longer.

            Link turned to start another nerves pace when he grasped in shock. He wasn’t expecting Sage to be behind him.

“You scared the life out of me!” Link yelled trying to catch his breath. Sage took a minute to look over Link. He looked more dressed up then usual, and suddenly Sage felt out of place. She liked like always with the exception of her armor.

“I didn’t know this was a formal event?” She questioned. Link looked at himself and then to her with a laugh. It really wasn’t any type of a formal event, however any moment spent with Sage felt formal to him.

“You look fine… I guess I just got carried away.” Link joked. She did however look very beautiful with just the little changes. With no armor covering her upper body it looked as if one long piece of tight black cloth covered her body. Her hair for a change was left down flowing all around her.

            Sage gave Link an odd look as he stood staring at her. Once she flashed a glare Link shook his head and extended his hand to her.

“Shall we?” He asked as Sage slipped her hand into his. She felt slight warmth in her cheeks and hoped that the reddish color wouldn’t be noticed. A warrior of her standing never blushed. Link took hold of her hand with a firm yet gentle grip as his eyes locked on hers. He was in a dream that he wished not to wake. Leading her into the Forest seemed like an event he played over and over in his head, yet it seemed more prefect then anything he could have thought of.

            The small Forest Town was empty. All of the Kokiris no doubt had already headed to the Forest Temple. That is were Saria would play in honor of the Forest Spirits. Without a word for fear of ruining the moment Link led Sage into the Lost Woods. The maze of woods was covered in seconds it seemed. Although Link had thought about getting them lost once or twice during the time it took to arrive. He still had his promise to Saria he couldn’t break.

            Sage and Link arrived in font of the Forest Temple hand in hand. Link’s nervousness had started again. He feared how the others would take to him bring another stranger into the woods. All his fears were thrown aside when Saria greeted Sage with a warm smile and a huge.

“Link, you didn’t tell me you were bring Sage.” Saria said as she broke from Sage’s embrace. For once Sage also had a smile on her face, but Link had the most confused look. Saria knew Sage? They seemed to be old friends, but how?

            What confused the young hero more was the reaction the rest of the krokris had to Sage. They all seemed to know her, even Mido welcomed her.

“Come, come you two… We are about to begin.” Saria announced to settle the warm welcomes to the Kokiri’s friends. Saria took her position up top the small stump of a tree right before the Forest Temple. Link in turn took his position right beside her. His ocarina at the ready.

“Tonight we honor our protectors…” Saria begun. “On this special night we celebrate their presence the play for their enjoyment… But this year is more special then ever… Tonight I would ask, along with myself and the Hero of Time. That Sage join us, and sing the words that we have forgotten with time.” It was true the reason they only played the notes of the song. Was because the langue of the ancient Hylians was lost to them, however Sage was one of the few left in the world that could still speak it.

            At first Sage shook her head. She didn’t need Link finding out any more of her secret life. However after Saria and the other’s begging Sage agreed and took a place on the other side of Saria. Without anymore delay Saria placed her Ocarina to her lips and played the first tone right in tune was Link with the Ocarina of Time. The song was soft slow and claming. It was a sad yet cheerful thing to listen to.

            Sage waited with a solemn look as it reached the point she was to join in. The first word seemed to startle everyone as Sage’s sweet voice filled the Forest. Link almost stopped playing at the sound of such beauty. Sage’s voice seemed to be enchanting every creature that heard it. Everyone seemed to be lost in the song, and for once the forest was silent. Even the life and mysterious that usually cluttered the forest at night, stopped and stood still to here the music the interments and the fair maiden's voice had to offer.

            The music started to fade ever so slowly as the song came to an end. The enchantment that trapped the Forest still remained as Sage and the others finished. It wasn’t until Saria spoke again that everyone awoke fully from the day dream.

“Now let the celebration begin!” She announced and just as fast as silence fell over the small group, the sounds of joyous play replaced it. Everyone went about celebrating in their own manner as Link approached Sage.

“You sing like an angel.” He stated with bright eyes. Sage this time couldn’t help but blush at the Hero’s compliment.

“Thank you.” Was all she had to say as Link took her hand once again. Sage didn’t question him as he led her into the forest. Link couldn’t stand it anymore. He wanted to be alone with Sage. Every time they had a moment together there was always people around. Link wanted to relax in her beauty by himself. Completely alone.

“Link, where are we going?” Sage finally questioned as she led her into an open grove will with flowers that seemed only to blossom in the full moon light.

“I just wanted to spend time with you…Away from everyone.” He said as releasing her hand.

“Your words could lead a girl to wonder.” She said in an odd tone. Tonight just seemed too odd to Link. Sage was acting completely out of character, but he wasn’t about to complain.

            From there it didn’t take long for a conversation to start. When alone, however very rare it was, they always found a lot to speak about. Sage seemed to like listen to Link talk, and instead of just passing it off she actually listened to him. Link had never had anyone fully understand and listen to him. The night was growing late and Link had just finished explaining the pain he felt not knowing his family in an aspect. Sage lowered her head feeling for the young Hero.

            Link’s pain was short lived as he noticed how beautiful Sage looked in the moon light. Her feature were accented with beauty in the blue rays of the moon.

“Your so beautiful.” Link whispered into the night air. He meant for only himself to hear, but Sage’s head shot up. The words couldn’t escape her keen ears.

“Link,  I think I better go.” She said standing. Link in turned grabbed her arm gently.

“Why do you do that?” He asked, as Sage jerked her arm away.

“I don’t know what you mean.” She said in that cold tone as usual. Her openness had apparently ended at this point.

“Every time someone tries to get close to you, or pay you compliment you shy away… You go and hid in your cold world.” Link’s words were becoming cold as well. This woman aggravated him so yet he still felt so strongly toward her.

“I don’t know what you are talking about.” She said again trying to walk away. Link jumped to his feet and dashed in font of her.

“What is wrong with you… Can you not expect that you are a beautiful young woman… Your so amazing but you can’t see it.”

“If you knew me you wouldn’t be saying such things.” The words seemed to follow a slight begin of a tear in her eyes.

            Sage went to walk pass him again but Link grabbed at her shoulders and pushed her against a tree. Although forceful he was gentle and Sage didn’t refuse him.

“Why Sage?!” He y yelled“Why won’t you let me in… Do you love that cold world of yours that much? Do you enjoy the emptiness you always feel? I am willing to risk being hurt for you… You just have to trust me.” She didn’t answer as her eyes stared into his looking for any sign of truth in his harsh yet caring words. “All I ask is that you let go of yourself for one night… For one night can’t you just forgot the stronge emotionless warrior you try to be and open up to me… Can’t we just spend one night in truth.” He spoke softer now as he released her from his grip. By this time the begin of tears had formed into a river down her cheek.

            Seeing the effect his words had Link placed a gentle hand upon her face and with his thud brushed again a tear.

“I’m sorry.” He said again at a whisper. Sage’s stare hadn’t stopped, and Link found himself lost within her beauty yet again. Her eyes just seemed to sparkle from the tears form within them. Her long black hair fell around her face in such a manner that made him want her close to him even more.

            It was at this point he realized how cold the night was and how warm her body felt so close to him.

“Alright Hero..” Sage finally spoke. “I will give you one night.” Her words confused him, but her actions were clear. Sage gripped the back of Link’s neck and forced him close to her. Before a thought could pass through either of their minds, Link’s lips were locked with hers. In the next few seconds Link’s arms found their way around her body in an intense embrace. As she took let her hands wonder around his body.

            That night was spent in servile intense moments both of lust and passion. It wasn’t until the early morning Link woke where he had fallen asleep beside Sage the night before. Only to find an empty spot next to him in the grass. Whether or not it was dream he couldn’t be for sure. Just that he would treasure that night for an eternity.

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