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Welcome to North Castle's Poetry Fan-Fiction Archive. Some people are really talented and have that knack of putting words together to form rhymes or verses about Zelda. We have some really beautiful pieces of poetry that can almost bring a tear to your eye, elaborating more on the legends and events of the games.

All of the stories are all rated and classified in alphabetical order by title for easy listing. The review system is currently down until further notice. If you want to get in touch with me about any problems such as missing stories/parts, or any other feeedback you want to pass along please drop me an email.

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Ratings Explanation

Here at North Castle stories are classified by a ratings system so you can determine what you are reading. This system is here to protect both the reader and author - please take heed of the rating. There are stories here for all ages and while I try to ensure that nothing grossly objectional is posted here, some material maybe considered unsuitable for some readers.

U - Universal. Suitable for all ages.
PG - Parental Guidance suggested. Some material may not be suitable for children. Implied violence or sexual situations possible.
12 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 12. Some violence, implied sexual situations and mildly strong language.
15 - Not suitable for anyone under the age of 15. Violence, sexual situations, mildly strong language.
18 - No one under 18 admitted. Graphic Violence, sexual situations and very strong language.

Story Title





A Love From Afar Updated 21/03/10
thechicagohylian OoT U
The Age of Darkness Blade OoA U
All About You Anjui OoT U
And Now it's Time For you To Go Samantha OoT U
Defying Fate Bobby Polosky LoZ-AoL U
Do you Know The Legend? Rebecca Ogle OoT U
Falling Legend Amber Washington OoT U
Fairy's Fountain Updated 23/08/09
Musica ALL U
Final Hour Updated 14/04/07
Charlie MM PG
Forest Temple Laura OoT U
Forever Princess Ruto OoT U
Goodbye, My Daughter Princess Ruto OoT U
The Great Hylian Legend Updated 28/08/10 MegaZeldaMan ALL U
He Loves Only Her Amber Washington OoT U
The Hero's Violet Aianarie OoT U
I Am From Christy Myren OoT U
If Only... Miscellaneous OoT U
I Know You Alice2 WW U
Into the Golden Realm Updated 23/08/09
Musica LttP U
I Won't Say Goodbye Miscellaneous OoT U
Legends Pata Hikari all U
The Legend Princess Ruto OoT U
Life Is So Cruel Princess Ruto OoT U
Link's Memories of Zelda Updated 25/07/10 MegaZeldaMan OoT U
Link's Wondering Miscellaneous OoT U
Love's Patience Updated 23/01/11
thechicagohylian OoT U
The Meadow Princess Ruto OoT U
My Angel Happy Mask OoT U
My One True Love Princess Ruto OoT U
O Sunken Kingdom Updated 29/05/11
David Meiklem WW U
The Perfect Little Fairy Updated 20/04/08
Sir Calibur OoT U
The Power Of Gold I Am Bobby Polosky LoZ-OoT U
A Queen's Grief Princess Ruto OoT U
The Reunion Alice2 OoT U
Saria Miscellaneous OoT U
Saria's Prayer Mary OoT U
Saria's Song Malkam OoT U
Saria's Sad Song Dinoguy OoT U
A Soft Farewell Princess Ruto OoT U
Song of Storms Updated 23/08/09
Musica OoT U
Song of Storms Updated 30/07/11
Amariel OoT U
So What? Miscellaneous OoT U
Stars in a Hylian Sky Princess Ruto OoT U
The Treasure in Free Verse Updated 21/11/10 MegaZeldaMan ALL U
Triad Updated 21/11/10 MegaZeldaMan ALL U
Va E-he Me (The Desert Sands) Updated 28/08/11 Z. F. Barrow OoT U
Waiting Princess Ruto OoT U
Whispered Wishes Princess Ruto OoT U
Within the Dark Confines of my Heart Updated 26/09/10
Kurai Hitokiri OoT U
You Are Me Miscellaneous OoT U
Your Shadow Kirsty Singleton AoL U
Zelda's Goodbye Christi Sanders OoT U
Zelda Songs Updated 29/01/12 Romersa's Protégé OoT U

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