Link's Memories of Zelda

by MegaZeldaMan

In my memory,
I will always see,
The Princess that I have loved so well,
She was young and fair,
And she had long golden hair,
And her kindness was more than I can tell.

When we first met,
Through a window her eyes were set,
But she turned to see who was there,
She asked who I was,
I delayed my answer because,
I was taken aback by that figure so fair.

She told me of her plight,
And gave me the quest of a knight,
To protect the Triforce from an evil man,
Two Spiritual Stones I did acquire,
From a fish's belly and a cave of fire,
And back to my precious princess I ran.

But when I came to the gate,
It was a moment of sad fate,
For my precious Zelda had to leave,
She threw me the Ocarina of Time,
I took it to the Temple of Time,
Where I found that weapon which cleaves.

Seven years past,
When we met again at last,
But Hyrule had been taken by the evil one,
I took Zelda's hand,
And swore to cleanse the land,
And shining once again would be the sun.

With an arrow of light,
We destroyed the evil might,
And watched as Hyrule returned to bliss,
Zelda said, "Well done,"
"My most heroic one,"
And on my cheek she gave a kiss.

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