Nothing Like His Father

By Zelda_girl

Part One

 Link stared wide eyed at the ceiling. It was in the middle of the night. He just couldn't sleep. He heard the soft breathing of his wife, Zelda. I wonder what she's dreaming about, Link thought. He had so much on his mind, he couldn't even guess what she was dreaming. He really didn't care. Link remembered when he had proposed to her. The moonlight reflecting off the emerald ring he had made especially for her. He had tried numerous times to propose, but he kept getting interrupted. But finally, he got to her. And then a few years after the magical words "I" and "do" were said... Aurora and Matthew. Their only son and daughter. Matthew was a little less than a day older than Aurora because they were fraternal twins. Now, Matthew and Aurora were 15. He still couldn't believe it had been this long since that day Zelda suddenly went into labor without any warning. Still everything turned out fine. But there was one thing Link was so worried about... Ganondorf. He, had to get rid of him some day before the worst would happen. Even though they were the King and Queen of Hyrule, they were still vulnerable to his power. He also was very worried about his children. The Triforce of wisdom and courage had chosen new bearers. Aurora was now the keeper of the Triforce of wisdom, and Matthew received courage. The Triforce has passed to a new generation, Link thought with a cold worry in his slowly beating heart. All of a sudden, a voice broke the silence.
"Link, darling, what's wrong?" It was Zelda. She had sat up and heard Link gasp at the thought of him losing his greatest treasures, Matthew and Aurora, to Ganondorf.
"Oh," sighed Link. "Sorry, Zelda. I just had a bad dream."
"Link, you need to get to sleep," she softly scolded.
"You're right," agreed Link. "Good night." He kissed her and fell asleep.
     The next morning was beautiful and clear. It was a perfect day to go swimming, just act like a kid again and let go of all cares. At the river, Aurora and Matt seemed to be acting like toddlers again. They splashed and laughed. Zelda sat on the edge of the riverbank on a large rock staring at her precious children. They're growing up so fast, she thought. Link swam up and splashed Zelda. "Come on, Zelda," he said happily. "Join your kids."
"Oh," Zelda breathed. "Oh, fine." She jumped in and dunked Link underwater.
"Mother," Aurora said. "How come we never swim anywhere but here?"
Zelda muttered a few words to Link. "It's the best spot," she replied with a slightly cheesy grin.
"Matt, you wanna see what's down stream," Aurora asked.
"Nah," he replied. "You can though."
"Okay. Cover for me, okay?"
    Aurora dove underwater. The water was so cool and clear, she could barely believe her eyes. All the colorful fish. She looked up and saw Epona's tongue flapping in and out of the water. She was glad she could hold her breath for a long time. Aurora looked upstream, but didn't see Matt or her parents. I must have drifted a little too far, she thought. Oh, well. Who cares, because she was 15. She could find her way back. The second she looked back downstream she let out a scream letting bubbles fly everywhere. There was a boy in the water! She swam up, gulping in air as she reached the top. Aurora scrambled to shore. The boy popped up and said, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you."
Aurora got a better look at the boy. He looked about her age. He's a handsome boy, she thought. "I,"she managed to say. "I... I'm Aurora."
"Nice to meet you," he sweetly said. "I'm Ganon." Aurora was both shocked and confused. How could this boy, who was her age be the old Ganondorf who constantly tried to kill Link? Ganon realized that Aurora was a bit scared, so he said, "Oh, the name. My dad doesn't have any creativity. Can I come sit down, ‘cause I've been floating for a while, and I'm kinda tired."
"Oh, sure," she replied. He climbed on shore and sat down in front of her, but he kept a little distance. He knew she wanted to recover a little form the fact that she saw him underwater and had swallowed a bunch of water.
"You okay," he asked with a little concern in his slightly low voice.
"Yeah," she replied. "I'm fine." She felt a little better. Aurora still couldn't believe that his father would name him Ganon. "Say," she curiously asked. "Why did your father name you Ganon?"
"I really have no idea," he replied. He was getting a little nervous. If she finds out who I really am... Ganon couldn't even think of what would happen.
"Where do you live?" Ganon really wanted to get to know her. She was the only one who didn't know... He could start fresh with a new friend.
"Oh," Aurora stuttered. She almost didn't want to answer. "I'm from Hyrule castle. I'm Princess Aurora." WHOA! Ganon's heart skipped a beat. He was talking to the princess? "You," Ganon breathed. "You're Princess Aurora?"
"Shocking I know," she replied. Oh great, she thought. Now he's gonna start bowing and what-not. But he didn't. "Oh, thank Din," she whispered.
"Do you want me to bow," he asked respectfully.
"No," she replied. "Thank you for asking, though." Okay...Interesting start to a conversation, she thought.
"It must be really cool to live in a castle," Ganon wanted to sound like he never lived in one.
"Well," she said. "It's nice sometimes." Then she realized something. She was some-what...flirting. Was she really interested in this boy she had just met? Her eyes moved from his face to his left hand. She let out a gasp. There on the back of his left hand... was a Triforce symbol. What is going on, she thought. Her mind was racing, her heart was pounding 10 times faster than normal, everything went blurry, and then dark. 

Part Two

"Aurora!" Aurora heard Ganon's voice as she opened her eyes. She was staring into his eyes... His deep brown eyes. They were comforting, and concerned. Aurora had fainted. "Are you okay," he asked, helping her sit up.
"Uh," she muttered, clenching her head. "What happened?" That question sent her strait back to when she saw the Triforce symbol on his left hand. Then she asked, "And where did you get that?" Aurora pointed to his left hand. Ganon looked down at his hand. He let out a sigh like he had been defeated at something. "It's the Triforce of Power," he sighed again. "Please don't be scared. Just relax. I'm not going to hurt you. I promise." He put a hand on his chest. "You have my word."
"Why are you telling me all these things. I trust you." Whoa! Slow down, girl, Aurora thought in alarm. You barely know him and you trust him? She stared at her hand. And I thought the Triforce of Wisdom was supposed to actual give me WISDOM!!!
"Okay," he began. "My name is Ganon... because I was named after my father." He paused for a moment. "And I inherited the Power Triforce from him. Even though he doesn't have it any more, he still holds ultimate power. Please don't judge me exactly like my father. I'm nothing like him. I don't want supreme power. I just want to be a normal guy. But, no! I was born into an evil family, so no one trusts me." He was having a complete meltdown. Now she's gonna think I'm a wimp for letting all this stress out, he thought.
"Wow," was all Aurora could choke up. "You're... Good?"
"I wanna be at least," he replied. Aurora looked into his eyes. Why do I feel like he's telling the truth, she wondered. Oh yeah! The Triforce of wisdom! It's telling me that he's good!  "I know you probably really don't trust me," he said shamefully.
"Of course I do," she replied, putting a hand on his shoulder. "The Triforce of Wisdom tells me you are good." Ganon felt much better knowing that she knew he was not evil. Aurora looked at the sky. It was getting dark. She had to get home! "Ganon, I have to..."
"Yes, I know," he said with a smile. "Can I see you again?"
"How about," Aurora replied. "How about tomorrow, in the morning, right here?"
"Sounds great," he exclaimed. "Bye!"
Aurora smiled and replied with a wave. Then she ran off to the castle.
     "Where have you been!?!?!" Link was furious. "You could have been lost or captured! I am very disappointed in you!"
"Father," Aurora whined. "I am not a little girl any more!"
"But you still don't know how to control your magic. You could have backfired something, causing you to be killed!"
"You're over reacting, Dad!"
"No I'm not!"
"You are overprotective about everything!" Aurora shot a menacing glance at her father and then stomped up the stairs. "And don't bother calling me for dinner! I'm not hungry!"
     Aurora immediately slammed the door once she was inside her room. She stomped to her bed. Even stomping made her mad, because stomping on the rug mad no noise at all. "Is something wrong sis?" Her brother ,Matthew entered the room, and gave her a concerned look. "I'm fine," she muttered. "I'm just so mad at dad. He's overprotective and always wants me to be within 5 feet of his site. It drives me crazy."
"You were gone for a long time," Matthew said. He walked closed and stood at her bedside. Matthew was only an hour older than her, but he seemed much older than her because he was always concerned. He was always there when she needed him and when she didn't need him. "What were you doing?" He couldn't help asking out of curiosity.
"Well," Aurora began. "I met a boy. He looked our age. You might want to actually sit down for this one." Matthew sat down as she continued. "His name was...Ganon." Matthew had a look on his face that read, "you're crazy" all over it. "Ganon," he asked.
"Yes. His name was Ganon. He had a Triforce symbol on his left hand. He's Ganondorf's son! But he's not like his father."
"How do you know?"
"Triforce of Wisdom! Anyway, he said he doesn't want to be evil. He wants to be good! He even knows I'm the princess. He didn't attack me. He's good, I tell you, good!"
"Aurora," Matthew said putting his hand to his forehead. "Are you feeling okay?"
"I'm fine," she exclaimed pulling away. "I'm going to see him again tomorrow. Please cover for me, please." Her lips went pouty and she whimpered like a dog.
"Oy," Matt sighed. "Fine." He couldn't resist the puppy dog pout.

Part Three

The next morning, Aurora got up extra early. She took out a simple blue dress, brushed her hair, and reached for her crown, but then, she recoiled her and left the
crown on her bedside table. She didn't need it, because...well, Ganon liked her even when he didn't know she was a princess. Aurora put on her cloak and tiptoed downstairs. Everyone was still asleep, except for the maids and...Ugh Impa. She had to move quick so Impa wouldn't turn her into the authorities, otherwise known as dad. For some reason, Aurora didn't really have a soft spot for Impa. She was like a grandmother, only stricter and more like a great, great grandmother. I wonder how old she really is, she thought with the slightest giggle.
"Who's there?" The way too familiar voice of Impa rang through the corridors of the castle. For an old woman, Aurora thought. She sure has good hearing. Aurora snuck down the east wing. She new every inch of this castle, so it would be easy to sneak past Impa. She also knew that there was a secret tunnel through the kitchen. Thankfully, there was no one there, so sneaking out of the castle was easy.
     Sneaking out of the castle was easy, Aurora thought with a sigh. But this is ridiculous! The mote... Aurora hated the mote, ‘cause she couldn't swim. She wondered if she could use her powers to create some path. Aurora closed her eyes, held out her hands so that her palms were facing the annoying mass of water, and concentrated on it. Before long, she opened her eyes and... the water was still there, but she looked to her right and saw that the draw bridge had been lowered. "I really have to focus on what I want to move," she said, shrugging and walking over the bridge and towards the river. "I wonder where he is," she muttered. "Sure, we had an weird start, but he's nice, and the Wisdom Triforce tells me that Ganon is good. I hope dad doesn't get mad.
"Aurora!" Ganon's voice was heard down by the bank of the river. Aurora saw the sun coming up. "Thank Farore," Aurora sighed. "It was dark!"
"Where are you," asked Ganon.
"I'm right here," Aurora replied. She carefully stepped down onto the small beach. "Hi, Ganon." Aurora thought she felt her face heat up. Was she in love? She had just met him!
"Hey, Aurora," Ganon replied. "It's nice to see you again." Aurora felt her face go really hot, this time. Though it was still dark, Ganon thought he saw her blush. "Are you okay," he asked.
"Oh," Aurora said, realizing that she was blushing. "No I'm fine." It was an awkward moment until Ganon broke the silence. "You look nice," was all he could manage to cough up.
"Thank you," she replied. Was he falling for her? Were those two actually falling A few moments passed and Aurora finally asked him, "Why are you nothing like your father? I mean, no offence, but..."
"My father," he interrupted. "My father wants me to be evil. I just don't see the point in supreme power. I don't want to rule. You're the heir. Not me."
"You really are good," Aurora added.
"Thank you for understanding." The two sat on the beach talking...just talking. They were so far apart yet so close. Though they didn't know it, some one was watching them.
     Meanwhile, (the dad. Let's just call the dad Ganondorf and the son Ganon) Gan-
ondorf was watching the two "love birds" chat on the bank of the river. "How dare he disobeys me," he whispered to himself. "He souldn't be around her...yet. Not until he has been trained and is ready to take the Triforce from this new generation." He sneered, and looked at his son. Did he see a little softness in his eyes. "This isn't good," he growled.  My son is turning into a wimp, he thought. But then something in his brain seamed to "click" as he had an idea. "This could actually work to my advantage," he said sinisterly, as he faded into the darkness.
 "Aurora," Ganon softly asked. "Can I see you again? I know I asked that question yesterday, but..."
"Sure," Aurora giggled. "When do you think we should meet?"
"How about tomorrow? Say noon? At the town square?"
"Sounds wonderful."
"Okay." Aurora looked at the sky. The sun was almost above her! She had talked for hours! "Ganon! I have to get home," she burst out.
"Okay," he calmly replied. "I'll see you tomorrow."
"Bye!" Aurora raced to the castle. This is one of those times, she thought, when I really wish I had Farore's wind.

Part Four

"Aurora!" Link's voice rang through the castle. "Aurora, where are you?!"
"I'm out here, father," came Aurora's voice out in the garden. Link walked out to find Aurora sitting on the marble bench in the garden. What puzzled him was that she was breathing really hard. After a few long breaths, Aurora finally sighed and said, " Did you need me for something?"
"No," Link answered. "I just wanted to know where you were. Say, why are you breathing so hard? Did I scare you out of a day dream or something?" Uh-oh, Aurora thought with fear. "Uh," she stuttered. "Yeah, you just startled me."
"Well," he replied, kissing her on the cheek. "Good morning."
"Good morning," she said back. "What's for breakfast?"
"We'll see," Link cheerfully answered. Then, he just stared at her. "Dad," Aurora said. "Is something wrong?" Link just sighed and replied, "No. You just look exactly like your mother. Except your eyes. You've got my eyes." Zelda came walking in. "Aurora," she addressed. "You're up early."
"I just couldn't wait for today," she replied. Oh for the love of Nayru, she thought. That's the worst excuse I've ever said. Oh well. Who cares. They bought it.
 Matthew was very worried. His sister might be in love with the son of their father's greatest enemy. What could be worse? "She doesn't know what she's getting herself into," he told himself at the breakfast table.
"Who's ‘she'," Zelda asked.
"Huh?" Matthew drew his attention to his mother across the table. "Oh no one."
"Okay," Zelda hesitated to say. "You sure?"
"I'm sure mom." Matthew continued eating, and staring. Just eating and staring. Matthew wormed his way into a day dream just as he was about to chomp down on a piece of his egg. He saw Ganondorf and Link in another epic battle for Zelda's life. He was glad he had the talent to just doze off into "la la" land just as Zelda was starting to talk about all the things she had to do today and that Matthew and Aurora should be thankful that they have a lot of time off.  "Mothers," he muttered under his breath.
 That night, Aurora started writing in her diary:
Dear Diary,
     Yesterday, I met the nicest boy ever. His name is Ganon. The thing was, his dad was Ganondorf. He said he wants to be good, but his dad tries so hard to make him evil. He's very strong and sweet. I've only known him for a little while, but I think I'm in love! Feel so fluttery when I'm around him, like I'm floating on a cloud. Oops! Gotta go! Dad's coming in. I'd better lock you up. Bye.
 Aurora shut her diary and put the lock on it as Link entered her bedroom. "You doing okay," he asked her.
"Yeah," she replied. "I'm fine. Why?"
"Just coming in to say good night."
"Good night." After Link left the room, Aurora flopped onto her bed and didn't even get the time to put the covers over her. She immediately fell asleep.

Part Five

Zelda peeked out the window. It was a beautiful day. She looked across the bed to see  Link, snoring away. "Link, honey," she said as she nudged him a bit. "Wake up." Link opened his eyes and blinked a few times before he said, "Good morning, Sweetheart." Link sat up and kissed her before he got out of bed. "I'll go wake Matthew and Aurora," yawned Zelda. She got dressed and made her way towards Matthew's room. "Matt," Zelda whispered. "Wake up." She walked closer to the bed and pulled the covers off... a bunch of pillows. "Matt!" Zelda furiously looked around. She knew he wouldn't be up right now. Maybe he's just in Aurora's room, she thought. Zelda walked down the hall and came to Aurora's bedroom door. It was closed. Zelda slowly opened it, and walked inside. "Matt? Aurora?" She looked over at Aurora's bed. She was gone! And there was a note. "Link!" Zelda desperately called for her husband. "Link!"
"Yes," Link said as he ran into the room. "What is it?"
"Matt and Aurora are gone!" Zelda started sobbing. "Whoever took them left a note." Link walked up and put a warm hand on her shoulder as he read out loud:

 Hero of Time,
 Did you lose something? I've got your precious children, and if you ever want to see them again, meet me at the Lost Woods before the sun goes down. If you can defeat me in one more battle, you'll get them back. If not, well...We'll get to that later. It's your choice. Let's see if you can fight me without your precious Triforce.
                                                                                                                                  -Ganondorf, King of Thieves

"Why," Zelda sobbed. "Why?" Link crumpled up the note in his fists. He couldn't believe this. His worst fear had come true. Why all of this now, he wondered. Zelda had buried her face in Links shoulder. "We have to get them back," she cried. "You have to defeat him once and for all." Zelda was right. He couldn't just stand there. He had to go...Now.
 Ganon had been waiting for Aurora to show up for hours. "Where could she be?" He started to skip rocks across the fountain in the town square. "Excuse me, young man," a voice rang out behind him. Ganon turned to see someone in a ripped cloak standing in front of him. "Young man," the person continued. "Are you looking for some one?" Ganon gave the old Hyrulian  a puzzled look. "Yes," he replied softly.
"I know who you are looking for," the person said. "Come with me." A little nervous, Ganon followed. They came to a field, and there was no one around. The person took off their cloak and Ganon gasped. It was the goddess, Nayru. Soon, Din, and Farore joined her. All of them spoke simultaneously. "You are looking for Princess Aurora."
"Yes," Ganon said. "Why did you come?"
"The one you love," the goddesses said. "She and her brother have been taken by your father. You must aid King Link in the battle against him."
"How do I do that," he asked them. "I barely know how to handle a sword. How do you know I love her?" All of a sudden the goddesses disappeared, leaving Ganon clueless and scared. "My dad," he mumbled. "My dad has Aurora."
 Ganondorf laughed as Aurora tried to break out of the chains that were tightly wrapped around her body. Matthew sighed and said, "Aurora, calm down."
"Calm down," shouted Aurora. "How can I calm down when Ganondorf is about to kill us?!" Ganondorf walked up and put his hand under chin and lifted it up so he could see her. "You look so much like your mother," he sneered. Aurora wrenched herself away from his hand and yelled, "Get off me!"
"Not too friendly I see." Aurora was still confidant that her father would burst through the trees and rescue her and Matt. Maybe even Ganon might come, she thought.
"If your thinking that Ganon is coming," Ganondorf surprisingly said. "You'd have a better chance of surviving a blow to the head. He's not coming."
"No," Aurora shouted. "You're wrong! He'll come." Her voice softened a bit. Ganondorf laughed and said, " I see that the keeper of the Triforce of Wisdom is in love with the keeper of the Triforce of Power. That's so sweet. I think I'm gonna hurl!"
"Shut up," boomed Aurora. Matt shot her a surprised look. He never knew she could hold a grudge like that.
 Link galloped on Epona to the Lost Woods. He was halfway there when Ganon galloped up to him on his horse, Midnight. "Your Majesty," he said.
"You look some-what familiar," Link said back.
"Please don't attack me. I hate my dad. I don't want to be evil. And..."
"Whoa," Link interrupted him, "Slow down."
"I'm not evil, but I am Ganondorf's son, Ganon." Link couldn't believe what he was hearing. This boy? Ganondorf's son? But how?
"I know it doesn't sound true," continued Ganon. "But don't kill me when I say that I'm in love with your daughter." Link was... confused beyond reason. He didn't even know his daughter... did he?
"Ganon," Link sighed. "How do I know you aren't lying?"
"Because two days ago, Aurora went down stream and met me. The next day we met again and talked. But she had to run. I tried to meet her in the town square, but an old woman came up and told me to follow her. We cam to a field and I realized it was Nayru. Din and Farore appeared shortly after and told me that my father had taken your son and Aurora. They told me to find you and help you defeat him once and for all." Link's jaw dropped to his chest at all of this information. He's telling the truth, he thought. "Okay," Link breathed. "Now I know you're not lying. Will you help me get my daughter and son back?"
"I will," Ganon replied.
"Do you know how to use any weapons?"
"I know how to use a bow and arrow."
"Good. Let's get going."

Part Six

Ganondorf was losing his patience. It was almost sundown and Link had not showed up. "Looks like I'll have to live with just getting the Triforce and not killing my enemy." Aurora started softy crying. She was incredibly scared. What was he going to do to them? And was Link really coming. BOOM!!! A bomb went whizzing through the air and hit a tree, and it fell over. Link jumps up and ran down the tree, his sword razed high in the air. Aurora and Matthew saw Ganon draw an arrow and aimed for a guard. It hit him strait in the back. He cried in pain as he fell down dead. "Ganon!" Aurora's voice in thankful sobs reached Ganon in a second. "Aurora," he answered back. He ran toward her and once he reached her, he yanked the chains off of her and Matthew. Link was too busy sword fighting with Ganondorf to really look their way. "Give it up," Link shouted dodging a huge swing of Ganondorf's sword. "You can never beat me, Ganondork!"
"Nice nick name," Ganondorf sneered. Ganon rushed over and joined in the sword fight. "You," Ganondorf sneered. "You traitor! I'm ashamed to call you my son!"
"Well, guess what," Ganon retorted. "I'm ashamed to call you my father!" Ganon made one final stab and it went right through his father's chest. Ganondorf shot one final, menacing look at his son and then collapsed. "Let's get out of here," Link shouted. They all ran out of the forest just as octorocks were starting to gather around Ganondorf's body, and the bomb Link had set exploded. Matthew hopped on Epona with Link and Aurora jumped on Midnight with Ganon. The night was young as they started towards the castle.
 "Zelda," Link whined as Zelda pulled him out of the main hallway.
"Oh stop, Link," she said. "Aurora's a sensible girl. Don't you think she might want to be alone with Ganon?" Link grumbled and followed Zelda out of the hallway. Aurora was blushing once again from her father's immature behavior. She turned back to look at Ganon. "Some night," was all Aurora could say.
"Some night," agreed Ganon. The moonlight reflected off of Aurora's beautiful face. Ganon was overwhelmed with love. And then finally... It happened. Ganon took Aurora in his arms and they shared a passionate kiss that Aurora would never forget. As the softly pulled away, Ganon smiled down at Aurora's grayish, blue eyes. And Aurora stared back into his soft brown eyes. "I love you," Ganon said, breaking the silence. Aurora just smiled and replied, "Ditto." Matthew peaked from behind a door and gagged to himself. Aurora could tell he was there. He'll never learn, she thought.

The end

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