Zelda: Requital

The Epilogue To The First Age

W elcome! Well, gosh, looks like we've reached the pinnacle of our series! There was so much we wanted to put in the previous trilogies, but basically, we just didn't have the space. We had to squeeze all our plans into books that were 100 pages at the maximum and well, not everything quite got in. Rather than starting a whole new series, or just ommitting the events that took place shortly after the Fall of Evil, Kirsty and I decided to write a stand-alone book that covered it all. It's by no mean the END of our stories - don't worry! It's set around 5 months after the last book, and is by no means action-orientated. It's just basically a long summary :) But a good, interesting one. And there's not just all goodness and happiness involved... Ganondorf had predetermined that he might lose his battle with Link, and planned ahead...

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Brief Summary of Novel

Chapter 1

The war against Ganondorf Dragmire and his minions is finally over... Tragic events have occured over the past few months, including the deaths of the Sosarian Avatar, Leigh, and Fayette's husband, Raymundo. Events have happened that have greatly shook the close circle of friends, especially Link and Zelda themselves. But the evil has finally departed the land. Gone.... forever?

Compensation has to occur. Such tragedy surely has to be healed. And it arrives in the form of baby Brianna, the daughter born to Link and Zelda five months after the final showdown at the Tower of Nagul. She ensures that the couple are willing to put the past behind them, and get their lives back to normal, and their love is forever sealed. Amid their newfound happiness, another couple are also finding paradise. Nick and Selina make plans to be married by the end of the summer, and the lowly healer can hardly believe it. Being married to her beloved Nick is a dream come true. And although Fayette has lost the King's love, and also her husband, she too is finding reparation in her newborn son, Raymundo. Only Sprite seems to have troubles, as she tries to escape her loveless marriage, and the disapproving eyes of the faerie council and her rival, Navi.

But... somewhere... somewhere far away, a new evil is stirring, deep in the desert. Ganondorf also has his own form of compensation. And it's not good news for the Gerudos...

Chapter 2

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Chapter 12

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