Zelda: The Next Saga...

Book 1: Future's Past

W elcome! Well, this is my next series of Zelda tales. It's set six years after the previous Battle For Power trilogy, and sets out to answer some of the questions that remained unknown at the end of the last series. This first book, Future's Past, is basically a long introduction. It sees the return of many old favourites, plus plenty of new characters. If any of you have played the Ultima rpg games, the Avatar will be well known to you, I'm sure! The tale itself delves into the lore and legend of Zelda V, and Link and Zelda discover their true roots, whilst Ganon (now Ganondorf) begins to plot and plan how to get the Triforce and rid himself of the destined hero once and for all. Immerse yourself in the terror Link and Zelda are about to experience in Zelda: The Next Saga...

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Future's Past (c) J. Singleton 1999

Brief Summary of Novel

Chapter 1

It's been a peace-filled six years. Everything completely perfect. No threat of evil is in the land of Hyrule. Times have never been better. Until now, that is.

It's the Trinity festival, and Zelda has been getting bad dreams. Her young son, too. She suddenly fears for Hyrule, and knows that something, or someone is coming... Link is skeptical. Ganon is long gone, isn't he? And who else would want to threaten Hyrule?

Three mysterious arrivals occur during the holiday. On Nayru's Day, a beauitful warrior, the Avatar arrives, supposedly banished from Sosaria, for reasons unknown. Prince Nick, taken through a portal years before, also returns. A few days later, a Gerudo woman warns Zelda that 'their King has returned'.

Ganondorf is somehow back, and this time he's out to extract REAL revenge. He's also out to get the Avatar. One thing is for certain, he won't give up, until the Triforce is finally his... whatever it takes.

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