Zelda: Battle For Power

'The Amulet of Nagul'

Welcome! This story is the final book in the trilogy, to my previous stories, 'The Dark Empowerment ' and ' The Third Triforce'. This one is around 72 pages altogether, I think! As you'll all know by now, the characters and locations are those from Zelda I & II and the cartoon, and there's plenty of others who are made up. I delved in Link's history a little here, and made a lot of it up, but that's just for fun, so don't anyone email me telling me I'm wrong!

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Amulet of Nagul (c) J. Singleton 1998

Brief Summary of Novel

Chapter 1

The aftermath of finding the Triforce of Courage is having far more repercusions that Link or Princess Zelda ever imagined. Indeed, their victory seems sweet, especially once Link reclaims all three Triforces. Then, he is called back to his homeland, Catalia, where he meets one of the last surviving girls from his village. Her name is Kylara, and she's determined that she and Link will marry...

King Harkinian is all set to marry his newly-found love, Lady Fenella. Zelda isn't at all happy, but there's nothing she can do. There's an unexpected visitor, in the form of a resurrected Trenon. He uses a kind of magic never seen previously, and kidnaps Zelda. Link and the rest think she is dead, and devestated, Link kills Trenon once and for all, before returning to Catalia.

Sprite discovers Ganon's deadly new source of power, and frees Zelda, bringing her back to the castle. Feeling betrayed by Link, the two fight bitterly. The ancient scripts say that together, and only together they have the power to defeat Ganon once and for all, but how can they do it when they hate each other....



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