Map of Hyrule

Hyrule (c) Juliet A. Singleton 1998

  This is a map I created myself to go with mine and my sister's Zelda fan-fiction series. I copied West Hyrule from an original map in the Zelda II manual, but I mapped out East Hyrule myself, corresponding to places in the game. This was drwn before I had access to the official Nintendo maps so the proportions don't quite match but it was a lot of guesswork!

I've added new places on which appeared in our series onto this map too. So, if a place was invented by me, I've marked it in blue on the key below to distinguish it from actual game locations.

Key to Map

1. North Castle

9. Ruto Town

17. Latonia Village (formly Hidden Kasuto)

2. Tantari Desert

10. Moruge Swamp

18. Nabrooru Island

3. Parapa Desert

11. River Town of Saria

19. Mountain Town of Darunia

4. Rauru Village

12. Death Mountain

20. Tarn Village

5. Mido Town

13. Kuria Island

21. Valour Hold

6. Hyrule Cemetary

14. Nabrooru Town

22. Maze Island

7. Julis Village

15. Mt. Kasuto

23. Communion Retreat

8. Midoro Swamp

16. Old Kasuto Town

24. Karul Village

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