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Zelda ran for one series, consisting of 13 episodes in total. Under each episode title there's a short summary and I've even got novelisations for several episodes, courtesy of More are to come, since I've got copies of the episodes myself and hope to get at least a few transcripts, if not novelisations to complete the collection.

1. The Ringer

Ganon poses as an amatuer magician when Zelda judges a magic competition at North Castle and causes havoc, turing a small lizard into a dragon which distracts Link. Ganon then steals the Triforce of Wisdom in the meantime and escapes to the nearest Underworld entrance. He has already got quite far by the time Link has finished with the dragon, so Zelda has an idea to create a living catapult so they can get ahead of the wizard and stop him before he reaches his destination. She plants a walnut in the ground and asks one of the magicians from the magic contest to cast a growing spell on it. They use the plant to catapult into the air and land in the forest just as Ganon arrives at the spot. Ganon calls for reinforcements and lots of Stalfos arrive, so Link and Zelda stand back to back to fight them, Link ties them together with his belt (do NOT ask me why!). They manage to defeat all the stalfos and then Link throws a bomb at Ganon as he attempts to go down to the Underworld. He drops the Triforce and is defeated; however Link and Zelda are still stuck in link's belt. Link says he'll only take it off if Zelda kisses him; she reluctantly agrees but then Spryte arrives and shoots the belt off them. Link isn't very happy!

2. Sing For The Unicorn

One evening Link and King Harkinian are talking upon the castle battlements when suddenly Ganon appears out of nowhere and swoops down on a beautiful winged unicorn, kidnapping to King. Zelda wonders where he has got the mythical beast and they set off to the Underworld to rescue her father. On their way there they bump into a masked ninja, who is revealed to be a girl from another land named Sing. She explains that Ganon has stolen her unicorn so joins Link and Zelda and helps them rescue Harkinian along with her unicorn.

3. Kiss N' Tell

Zelda is out riding when she comes across a maiden who is seeming help captive by the 3-headed dragon, Gleeok. She attempts to help her but the maiden complains she'd like to be rescued by a 'handsome hero' instead. At this moment Link arrives and saves her, and as a reward she gives him a kiss. However it is really a trap set by Ganon and the maide turns into a gibdo and Link is transformed into a frog! Zelda takes Link to a pond to show him his reflection then comforts him and says she'll always be his friend. At this point Ganon attacks and takes Zelda. Link finds Spryte and asks her to help him, the Triforce of Wisdom tells them to find the Witch of Walls. She says that the spell can only be broken if Link is kissed by a Princess - willingly. Link goes to the Underworld and finds Zelda and asks her to kss him. She is about to when Ganon appears and separates them. while he tries to recapture Zelda, Spryte proceeds to kiss Link and breaks the spell. He fights Ganon and the trio escape.

4. Doppleganger

Ganon installs a magical mirror in Zelda's bedroom and when she looks into it, an evil doppleganger steps out and takes her place, whilst some moblins take the REAL Zelda back to Ganon. Link arrives to see off the moblins and the mirror gets smashed, meaning the Evil Zelda can't take the Triforce through it back to Ganon. So she tells Link that they are taking the Triforce to go and fight Ganon and he doesn't realise it's not the real Zelda (though surely when she kisses him willingly he must have thought something was up!). As they're riding along, they ride past a river and Link notices Zelda doesn't have a reflection... and he finally catches on it's not the REAL Zelda. Ganon has tied Zelda up in the Underworld but leaves her to go and look for Link and the evil clone. Zelda escapes and eventually bumps into Link and her doppleganger. They fight and land in the mud, and Link can't tell them apart, so he suggests a kissing contest. Of course the evil Zelda willingly kisses him while the REAL Zelda won't, so he shoots the clone with his sword and he and Zelda escape back to North Castle with the Triforce before Ganon arrives.

5. The Faeries In The Spring

It's a really hot summer in Hyrule so King Harkinian has the idea to construct a water park for everyone so that they can keep cool. However his plans are soon interrupted by water monsters attacking the men doing the work. Link goes to get rid of the monsters but one of them makes off with the King. Link and Zelda follow it, fighting a few monsters along the way and surface in some sort of spring. It turns out that the spring belongs to the faeries and they were annoyed that the Hyrulians were stealing their water for the water park. They agree to share and the King says the faeries can come to the water park whenever the please.

6. The Missing Link

Ganon creates a new wand which he plans to use to zap Zelda into his Evil Jar. He arrives at North Castle and attacks, but Zelda fights back against him with the Triforce and dodges the wand. Unfortunately it hits Link instead and turns him into a ghost. Ganon tells Zelda to bring him the Triforce or she'll never see Link again. The Princess is distraught but Link's ghost appears and only she can see him. They decide to go to the Underworld to try and get his body back. Zelda deals with Ganon's monsters and Link jumps into the Evil Jar and manages to get back in his body then sets a bomb off in the Evil Jar causing it to shatter and wash Ganon and his monsters deep into the Underworld.

7. Underworld Connections

One night Ganon sends a group of Vires to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. Link is busy flirting with Zelda and doesn't reach The Triforce Tower in time to stop them from using a bomb to shatter the Triforce into three parts. He manages to reclaim one piece but two of the Vires have already flown off with the other pieces. Since the Triforce is magically connected, Zelda tells Link to zap the remaining one piece with his sword to kill the Vires. It works and the two pieces drop into different areas. One side of the Triforce is hot and the other wet, so Zelda deduces that they have fallen somewhere wet and somewhere hot (duh!). They go to the Underworld and Link finds one piece at the Black Falls. Ganon lies in wait for them in the volcano where the other piece fell. Link picks it up with his sword (because it is hot) and Ganon asks for it so he throws it across to the wizard. Ganon squeals in pain from the heat and throws it back, whereupon Zelda catches it and the Triforce is whole again and she and Link make a run from it back to the Overworld.

8. The Moblins Are Revolting

A group of Moblins try to attack Link but as usual they are defeated and back in the Evil Jar Ganon gives them a stern telling off. The monsters decide that they aren't going to take orders from him anymore and try to do away with the evil wizard. Ganon has made a new staff that creates a magic, indestructible bubble around anything it zaps; the only thing that can break it is the Triforce of Power. A moblin steals the staff and zaps Ganon, then pushes him down a never-ending pit. Then all the monsters go and try to siege North Castle. However they are pretty useless and Link and Zelda wonder what has happened to Ganon. They go to the Underworld to try and steal the Triforce of Power. At this point Ganon uses his magic to make the bubble float back UP the pit. However trapped inside it he can't zap Link or Zelda. Link thinks this is pretty funny and grabs the bubble and throws it at Zelda, who has the Triforce of Power. The bubble pops setting Ganon free so they escape - without the Triforce of Power. Ganon is so angry that he makes all his monsters clean the floors of the Underworld; with their tongues.

9. The White Knight

Link and Zelda are out one day when they spot a village being attacked by some of Ganon's cronies. Halways through the battle, the handsome Prince Facade arrives and helps them out and Zelda has a crush on him and rides off with the Prince back to North Castle, ignoring Link. Link's jealous so he tries to dress up all fancy but Zelda just laughs at him, and upset, he leaves North Castle. Facade is busy regaling Zelda with tall tales of all his deeds when Ganon attacks and kidnaps the Princess. Facade won't get his clothes dirty and rescue Zelda from the swamp Ganon raises, so Link rescues her instead and she tells him she's glad he was around after all.

10. Cold Spells

It's spring and Zelda decides it's high time that Link did a little cleaning at the castle. To get out of it Link pretends he's sick and has a cold, Spryte insists he should go to bed, though Zelda is not too happy about this. One of Ganon's spies informs him that they are doing spring cleaning at North Castle and so he decides to go and attempt to steal the Triforce of Wisdom. He casts a spell on Spryte, meaning that when she uses her magic to clean Zelda's room, everything goes haywire. The buckets start throwing water everywhere, causing a flood, the mops and dusters fly about the room crazily. Spryte calls for help and both Link and Zelda come up to the room, immediately being attacked by the cleaning supplies. Meanwhile Ganon steals the Triforce of Wisdom and by the time Link, Zelda and Spryte have defeated the mops and buckets, he has aready left for the Underworld. They go after him, but fall into one of his cells and gleefully, Ganon calls on Gohma to come and eat them. Luckily Spryte arrives to save the day, and Link and Zelda fight Ganon, and one of his fireballs makes the Underworld begin to collapse. Zelda manages to get the Triforce of Wisdom, but Link says there is no time to grab Power so they make a run from it and escape.

11. Stinging A Stinger

Link is out riding in the woods when he comes across a man being attacked by several ruffians. He helps him out and as a gift, the peddler asks Link if he'd like to take a beautiful new sword as a gift. Link likes the look of it by says sorrowfully that he already has a sword and that it's served him pretty well. The peddler offers to trade it, promising that it will make Link 'irresistable to women'. At this moment Link hears Zelda call for help so he takes the new sword and rushes to help it. The sword breaks in two and he realises he's been conned; it was a set-up. Ganon arrives and kidnaps them both. The peddler, called Sleezenose, then arrives at the Underworld to try and sell Link's sword to Ganon. Ganon gets angry, takes the sword and promptly attempts to feed Link, Zelda and Sleezenose to Gohma. They escape and go back to North Castle and consult the Triforce to see how they can get Link's sword back. It tells them to use 'natural' means so Link, Zelda, Spryte and Sleezenose gather up some ants and beehives. Ganon arrives and Sleezenose gives him a chest, saying it contains The Triforce of Wisdom, but really it contains angry bees that sting Ganon and Link manages to retrieve his sword.

12. A Hitch In The Works

13. That Sinking Feeling

Link and Zelda head out for a picnic and Link takes Zelda to a beautiful clearing with a statue in it. She's feeling romantic and goes to kiss him, but at that moment the hill rises to reveal an underground entrance and loads of tektites appear and attack. They get rid of them but then the statue sinks into the ground; they deduce Ganon must be up to something and Zelda vows that they're going to finish him once and for all. It turns out Ganon has found a giant magnet and he uses its magic to pull North Castle underground with the King and Spryte trapped inside. Luckily Link and Zelda are outside with the Triforce and they see the castle disappear. They carry on to the Underworld, where Ganon is throwing furniture about because the Triforce of Wisdom isn't in the castle. Once they arrive, Ganon uses his magic to pull Zelda towards him to take the Triforce from her, and casts a spell on Link to paralyse him with chains. Link remembers the power bracelet he got from fighting an Armos Knight earlier and uses it to break free and punch Ganon. Ganon goes flying into the magnet, which overloads and sends the castle back up to the surface once more.

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